Saturday Hike and the Eyecatchers quilts

It was a lovely day in the 60s, so DH and I set off again to hike our beautiful mountains.  I had a special destination in mind this time, as the Folk Art Center near Asheville was having a wonderful quilt exhibit.  I wanted to see the show after the hike, so from the Folk Art Center parking area we picked up the Mountain to Sea Trail, and set off.

HikeMar22-5 HikeMar22-3

Lots of trail, but not a lot of pretty scenery, no overlooks and no waterfalls.  The only points of interest were the stone bridge we used to cross over the road and the mountain range in the distance.  But the quilt show was worth it.

HikeMar22-2 HikeMar22-4

We hiked a total of about three miles, out and back.  Around the Folk Art Center  I did find some flowers.  These little rusty colored flowers are on trees now.   I had to research what they were and found out they are Red Maples, the same trees that turn gorgeous red in the fall.

rustflower1 rustflower2

We went into the exhibit after our hike.  If you live within a day’s drive of Asheville, come see this exhibit.  It is the private collection of Barbara and Robert Hunter called Eyecatchers.  And they certainly are!!  Their story and some pictures from the exhibit are on the Folk Art Center’s gallery – here.

In the front of the center is a quilt depicting scenes from around the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It was neat, but hard to get a picture as it is behind glass.

FolkArtCenterquilt FolkartcenterquiltClose

On the way home, we did find a cherry tree just coming into bloom.

cherry4 cherry3

And these little puff ball flowers, don’t know what they are.


Arriving back home, the little hyacinth is valiantly trying to give me a bloom, only three little flowers, but they are pretty and have a lovely sweet scent.


So, back to quilting, and reading, and cooking, and well, you know!