Garden Update

Just a quick update, some new things are blooming!  My mother-in-law loves these flower posts, so I have to do them when new things bloom.  Remember the mystery bulb?  Turned out to be a gorgeous white gladiola.

White Gladiola open

The corner is just filling up with those intense blue lobelias, and the verbena is getting big. The petunias are still blooming too.

Flowers July 2014

Out back, the rhododendrons have shown their faces.

Rhodo wild white

One is pale pink.


Another is pure white.


Those torenias continue to be attractive to the hummingbird, but I still haven’t been fast enough with the camera to get her picture. At least I think its a girl! It is just a joy to be out here in the evening and water these lovelies.

Porch July 2014

I hope you enjoy the flowers as much as I do!!

8 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Hi Carole – I love flowers but I can’t grow anything! 🙂 Well, maybe I can grow a few easy things like lilies and iris, but they are pretty self-sufficient and resilient. I wish my thumb was just a bit greener! You have such lovely flowers and great pictures.

  2. Mary S

    Loving these pictures. We have had wonderful weather for July. It was 68 degrees for the high. That is a record for Hot Springs.

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