Block of the Month June 2014

This is a pretty simple block, but I will warn you, simplicity can be deceptive. The colors in this block are light and dark of four different colors plus a background for a total of 9 different fabrics used. Positioning is critical, especially for the flying geese units.


The pattern for the block is called Box Quilt and is available on Quilt Blocks Galore – click on Box Quilt Block Pattern. Begin by cutting the pieces. You’ll need the following:


Grey background – four 3-1/2 inch squares, and four rectangles 2 x 3-1/2 inches From each of 8 colors (light and dark of four different colors) you’ll need one rectangle 5×2 inches, and one rectangle 2×3-1/2 inches. Now decide if you want the dark in the middle or the light in the middle. Whichever you choose, you will need two 2-inch squares of each of four darks OR four lights. These will be the flying geese. I choose darks for the center. Sew the dark 2×3-1/2 rectangles to the side of the 3-1/2 inch grey squares.


Press towards the color. Lay the piece with the color to the bottom, and add the 5 inch rectangle to the right side. Sew, then press toward the color.


Make one pink, one yellow, one green and one blue.


Following the pattern, place the colors towards the middle, with the green in the upper left, blue in the upper right, yellow in the lower left and pink on the lower right positions, and sew together.


Now make the flying geese units. Be very careful here as position of these colors is very important.


Draw a diagonal line on all the small squares.


Place the one of each color on the right side of the 2×3/12 grey rectangles and sew on the line. Sew all the right side geese colors first.


Cut off the excess and press to the color.


Using the layout guide below, place the left squares with the diagonal sewing lines showing.

Left            Right

Pink            Blue

Blue            Green

Green         Yellow

Yellow        Pink


Sew, trim the excess and press.


Lay the block out, using the 3-1/2 inch color rectangles on the sides and the 5 inch rectangles top and bottom matching up light to darks. Position the flying geese units to match the colors.


Sew the side units. Sew the top and bottom units.


Sew the side units to the center block.


Sew the top and bottom units to the center block.


Done!! Looking at the picture for this block, it looks like it would be easier to do HSTs for the color corners instead of flying geese, but it didn’t work. I did try it with some other fabrics as a test, and the dimensions didn’t work out. So, make it the way the directions tell you.

If you missed any of the blocks, click on the Block of the Month category to catch up.  These blocks and fabrics are chosen by my local quilt shop, and I am blogging it as we go to help out fellow quilters.  You can use your stash, so c’mon and quilt along!


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    1. Thanks, Lin, but I didn’t choose them. The BOM is from my local quilt store and they choose the colors and fabrics. I am just sharing it on my blog as the patterns are all from Quilt Blocks Galore. I updated this post to remind everyone that the LQS is the designer and fabric chooser. See the previous BOM posts for more info.

  1. Beautifully done! Love this block, and it really didn’t look easy to me. . . So much matching and you did an amazing job!!

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