Spring Floral Wall Quilt – Part 2

OK, so now, I am going to use proper border attaching method of measure and sew.  See the top of the blog for a full tutorial on this process.


The quilt is supposed to have a design that is shared, the floral squares all share the HSTs, so the stars blend into each other.  Neat, huh?  Funny though, when I look at the picture below, all I see are squares set on point.   Quilting this is going to take some thought.


So, I added a purple violet border to give some contrast.


Then the final outer border is the jonquil fabric.


Seems like this is a perfect size to participate in Amy’s Free Motion Adventures link up to learn McTavishing.  I have had her books for some time now, and haven’t gotten to it yet.  Thanks, Amy, for the idea!

Isn’t this a perfect Springtime design?  Have you ever done any McTavishing?


7 thoughts on “Spring Floral Wall Quilt – Part 2

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