Blue Ridge Drive July 2014

We did a drive with our car club yesterday.  The weather was just perfect, a beautiful sunny day in the 70s.  The recent rains had cleared the air and the views were spectacular off the Blue Ridge Parkway.   We met in a parking lot near the entrance to Pisgah Forest.



This was a Progressive Drive, a fun drive that has a lot of stops.  With each stop, the passengers change cars, so everyone gets some time with a lot of different members of the club.  It is a way to have some social interaction while enjoying a drive.


We stopped at the highest point on the parkway for a couple of pictures.  I was pretty far back in the car line by this photo.  We had 14 cars participating in the drive.


I just had to try to get a couple of pictures as we drove, the mountains were so gorgeous. We drove a total of 58 miles, so there were lots of beautiful views. This one is a bit blurry.


This one came out better.


We stopped and had a picnic lunch near Mount Pisgah. It was such a beautiful day, I don’t think anyone wanted to go home!


There will be another drive in a couple of weeks to an Amish farm.  I’ll share that with you, too.

7 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Drive July 2014

  1. rosemarazzle

    Rosemary B here:
    Is this an MG club? Oh wowie.
    Do you know Jim and Ann Lunsen?
    This is a beautiful drive and such spectacular views!
    Thanks for taking such great photos and sharing!

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