Patriotic Tablescape Memorial Day 2015

I planned to have a nice dinner for four the weekend of Memorial Day, so I set the table a little early.  I do that sometimes so I can enjoy the decorations for more than just the holiday day.

Patriotic Tablescape 3

The reason is our dining table is fully visible from the second floor.  Setting it in advance gives us a festive tableau to view while coming down the stairs.

Patriotic Tablescape 4

This time I started with the Patriotic Table Runner I made last year.  I added white placemats all around.

Patriotic Tablescape 1

The white china plates are set with red salad plates.  I like to use individual salt and pepper shakers at each place.  Red napkins complete the setting.

Patriotic Tablescape 2

These star dishes will hold side dishes of coleslaw and potato salad to go with our bratwurst and hot dogs.

Patriotic Tablescape 7

The huge red basket holds silk flowers in red, white and blue, along with some foil shooting stars and two American flags.  It looks great now, but it breaks my rule of low centerpieces so people can see each other.  I’ll move it from the middle to one end when we sit down to eat since there will only be four of us.

Patriotic Tablescape 6

Do you ever set a table just for the decoration?


2 thoughts on “Patriotic Tablescape Memorial Day 2015

  1. This is so lovely to see, my DH is currently in the US having the weekend with dear American friends. I know they would have pulled out all the stops to give him a lovely Memorial Day weekend, and I’m sure he won’t take any photos, so it’s great to see how you’re celebrating!!!

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