It’s Mardi Gras! Baking, Sewing, Tablescapes, and Dinner

As usual, I am close to running out of time, and posting this on the day of Mardi Gras instead of in advance. But, that is how it goes sometimes! Still, you may be able to shop your house for enough gold, green and purple to pull it off. Often I do this at the last minute, LOL!! Since I have done a clean out of my tablescaping stuff, much of what I’ve used in the past is now a memory, so it might be harder to get it together. But I can still bring out some of my past tables for your enjoyment today. Looking at this one, I still have almost all of the things used here, only the chargers and the quilted table topper are gone. I still have the green depression glass grill plates in a pattern called Ballerina Cameo, and I’d love to sell those, but hardly anyone collects depression glass anymore.

This has to be one of my favorite centerpiece arrangements. I have a feeling that I am going to regret donating the green glass votives and candle stand.

I used it on this table for two, with gold square plates on green chargers with purple flower dishes on top. Green napkins are held with green bead and gold wire rings. I tried to make a fleur-de-lis shape with the napkins.

I often will take my evening bags and scatter Mardi Gras coins around. We need purses for the coins, right?

This white beaded bag is a favorite, and I rarely get to take it anywhere. So, I can enjoy it on a table with bead necklaces and coins spilling out.

Those elements were part of this table, with fruit dishes atop white dinner plates and gold chargers.

Another table used many of the same things. This time, green chargers are topped with white dinner plates, yellow print salad plates and the same purple flower dishes. I could do this one again, as I kept the lovely yellow ceramic basket and all these dishes.

Another tablescape for six uses purple paper napkins as placemats, gold chargers, white dinner plates and tri-color salad plates. The salad plates went to the thrift store some time ago.

The centerpiece was fairly elaborate that time, with green ceramic dishes holding purple and gold apples, lots of bead necklaces, a king crown, gold candles and purple gloves, along with lots of scattered coins.

For fun, I made some Vanilla Sugar Cookies with Mardi Gras sprinkles to take to our pickleball group this morning. A couple of the guys had been grousing (playfully teasing me) that they didn’t get cookies for Valentine’s Day. So, on Sunday I mixed the dough and put it in the refrigerator overnight. Then, yesterday, I did some baking. I am trying a new recipe for the icing. My Sweet Babboo isn’t fond of the royal icing I usually use, so this time I found one that has butter in it, but claims to harden just enough to stack the cookies. We’ll see. I frosted them, added the sprinkles, and let them dry for about 3 hours while I sewed.

They seem to have dried nicely. So I put a pretty paper doily inside a plastic project box with a lid, and layered the cookies inside with wax paper between the layers. I think the crew will like these.

I brought out my Mardi Gras mini quilt for the stand, see how I made it with the beads with this link – Mardi Gras Mini Quilt.

Whip up a quick table topper with my Quick Squares Table Topper, free tutorial on that post.

Mardi Gras food tends to be more Cajun flavors than anything else, but I cannot eat celery so it isn’t something I cook.  Still, a coastal based celebration makes a seafood meal fit the bill, so I pulled up some of my fish and shrimp dishes. I can thaw frozen fish or shrimp in about an hour, so those are kept in the freezer most of the time for quick meals.  Try some Fish Tacos, this post shows two ways to make them.  I will sometimes make shrimp tacos.

My quick Weeknight Fish Dinner with fresh spinach and fresh tomato is a whole meal in one skillet, and cooks in under half an hour.

Try my Shrimp Flower Appetizer as a starter.  It is pretty in presentation, and is a yummy start to a holiday meal.

I often make Shrimp and Grits for My Sweet Babboo. This isn’t the best photo, but it is cheesy shrimpy deliciousness and best served in a bowl topped with a bit of grated cheese and chopped green onion.

Asian inspired dishes are more the way I cook now. This one is Steamed Fish with Shiitake Mushrooms, recipe on that post. Fresh snow peas and jasmine rice complete the meal. Itadakimasu!

A recipe I adapted from a dish at a local restaurant, my Asian Inspired Salad made with crab and sriracha mayonnaise makes a great first course anytime, but especially on warm days. I still regret donating those green deep salad plates.

So, there are a few last minute ideas for your Mardi Gras fun this evening. What’s for dinner at your house for Mardi Gras?

9 thoughts on “It’s Mardi Gras! Baking, Sewing, Tablescapes, and Dinner

  1. Mary Stori

    Yummmm – shrimp & grits……love, love, love. Never made them myself believe it or not because ‘the husband’ doesn’t care for them. But I order them whenever dining out and I see them on the menu.

  2. Julie

    Loved seeing all those fancy tablescapes! The fish dinner looks delicious, I’ll pick up some fresh filets on my way home from quilt club today. We’re having a game day with chocolate, one last splurge on fat tuesday.

  3. the fish taco’s and other things look good – I don’t do grits. I have never really gotten into the whole Mardi Gras thing though and really don’t see the big deal – if I was in New Orleans of course I would party

  4. lois92346

    I simply love, love, love your blogs, Carole! I follow all the hyperlinks and learn so much from you. I hope you don’t mind but I pinned your tiny quilts and all of the fish recipes to my Pinterest page so I can easily find them. May I ask, how do you come to select the books you read and review? They are so diverse.

  5. I think the big difference between you all in the south and us in the north is that I didn’t even know tomorrow was Mardi Gras! We just don’t “do it” up here. And it’s so pretty, I should, just for the sport of it. I love your table, cookies and delicious looking dishes. Shrimp and grits is one of my all-time favorites! Have great fun — I know you will!

  6. Mary

    We don’t have Mardi Gras here in NZ but I would like to be in New Orleans for this wonderful occasion.
    Your table settings look great fun and I’m sure I shall be making some of your recipes in the future.
    Enjoy yourself!! :))

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