Well Loved Quilt Repair Class

Next week, I had a Zoom class scheduled for my Well Loved Quilt Repair. Unfortunately, things going on here have meant that I needed to postpone it to the following week. Not all the participants can do a class on April 19, so I now have two classes for individual sign up, and room in both for more participants. If you’ve thought about taking the class, you can now join the class on April 19 at 1 pm Eastern time, or May 10 at 1 pm Eastern Time.

Well Loved Quilt Repair pulls together my tips and tricks, and organizes the program according to the types of repairs needed. Everything from small holes, and dog chewed corners up to major damage is covered, with advice on starting your own repair business. We’ll also look at your quilts during the Q&A, just have a nice photo ready to share on your screen.

Class time runs about 75-90 minutes, class fee $30 invoiced from Paypal to the email address you provide. Fill out the form if you’d like to register for the class on April 19 or May 10. Class time will be 1 pm Eastern Daylight Time ( 12 noon Central, 11 am Mountain, 10 am Pacific).

Click HERE to register.

If you’ve taken the class in the past, please comment with your thoughts on the class. I am always looking for feedback to make the class better.

8 thoughts on “Well Loved Quilt Repair Class

  1. Julie

    I took this class. The tips were very helpful, providing suggestions I hadn’t considered. I really appreciate the time you took showing all steps and the before & after pictures with results.

  2. Patty Brenner

    I took the class a few months ago and enjoyed it very much! I have a couple of family quilts (one from my grandmother that’s about 100 years old) that have been stuck in a closet because they had damage that I was afraid would get worse if I used them. Carole showed us that you can repair these beauties so they can continue to be used and loved! I highly recommend this class- whether for personal use (like me) or if you want to make this a business saving other people’s quilty treasures

  3. AJ

    I took this class, and yet I hope to never need to mend a quilt. But I also feel that adding patches to a quilt is a part of quilting. This is a skill that all quilters should know, whether they use it or not.

    The best way to learn a skill is by listening to an expert, and Carole is an expert. This is a well-organized class, and takes you through how to access the damage, different techniques for mending, how to choose the best technique, and how to do the technique. The class also includes the business skills needed to establish a quilt repair business, such as estimating your time, pitfalls to avoid, and guidelines for charging. Carole takes the time to answer everyone’s questions. And the best part is being able to spend time with Carole.

  4. I took this class a few months ago and it was invaluable in teaching me how to repair a beloved wedding ring quilt made by a great, great aunt. Although I don’t plan to make a business of it, I only want to repair my quilt, Carole also provides excellent guidance on how to start your own business doing this kind of repair. Highly recommend.

  5. Jacki

    I would be really interested in a class, but I can’t make the May 10 class. Would you be able to offer another class over the summer? I would have more availability once school is out in mid-June. I have a quilt of my great-grandma’s that needs a lot of repair. Thanks for considering!

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