Patriotic Table Runner

Now that you have your Tri Recs stars and print fabric pieces sewn together, I’ll show you how to finish it up with the borders.   Click on Tri Recs Star Block  to see part one if you missed it.


So, we left off last time with three Tri Recs Stars and two printed fabric blocks, plus a triangle on each end. Next, put on the borders.

PatritoticTable Runner assembeld

Remember, measuring is important for borders.  I started by measuring the short pointed side first.

Patriotic measure side

Then I cut and sewed the first border piece.

Patriotic sew side 1

Then I measured the other side of the point to the edge of the outer border.

Patriotic measure side 2

Sew it on, then cut off the point even with the side edge on both sides.

Patriotic cut side 2

Repeat for the other end point. Then measure and cut your side borders. Sew, then trim the point.

Patriotic cutting angle

Patriotic cut angle-2

Repeat the process for the outer red border. You can start with the long sides if you prefer. I started with the end points on the blue border, and then did the sides first on the red border so the seams fall in different ways. Quilt as desired.  I used my longarm and put a pantograph on it that kind of looks like fireworks called Fern Spin II by  Linda’s Electric Quilters.  I used variegated red thread.

Patriotic on frame

Here’s the back –


Bind in the usual way.  Enjoy your Patriotic Table Runner all summer long!


Happy Quilting!

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  1. Barbara Boxwell

    I am a novice, so I need all the help I can get. Could you please give me an idea of how much fabric you used please. I think this is so beautiful. I am try to get a collection going. Made a Circle one with Christmas fabric, still need to bind it though, My Thanksgiving one turned out much better.

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