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How much do you know about thread?  Can you decipher the numbers on threads and needles?  Which thread is better for piecing, or garment sewing, or quilting?

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Do you understand which thread is best for different machines?  Can you use the same thread for different applications?  I admit, I have done so, and didn’t always get the best results.  With all the time and effort we put into our quilts, crafts, and garments, our thread should be just as high quality, and selected for appropriateness to the  project.

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King Tut has been one of my favorites for the longarm ever since I got my machine.  It just sews beautifully. If you have a longarm, a long-staple thread is essential.  Until I saw the Thread Therapy DVD by Superior Thread, I didn’t really know exactly why I liked it.  It also explained why I like the Superior machine quilting thread too.  One tidbit from the DVD, the Masterpiece line was named so you would think ‘piecing’ when you saw it, as it is ideal for piecing.

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On machine quilting threads, the cotton strands are longer, making a stronger thread so it can stand up to the high speed of a longarm.  King Tut is also made from cotton actually grown in Egypt, actual Egyptian cotton.  Not all “Egyptian cotton” is actually grown there.

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With NC Symposium coming up, I decided to ask a few of my favorite manufacturers to assist me with some door prizes. The lovely folks at Superior Thread sent several DVDs of Thread Therapy answering the questions above and a lot more.

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This DVD is a movie length (one hour and 45 minutes!) presentation of Bob at a show doing his lecture on thread. You’ll learn a lot from this presentation, about different threads, thread weight, cotton and poly threads, needles, tensions and a lot more.  Not only did they send several copies for NC Quilt Symposium, they graciously agreed that I could give one away on my blog!

So, you will have a chance to win one! Just leave a comment on this post, any comment on thread. Get a second chance to win if you are a follower by leaving a second comment telling me how you follow.  I’ll pick a winner on Friday the 6th , whoops, I mean the 13th, so enter today.  Good luck! 

Winner Chosen, see who won with some additional thread info here.

81 thoughts on “Thread Therapy

  1. Mrs. B

    Thank you so much for all this information on thread, I sew apparel mostly so I’ve used the basic thread but now that I’m expanding my horizons to piecing and quilting, (Loving it by the way) all information is most welcome☺️

  2. Debra Gutenson

    I’d love to see the superior DVD. I’m beginning to appreciate the differences in thread. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  3. Mrs. B

    I am so glad you cover a variety of information😃 for so many of us who have our hands and minds that travel in so many directions😱😊

  4. Margaret

    This is so awesome. I am a newbie and would greatly benefit. I am a FOLLOWER, i love reading your blog.

  5. Carol B

    I love King Tut! Since I’ve made the change over to it almost exclusively, guess what- not as much thread fuzz to clean out of my machine! (Found a website in Florida that sells it for $6.99!

  6. I’ve just started to play with thread in my machine, and have discovered that some thread just doesn’t work. I’d love to learn more about it!

  7. Although I quilt on a domestic machine, I too love Superior Threads, especially King Tut! Thanks to Dr. Bob for all his knowledge and willingness to educate us with this wonderful DVD. I would love to have a copy of my own.

  8. Rosemarazzle

    Rosemary B here:
    I did not realize this was a give away, I just read the headline about thread knowledge.
    I confess, I do not know piddle diddle about thread. Isn’t that terrible?
    perhaps they should have a BBC murder thread mystery adn I could learn a thing or two haha
    Seriously, I will try to learn about thread. At present I use coats and clark stuff from the big fabric store.
    Thank you for this opportunity

  9. Kathy h

    It is really helpful to know about the different types of thread. Every once in a while I have a problem with one line and turn to some helpful hints and the problem is fixed. Would love to see the DVDs.

  10. Pat Gunderson

    I love the Signature cotton thread for long arm quilting but have only tried the King Tut once & didn’t have very good luck with it. Sounds like I need the DVD for more info on the different threads!!!

  11. denise

    I had no idea that different threads work differently on different long arms. I started hand quilting at the age of 16. After I graduated, married, had children, stay at home mom til 40 and finally now at 55 I’m home again and having a blast sewing, embroidering and quilting. Thing have really changed in the quilting world. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can. Thank for all the information you provide. Have an awesome day! denise

  12. Mary Jo

    Love your information about thread. The Superior DVD would probably make a good program for our quilt guild! We are always looking for good programs that are not too pricey!

