QOV Works in Progress

Wednesday was spent working on Quilts of Valor.  I had one group of stars that I put together at a work party with dark blue sashing, and I decided to add a red border.  The quilt was square, so I made the end borders just a smidgen bigger than the sides so it would work for a wheelchair lap quilt.

Valor11 Valor1

Then, remember this square from the ‘how to square up a block’ post?  I had 16 of these, so I added some solid blue blocks and arranged the pieced ones in an hourglass design.

Valor4 Valor2

Sewing them together went really fast with chain piecing.

Valor3 Valor5

Then I set them into rows of two big four-patch blocks.  The two left over will be a pillow.  I measured for the border of red.  Look how straight it is on the right side!  Then measured again for the other two borders.

Valor6 Valor8

If this is new to you, see the border tutorial at the top of the page.  I put on the remaining two borders and ironed the seams.

Valor7 Valor9

On the frame now is a wide navy blue backing so I can do both quilts.  I added the batting, and set the first one in place.


I’ll quilt it, then just roll down and float the second top next to it.  That will be this weekend’s project.

Happy Quilting!!


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