Basket Quilt UFO

This basket quilt was made about seven years ago, and I keep getting it out and putting it away.  I need to applique some flowers in the baskets to finish it off.  Indecision is the theme here!  The thing is, my deadline is February 11.  I foolishly put this project on my UFO Challenge list for this year, and I have to finish by the February meeting.  Crazy idea, and I am the one running the bloody challenge!!  I really thought it would be motivating, but the opposite has been the case.  I know I have said before that I was doing some project, or writing an article to avoid working on the basket quilt.  Well, this is it.

Basket UFO - 1

Not many colors are going to go with all the colors in these baskets.  It was a block of the month from a quilt store that closed a few years ago.   So, the colors are not my fault.    Maybe by blogging about this, I can get motivated again to do something, anything, just finish it.  No, I do not want any cheese with this whine, thank you very much.

Basket UFO -2

I have thought about so many different ways to add what it needs.  I am rubbish at needle turn.  There are at least a half a dozen books on applique on the shelf in the sewing room, and I cannot find a flower that I like.  My friend, Carin, put coneflowers on hers, and she finished hers about a month after the BOM ended.

Basket UFO -3

I thought about doing johnny jump-ups because I love their sweet faces.  At the AQS show last summer, I purchased some pretty wools to do these in purple-blue and cream-ivory.  I started cutting out petals, then realized I would need literally hundreds to fill up the space.  That was just too overwhelming, so I put it away again.

Basket UFO cutouts

But, I really enjoy doing handwork.  So why can I not get motivated to put three flowers in each basket?  Just three flowers.  I have the pale creamy yellow which would make nice big daisies.  I only need 36, right?  And I can always go back and add more flowers later.   Oh, sure, like I am going to ever pick up this project again.  Still, it would be nice to get it done, and be able to enter it into the fair this year in the mixed technique category.

Basket UFO -5

I quilted the baskets with a pantograph that is a flower, maybe I can just echo that design. The border is quilted with a bead board design, and the inner border has ribbon candy.

Basket UFO -6

Certainly the size is better, fewer flowers to sew.

Basket UFO -7

Will let you know what happens!

Basket UFO -4

8 thoughts on “Basket Quilt UFO

  1. I think the best thing to do is just to tackle ONE basket. Thinking about doing all the blocks makes it overwhelming. Breaking it up makes it more doable. Here’s a thought – do all the flowers have to be the same in each block? Good luck! Looking forward to seeing what you do! 🙂

  2. Jeanne

    I think different sizes of yoyo flowers with buttons in the center would look good and a couple of leaves on each one.

  3. since you have already quilted it-I would say its done-going to be more difficult to applique onto the front now and not effect the back-I would just bind it and be finished with it-perhaps give away as a gift and start something you really want to make hugs

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