Rhododendrons and Mountain Laurel May 2015

We had a couple of gorgeous rhododendrons blooming this past week.  The azaleas are just about done, and this is the next wave of floral beauty. This gorgeous dark pink is behind the house.

Rhododendron May 2015 -4

Those lovely upright flowers and huge leaves give the countryside such color this time of year. Rhodo’s are native to this area, growing wild all over the place.

Rhododendron May 2015 -3

These lovely pink flowers have little spots inside. The bees are taking advantage of the bonanza.

Rhododendron May 2015 -1

Stunning aren’t they?

Rhododendron May 2015 -2

This gorgeous lavendar rhododendron is on our neighbors property, on the road up to our house.

Rhododendrons purple 1

I think these really are my favorite color.

Rhododendrons purple 4

I am quite sure they would be my mother-in-law’s favorite.

Rhododendrons purple 5

Thanks for indulging us, my mother in law just loves these floral garden posts.

Rhododendrons purple 2

A surprise this year, we have a wild flame azalea in the back, named for the bright orange flowers. I never noticed it before. I think because we had a tree taken out last year it is getting more sunlight and decided to bloom.  There is poison ivy up there too, so I decided not to get any closer.

Flame Azalea May 2015 -

Just a day or two ago, the Mountain Laurel started its yearly show.

Mountain Laurel 3

Gorgeous white bell shaped flowers in clusters, they are all over the mountain!

Mountain Laurel 5

Mountain Laurel 2

While I was taking pictures of the Mountain Laurel, I noticed a lot of peaches going.

Peaches May 2015 -2

I just hope I get some this year. Last year the bear got them before I could.

Peaches May 2015

We really have a long flowering season. Good thing I don’t have pollen allergies, LOL! More to come, the hostas have yet to flower and the plants on the veranda are gearing up for a great show. What’s blooming in your area?

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