Fall Veranda

Autumn is my favorite time of year, with the temperature getting cooler, all the color in the trees, and pumpkins.  There is just something about a pumpkin that makes me smile.  I’d love to cover our porch with chrysanthemums, but that might get a little pricy with the size of our porch.   So, I gathered the orange flowers I have and put them with a pumpkin at the front door.

Fall porch 5

Yes, that is the same double hibiscus bargain plant I showed you before.  Those blooms only last one day, and it is still going.  I put the yellow torenia with a salmon color geranium on the other side.

Fall Porch 4

Yes, you see it right, our front door is a sliding glass door. Most of the front of the house is glass. All the better to see the view.  It needed a little more fall color, so I made an autumn wreath to hang up.  It was pretty simple.

Fall Porch 3

Just use seven sprays of fall leaves, then fill in with nine sprays of artificial pine cones with acorns, nuts, and greenery.

Fall wreath close

Add a ribbon with a big bow at the bottom in a fall print.

Fall wreath full

The Veranda is long, extending the entire length of the house, and I sprinkle flowers here and there along it.  Sometimes I sit at the table at the far end with my laptop and enjoy the view while I read my favorite blogs.  Sometimes I just take a novel and sit in the rocking chairs.  Sitting out here with a hot cup of coffee in the mornings is just heavenly.

Fall Porch

It is lovely to sit in the rocking chairs on a cool afternoon, and watch the colors change in the valley over to the next ridge. Right now it is all green, but a couple of weeks from now it will change to glorious reds, golds, oranges, and browns.

Valley 2

Inside, I put a little spray of fall leaves on the kitchen windowsill, along with two little candle tins with autumn themes.

fall decor window

There are more pumpkins inside, all my fall collection is out with maple leaf ceramic plates and pumpkin bowls, fall themed candles and lots of quilts. I’ll show you more of the inside later.

I am linking this post up with a link party at Chateau Chic. It is all on Fall Front Porches, enjoy the views!

9 thoughts on “Fall Veranda

  1. manasotavacation

    You have a perfect venue for a “Fall Veranda”. LOVELY. I looked at the Chateau Chic pics of Fall Front Porches and they are all great…..gets me in the mood to dig out my clay pumpkin and plop it on the porch!!! HA!!! Obviously I’m not so great at decorating my porch, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love looking at the good ones. I’ll just hide my address and not walk the walk of shame on decorating….

  2. rosemarazzle

    Rosemary b here
    Nice pictures
    Love your veranda and the views are marvelous
    HEY! What are those bunnies doing?? 😇🐰🐰

  3. Mom

    Enjoyed the pictures of the porch with the decorations. Too bad you do not have people passing by to see it, but I’m sure you are just as happy not to have the traffic! I’m sure you both enjoy sitting out there on these cool autumn weekends.


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