Car Club Event, Ducks, and Quilting

This past Sunday was the New Member Picnic for our car club, and we were in charge of it. It took a few months and a lot of work to plan, and it is good to have it done. For the meal, we were having it catered instead of it being a potluck as in years past. The choice of roast beef sandwich, turkey sandwich or strawberry pecan salad was made when folks signed up for the event. So, I needed lunch tickets. I pulled three colors of card stock, and stamped them. The yellow has a turkey on it, the pink for roast beef has a sandwich, and the green one for salad has a radish. I thought it would be a fun way to do the tickets. A gal’s gotta stamp at times like this.

I needed 15 centerpieces for the tables. I found a really cute bee hive vase with a little metal bee tied on with jute online from Dollar Tree, and ordered two dozen. Naturally, three were broken in transit. But I had plenty left for a little German flag and flower. Then, the president gave me some flags he wanted used, and they were too tall and heavy for the vase. My Sweet Babboo came up with the answer, filling the vases with sand to weigh them down enough to support the white car flags. We did assigned tables so it would put new members with existing members, mixing everyone up. Each table had a number on a card with a little stand so people could find their table and have a seat. Then, the person with the ladybug sticker on their seat got to take the centerpiece home.

All set up and ready to receive our guests. The venue was Point Lookout Vineyards, with beautiful views.

From the top of the grassy area around the patio, you could look down and see the cars.

Participants had a blast between lunch and our ice cream sundae bar dessert looking for items on our photo scavenger hunt. They got a list of 10 items to find and take a photo of, bringing their pictures back to the registration desk for verification. The items were in the pavilion, on the patio and in the cars. Those who found them all were entered into a drawing for some great prizes. They searched for flags and stuffed toys, a vanity license plate, a Buddha, and my little dragon with his picnic basket. I’ve used him before for car shows as a dash display, and he worked great as a photo item. This picture is from a different event, I didn’t have any time to take photos of the hunt items myself. I was surprised at the number of people doing the hunt, about 75% of the guests did it.

On Monday, I taught my Zoom class on Well Loved Quilt Repair. I have to thank the participants again, as we took three tries to get the recording started right, including one where I somehow muted myself so no one could hear a word. They finally got my attention, and we had to start over again. Sometimes I am just a klutz, LOL!! But I did get it recorded, so now I have to figure out what to do next. I want to make it available to the participants in the class, those paid for the class but couldn’t make it, and others interested but the time didn’t work out. I’ll be emailing those on my list soon when I get that done.

Back to the craft room, I received some ducks in the mail. It was so fun to get ‘ducked’, that I want to have a few available for me to bring some fun to someone else’s day, so I found some online. I’ll figure out some kind of card to attach to them, and tie them to the ducks with curling ribbon. I ordered 24 of the plain ducks.

While I was at it, I couldn’t resist getting some Christmas ducks. These will be taken to our weekend Christmas party in December and put on our friend’s MINIs. I hope to do this after dark on Friday night, so when people come down for the Saturday drive, they’ll get a surprise. If you are interested, they came from Oriental Trading Co (no affiliation).

I did have a little time to put in two more pantograph rows on the Log Cabin QOV. So far the machine seems to be behaving. King Tut variegated cotton thread on top, cotton Superior Masterpiece in the bobbin.

The pantograph is Fascination from Urban Elementz. The plan is to finish the quilting this week, so I can deliver it next week. I’ll be counting out all the backing fabric from my stash.

Happily, I have the rest of the week free. So, finally, a few days to myself with no other obligations! I’m going to sew, and quilt, and stamp this week! Then, I need to plan the weekend, with the greatest day in racing on Sunday – Formula 1 in Monaco, followed by the Indy 500, then the Coca-Cola 600. We need snack food for the day, fun finger foods and goodies to munch on while watching a full day of racing. This is what I call football food, but this time it is a race day. Charcuterie tray with several cheeses and crackers, perhaps some meatballs? I’d love to do chicken wings, and I’ll likely have my baked spinach for a hot dip. If you need some ideas, see my post Small Plate Meals.

What are your plans for the week?

18 thoughts on “Car Club Event, Ducks, and Quilting

  1. Hi Carole! Yes, I know how much time and effort goes into planning a large event. I was the chairperson of the 75th Anniversary Committee at my church. Months and months of planning and work went into the event. I’m happy to say it all went off without a hitch! Please remember that I was one of those who could not make it to the quilt repair class (funeral), so I would love to see the recording when available. And, I love the idea of the ducks! What a wonderful way to spread some sunshine and good cheer! And, today, I am finally getting reacquainted with my sewing machine after more than a month! Hooray!

