Autumn Mason Jar Project

Aren’t Mason jars the neatest things?  I don’t know why I am so drawn to them, maybe because they remind me of a simpler time.  My grandmother made the best jams, and always used those jars.  I found these lovelies in a thrift store, and had to get them.  They say Golden Harvest on the side with an embossed cornucopia.

jar 1

Now, here’s a fun fact. See these red tops? Can you guess where I got them?

jar lids

They are the lids to peanut butter jars. I found out quite by accident that they fit the Mason jars exactly. So each one gets a leaf to cover up the peanut butter logo.

I found this seasonal ribbon at a local craft store. It is wire edged and see-thorough. I cut a piece long enough to circle the jar with a bit extra to fold under. I started the project by hot gluing the ribbon down on one end to the jar, leaving the words Golden Harvest visible.

jar ribbon start

Then fold over the other edge to make a clean finish and glue in place.

Jar 2

I had gathered some acorns out of the yard, and I had the silk leaves ready to go.

Jar acorns

I hot-glued two or three leaves over the seam on the ribbon, then hot-glued three acorns on top of the leaves.

jar finished

I filled the jars with Apple-Cinnamon potpourri to give as little Happy Fall gifts.

jar single

All the colors work well together. All the recipient has to do is open the jar and put it out for the gentle scent to welcome autumn.  They could also have candles in them, or soup mix, or cookie mix, the possibilities are endless!

Jars basket 2

I think I’ll use this basket to deliver them.

Jars basket 1

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10 thoughts on “Autumn Mason Jar Project

  1. Sharon Schipper

    I know we were separated at birth: another one in common: I have some very old mason jars in my window sill, a couple of blue ones (not the repro ones from JoAnn;s) an almost purple one that was pre-screwtop (maybe some lead as those turn pale purple in sunlight??) At one time I had an article from Early American Magazine (now out of print) about how to date old jars. Of course, that’s one that I gave away at some point! Reminds me to look it up on the ‘net. I have the beautiful marbles from floral crafts in one, potpourri in some, shells in another. Those old ones aren’t going anywhere! but I did pick up some small ones at a thrift store that I could possibly give up… I gave away several boxes of jars (newer!) when I moved from Oregon, wish I had them right now, bumper apple crop and people are giving them to me all around! Made 5 qts of apple butter in my crockpot and I have it in my fridge to put in freezer containers tonight. Won’t last as long as canning, but I can still give it away!

    have a blessed day!
    Sharon in Colorado

  2. catsandroses

    I LOVE this; who’d have known that peanut butter lids fit mason jars?! The possibilities are endless, and I love what you’ve done with them — so much so, I had to share it on PBS’s CMT ‘free acorns’ thread :o)

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