Working in the Garden in June

Last week I finally got to the garden center to pick up the rest of the veggie plants I wanted.   I got three more tomato plants, one a purple heirloom, a couple of peppers, several herbs and a few more flowers.  The trunk was full.

Trunk plants

Nothing beats a homegrown tomato topped with fresh picked basil, and served with some local fresh goat cheese or mozarella. Hopefully, these guys will grow up soon.

tomatoes and peppers

Here is the heirloom one, hope it gets big and starts producing soon.

tomato heirloom

Hubby bought a potting bench for me. Isn’t it wonderful?

potting bench

So, I got my sage and oregano in the ground, and got the mulch put down.

veggies 1

The torenias are really growing!  All the baskets now have tendrils hanging below the bottom.  The hummingbirds have been having a field day, but I have yet to get a picture of one.


The yellow torenia is just about done blooming. I’ve not had one of these before so I don’t know if it will start again or not.


The petunias are lovely, and the dark purple lobelias are going wild.

lobelia and petunias in pots June 2104

The pots near the door are coming along.

June porch planters 1

My hydrangea has leafed out nicely. I need to take out those brown stems left over from last year. I can’t wait to see what color the blooms will be this year.


The day lilies are just days away from blooming.


Although the ones in the bed are blooming now. There’s a purple one with a yellow throat…

Day lily purple

and a peach color one with a purple throat.

Day Lily peach

My local big-box chain garden center has a clearance rack for plants.   I have learned to check it whenever I am there.  This time I picked up a bunch of geraniums and vincas for 25 cents each.  Yes they looked a little bedraggled, but a little water and the right light will do wonders.

planterbox vincas

Next week I’ll show you my big bargain. I want to get it to bloom if I can.

So, how does your garden grow?


2 thoughts on “Working in the Garden in June

  1. Mom

    The flowers are beautiful. I especially liked the purple and peach colored irises. I guess the mountain air really helps to grow all the pretty flowers you have.

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