Autumn Candle Wreaths

Perfect for fall, this candle wreath is so easy to make. All you need is a collection of materials from your yard, a few silk flowers and a hot glue gun.


I have a bunch of these little wreaths, not good for much to hang on a wall, but they are the perfect size to use as a base for a candle wreath.


There are a lot of natural materials around the outside of the house now, so I spent about five minutes picking up all this from just a few square feet in the back. When you have huge oaks, maples, black walnuts and locust trees, the ground is rich with materials in the fall.  Acorns and seed pods are everywhere.


I brought them inside, and washed them.


Then I baked them at 200 degrees for one hour to kill off any weevils or sprouts.  That was enough for the acorns, but the other seed pods were still damp.  So I gave them another 30 minutes at 250 degrees.


I started off with some yellow silk chrysanthemums, three on each wreath.


I glued the acorns into the caps, even if they were together to start so they wouldn’t come apart later.


Some I had to find a match for.


I filled in with all the natural seed pods.


I put in a few silk fall leaves to fill in a bit more.


Then I filled in all the blank spots with acorns.


Just right for the small autumn color scented candle.


Pretty on the counter for an autumn decoration.


Next I need to pick up some pine cones and play with those!

Do you have natural materials in your area for crafting?

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