  13. I have so much to learn about thread! Although I’ve been sewing for a long time, I am new to quilting and I never paid much attention to the thread (other than color) until now, as I quilt, applique, and do different effects with special sewing feet. Thank you for all the info you share.

  14. Donna

    Very nice information. I am new to silk thread for hand applique, and it’s a dream! I’d love to win the dvd and learn more. Thanks for the chance.

  15. Sue in Scottsdale, AZ

    I love Superior Threads. They work great in my for long arm. I have never seen a presentation by Bob and would love to win the DVD!

  16. Thanks for your post! I appreciate thread as much as I appreciate fabric. I love picking out the colors and weights for the type of quilting effects I want. My domestic machine likes 50 wt cotton best, but if I fiddle with the tension enough, I can coax it to play nice with other threads.

  17. quilterpt

    I love thread, because like fabric it comes in so many yummy colors…as I have spent more time machine quilting, I have come to learn more and more about thread as far as the weights, content, and various uses. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway !

  18. I love all kinds of thread. I just ordered 13 more spools from Dr. Bob….11 were close out variegated that I will be using soon. He has such great deals, I check him out once a month!! L

  19. amy

    Would love to learn more about thread-I’m a beginner and have only used the King Tut offered at my local quilt shop.

  20. Kathy Davis

    I follow From My Carolina Home on bloglovin. (My son used to Live in Cullowee, NC, and coached at WCU)

  21. Laura

    I was “gifted” several sets of colors of Essential Thread by Connecting Threads. I have always used size 50 cotton on my DSM for both piecing and quilting…. Now it seems that in addition to cotton many other fiber types are used. I would love to learn more from the good people at Superior Thread!

  22. I do like King Tut thread. I use all kinds of threads for quilting though, like polyester embroidery thread. I like how it quilts. I buy Connecting threads cotton fro regular sewing and piecing because it’s affordable thread. Some cheap thread I bought years ago was very linty and that is not good. I would like to learn more about thread. Thanks for a nice giveaway.

  23. Kathy aka Big Mama's House

    In the past I didn’t pay much attention to thread…just bought was the most economical and convenient…now I pay more but I like the results better. The amount of lint in the bobbin area tells the tail of quality thread and not such good quality thread.

  24. I use a variety of threads, it just depends on the project. Today I’m using a heavy hand quilting thread that can be purchased at Joanns.

  25. LIsa

    the right tools for the right job – always makes a difference. Understanding what to choose and why can be a struggle without the correct information. Would love to know more about threads!! Thank you…following from Dorchester, ON

  26. Kathleen Dalecio

    I have used Masterpiece thread on two quilts now. I even used their pre-wound Masterpiece bobbins and have been totally satisfied! Maybe “thrilled” is a better word! I would enjoy listening to more of Dr. Bob’s thread wisdom on his DVD!

  27. JoanG

    I like King Tut thread, and have used it in several quilts. I would love to know more about different kinds of thread and the best ways to use them.

  28. Thread is a great topic, but even more important for ensuring good results is pairing the thread with the right needle. I feel like I heard somewhere that Superior recommends a size 90 Topstitching needle for their thread — but that would be disastrous and leave huge, ugly holes in your quilt if you were using a very lightweight 50/2 or 60/2 cotton thread, monofilament nylon, or silk thread for quilting. I do love the beautiful variegated colors of King Tut thread but I find that it’s just too heavy if I’m quilting designs with a lot of backtracking, like pebbling or feathers.

  29. Yes, knowing what you are working with and why is a good thing to know! I learned about the diff between cotton and poly threads.. and the “old wives’s tale”. I use both, just the same on top and bottom but what color is in whatever style. visiting from Lets be social linky!

  30. Chiska

    It’s amazing what a difference thread makes! I would like to understand it better. Right now I’m in the this seems to work well for whatever I’m doing stage of my understanding.

  31. Audrey Schaefer

    I am in the process of trying out different thread companies, and weights of thread to see what gives me the best results. I’m still new enough to quilting that I have a lot of testing to do. Thanks for the chance to win the DVD.

  32. Knowing about thread weight and construction is becoming essential to create the masterpieces we spend so much time on. I know I am spending more of my time trying to make better choices on which threads to use.

  33. Lynn Schwalje

    I truly appreciate quality thread and want to know more about how to choose the appropriate thread for a project!
    Happy Spring!

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