A Quiet Week

Did you have a wonderful holiday? We had a lovely day, with a prime rib dinner. This year I made fresh Brussels Sprouts for the first time. I looked online for the best method to decrease the bitterness, and found that cutting them in half and charring the cut side would do that. So, I prepared the sprouts by cutting off the bottoms, removing the outer leaves, then cutting them in half.

Toss with a bit of oil (I used a garlic oil that My Sweet Babboo gave me for Christmas) and put cut-side down in a pan. Cook on medium high, and don’t move them around. Just check one after a couple of minutes, and keep checking until they are nicely browned.

Flip them over, and continue cooking until done to your liking. I like mine crisp tender. My Sweet Babboo said he wanted them a little softer, so next time I’ll add a couple of tablespoons of water to the pan at this point and cover it so they steam cook a bit more.

They were served in the china vegetable bowl for Christmas dinner. I don’t often use serving dishes at the table for just the two of us, but for a holiday meal it is nice.

For the table, I picked up the stoneware Christmas dishes, changed the chargers to red ones, and set out my Holiday Tartan china. The napkins match the china and were a gift to me last month from a dear friend. I was delighted with them, they looked fantastic on the table.

I was able to finish the Christmas quilt before the holiday weekend, but not in time to use it this year. I finished the quilting with the snowflake pantograph.

The pantograph has two styles of snowflakes.

I quilted it with ecru color Glide thread, with Bottom Line in the bobbin. The quilting went well, with no thread breaks.

It was inspected to be sure all the quilting was good, then taken off the frame.

I bound it by machine in red as I planned. The extra red on the edge gives it a symmetry in design.

All finished, and ready to be sold. It is too late for Christmas this year, but do let me know if you are interested. I’ll probably consign it locally if there is no interest with readers.

It is a quiet week between Christmas and New Year’s day. I’ll spend some of this week taking down all the decorations, and going through them again to donate a bit more. Tables and cabinet tops will get a good dusting. Then I’ll put out simple decor in mostly white for the new year. In the sewing room, I have a lullaby quilt that I’ve started to use up some blue and yellow scraps, and I’ve also been working on something else coming in January.

If the video doesn’t embed, click HERE to see it.

Can you guess? Are you excited?


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22 thoughts on “A Quiet Week

  1. E

    Merry Christmas Carole & and your sweet Baboo. Just wanted to let you know I read a book you recommended and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you. The book was The London House by Katherine Reay.
    Happiest of New Years to you as well.

  2. Rita C.

    Wonderful table for your holiday meal. I have a tried and true brussel sprouts recipe from SL that is oh, so good. My daughter took the recipe and has continued serving it. It does involve browning first with garlic, and then ultimately baking in a creamy, parmesean sauce with nutmeg. I noticed this year the sprouts were baby size, and that yielded great results too.
    Happy New Year, Carole. I’ll be busy with taking out any leftover Christmas stock at the antique mall today, then UNdecorating here at home. Thank goodness it’s finally warming back up out of subzero wind chill temps. Lots of burst pipes in homes and mains around here, luckily none in my surrounding family.

  3. Thank you for the Quadrille video. I am a contra dancer and English Country Dance participant and It was such fun to see many of the same figures in this more formal dance that we do in our country dancing. I so often read that novel characters dance the quadrille and now I know what one version of it looks like. Fun.

  4. Julie

    Beautiful dinner setting. Love the white gloves in the video. Couldn’t help remembering square dancing in the elementary school gym & how hot & sweaty our pre-teen hands got.

  5. Patty Brenner

    I enjoyed the dance video, I’ve often wanted to take dance lessons but my husband isn’t interested, lol. We love brussels sprouts at our house and we make them similarly: toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic (your garlic oil sounds wonderful), then roast until slightly charred all over. They are delicious warm and the leftovers are delicious chopped up and put on salads a day or so later. Thanks for the info on the New Years Eve Sulky event – that looks fun!

  6. Your dinner sounds yummy and the table is beautiful, too! Fun to finish up a quilt as well. Good luck with selling it! I’m thinking you must be designing your latest scrap dance quilt. One of these days you’ll have enough of those to publish a book! (Maybe you already do!)

  7. I love Brussels Sprouts and buy them now and then – make some fresh and freeze what I don’t use – the husband won’t eat them but I love them. I will try your method next time – I have one recipe where you put them in the oven and there is soy sauce involved but I don’t remember the whole recipe off hand. You have a beautiful table!

  8. What excite abounds…..a new “scrap dance” mystery coming up??
    Your dinner sounds delicious. My daughter usually does Brussel sprouts the same way! The garlic oil must have smelled heavenly! The Christmas quilt turned beautifully! Hoping you find a buyer quickly!

  9. Patsy Cash

    Good Morning! My husband loves Brussels sprouts, I don’t but I’m going to try your method. The Christmas quilt is beautiful. Happy New Year

  10. Your Christmas table was lovely as is your quilt. My husband didn’t like Brussels sprouts until we started charring them, either stove top or in the oven. The week between Christmas and New Years is a real blessing to let my body recover from two back to back dinners we cooked for two groups of friends. Wishing you all the best in the coming year.

  11. Jean McKinstry

    Your table setting is so beautiful, the red charger plates set the others off so well. Have a safe and Happy New Year after the rush of Christmas.

  12. We tend to prepare our brussels sprouts the same way, but we really like to wrap them in tin foil and bake them (or then roast them on the grill in warmer months). In addition to tossing them with olive oil, I add lemon zest, a tiny bit of salt, pepper, and red chili flakes. Then they steam themselves crispy. Prior to serving, I squeeze a little bit lemon juice over them. I hope you find the sweet spot of how you enjoy them. As a youth, I never in a million years would have believed that I now look forward to eating brussels sprouts! May you continue to have a lovely, calm week.

  13. Mary

    You and your husband along with all your Car Club buddies are going to dance a Quadrille in Times Square on New Years Eve??! No?
    Well then, I can’t imagine.
    Your table looks lovely but your table always does.
    Your quilt is lovely too and I hope you make a sale nice and quick so you don’t have to store it too long.
    Brussels Sprouts – my husband’s most favourite vegetable!! I eat them but don’t love them.
    Now we look forward to a new year and what Carole is going to surprise us with – apart from ‘dancing a quadrille’.
    Happy New Year!! :))

  14. Donna Flanery

    You say you use Glide for the top and Bottom Line in the bobbin for machine quilting. Do you match the color in both top and bottom? Are Glide and Bottom Line made by the same company so that is possible? I also fixed brussels sprouts for Christmas dinner. Tossed with a little maple syrup, kosher salt, chopped up bacon and roasted in the oven. Turned out really yummy. Even the grandkids like them, so that’s a big win, LOL!

  15. Merry Christmas Carole and Happy almost New Year! Your Christmas table was lovely and so is your new Christmas quilt~ I always roast Brussels Sprouts at 400 on a sheet pan. Drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper and cook for 25-35 minutes. Very easy and very good…you can also finish them with a little Parmesan and bacon. We eat them like candy!

  16. It’s all beautiful, Carole — quilt, table and your sprouts look good too. I usually roast mine with balsamic. I should give this a try. I suspect I have a few posts to catch up with and will!

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