July Garden

The next wave of blooms have appeared to share with you.  The hostas in the front are just beautiful now.


I love these purple blooms.


There are so many of them, such a nice display around the huge tree in the front.



The wild honeysuckle is coming into bloom now, and fills the air with a sweet fragrance.


Out behind the house is a wild peach tree.  It is a clingstone peach so not good for eating, but the squirrels and bears seem to like them. The tree has a couple of dozen peaches in various stages of ripeness.


And there is more on the porch too.  I have a couple of bargain plants I got off the clearance rack that are doing quite well.  This zonal geranium was just about dead, and I bought it for a quarter.  Look at it now!


These little vincas were a quarter too.


One tiny plant became a happy petunia.


And I have another bargain plant I told you about last month.  It is almost ready to bloom, so I’ll wait for a few more days to show it to you.

Some days you just have to dig in the dirt.  What’s blooming in your garden?

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