  2. Sue Hoover

    Sounds like a wonderful road trip for the Minis. I love the “Party Point” being a local winery. Such fun! My plans this week include going to my LQS to rent the longarm. I plan on FMQ my Oh My Strippy Stars tomorrow. I have stay-at-home retreat Fri & Sat so I plan on getting the binding on and that project finished. Very excited!

  3. Linda

    I think you are the Energizer bunny in disguise…. The realtor for the people who are buying our house came by last week for me to look at her cherished but tattered quilt. It has literally been loved to death and is well past any kind of repair. I couldn’t even see a place big enough to make a pillow. We were both very disappointed as I was anxious to put to use all of the things you showed us in your repair class. I have a quilt my grandmother made that needs repairs if I ever get finished packing up this house and get moved! Maybe I can sew again in August or September!

  4. Sandra

    Your mini outings are always so fascinating and enjoyable. If I lived near I think I would buy one just to enjoy your club. Love the duck idea. My daughter has a jeep and ducking is popular with that group too. The owner of my local quilt shop used to give ducks away for special occasions and it was always fun to receive them. Planning to sew a dress for my niece and quilt a top I finished the end of April this week. Enjoy your free time the next few days.

  5. Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting

    Great job on the party organizing, Carole! That view is stunning!!! Interesting about the ducks–I have a Jeep and Jeepers do the same thing with ducks! Enjoy your open week!

  6. Kim from TN

    What a fun mini car event and I bet the new members enjoyed it all. I’m always so grateful for those who step up and take charge of such events. It is a lot of planning for it to all go smoothly. We are in Wisconsin for 2 weeks house sitting for our daughter while she travels for work and workmen are installing new windows. She is single and we are “those” people for her. Enjoy the races and the good food.

  7. You are a great friend to all of your groups. The day out in the minis looks just so fun.
    Great planning ahead is always good, and you are an expert and making the day extra memorable.
    I am working on so many quilts. One quilt I just recently threw together with some fabric that is not my style, but it looks great for a baby quilt. I am making one for my niece. I threw it together in about 4 days and now I am machine quilting it with straight lines. It looks good enough. I am either busy running around town, or taking care of dad, or hubbs, or kitties. I am in my sewing room every moment I can get.
    OH but now the yard work… trimming mostly

  8. You are truly liveing Your Best Life! Love hearing all your adventures. I’m still tnding my feet after hiking 7 miles with 153 dogs! The Husky Hike is fun and makes money for med bills for our dogs. So finishing up a “sailing” quilt – sitting down!

  9. I always love your Mini trips and events and the great photos–plus your creativeness!!!
    I am thinking about your ‘ducks’–I live in a Senior apt complex and am thinking it might be something ‘fun’ here–just not sure ‘how’ yet????
    hugs. di

  10. Wow, are you ever busy!! This week I had a bee with my Queen Bees, where one of the members taught INSET Circles. I’ve been playing with my embroidery machine and did a “Welcome” wall hanging (16×16). On to grandkids and their “end of the year” programs and performances. Still have one more tshirt to finish up and get my quilt and backing ready to send off to OneBlockWonderWoman for quilting. (She bartered cute embroidery tee shirts for quilting….love my sister in law!) Hehehe…sending my king size Bonnie Hunter quilt to her. It’s taken me all month to get those cute tee shirts done, so a fair trade in all. Take care! (LOVE the snow man duck)

  11. Mary

    You both obviously enjoy planning these club events. The new members must have felt very welcomed. You have such good ideas.
    And here you are thinking you have a free week ahead of you!! When I think that, it suddenly disappears and I find there has been no sewing or crafting for me but all the other ‘stuff’ that happens. Eventually one gets a short afternoon here and there. :))

  12. That looks like such a good time and your centerpieces are terrific. I wish you lived nearby. I’m getting rid of so much paper, stamps, pads (that may or may not have ink), stock, small amounts of fabric, mixed media embellishments… what I can’t find a good home for before will go on the yard sale and what doesn’t sell, probably to Goodwill/SA, etc. I can’t even walk easily into my “scary room,” as Cam calls it. Now it’s REALLY scary! You’d have a ball with it all!

  13. Sherrill

    Those little duckies are a deal on cruise ships. People bring them and hide them around the ship for others to find. There used to be a website or something where you reported ducks you found (folks would put a sticker or card on them with the email and the name of the ‘hider’). I’ve NEVER found a duck yet. sigh

  14. Julie

    I love your stamp idea on the dinner cards. New granddaughter arrived yesterday.
    Enjoying extra time with big brother who loves to try out crafts. I think it’s time he learned about stamps. There are kiddie alphabet stamps inherited from his mom that will be the perfect introduction.

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