March in the Garden

Spring is well on the way, and the garden has come alive with daffodils. I have several spots where I planted groups of daffodils, with different varieties in each place. Some are along the driveway and in the island on the circle in front of our home. These came up this past week and bloomed. The lovely yellow petals with the orange centers are so cheerful, like a ray of sunshine in an otherwise brown landscape.

The mixed garden of all yellow or all white daffodils opened up fully. There are about 50 bulbs here, sent to me by a friend in Oregon a couple of years ago. They have bloomed more profusely every year.

More and more blooms, just so cheerful.

In the front flowerbed, planted among the irises are around a dozen double-daffodils. About a week ago, they were putting up buds. Also in that bed are a few hyacinths.

Only three hyacinths made an appearance, and this was the prettiest of those. The pale yellow has such a strong fragrance, just lovely.

The other yellow one put up a fewer flowers on the stalk. Nearby, two crocuses finally came up.

The double daffodils bloomed later in the week. They are a variety called White Lion, with yellow petals between the layers of white.

Two more crocus are coming up in the middle of the iris bed.

The second iris bed is also putting up leaves, but I didn’t put any other bulbs in this area. I need to rake the leaves off the rhizomes so they will bloom nicely. But it was 29 degrees yesterday morning, and I will wait until it warms up a bit more.

Oliver was enjoying the flowers with his sandwich one afternoon.

This guy is pretty shy, but one day I tossed a sandwich to him when he wasn’t watching me. He noticed it, then grabbed it, scurried up the tree in the front and sat on a branch to enjoy his treat. If he keeps coming around, he might get a name.

The pileated woodpecker has been raiding the bird feeder again. I have to run him off so there is food for the little birds. There are a pair of these big birds that live in the woods.

Along the driveway, white petaled daffodils with bright yellow ruffled centers bloomed. There aren’t that many of these, but more buds are showing, so I hope to have a few more flowers soon.

These have such vibrant yellow centers, so pretty.

Inside, the amaryllis continues to put out leaves, but no bud yet. The orchid sitting to its right is progressing.

I am so excited, as it looks like it will put out two blooms, with the promise of maybe two or three more to come.

Back outside, the oldest crocus in my flowerbeds finally made an appearance. I love this purple color.

Our long blooming season is well underway. A light dusting of snow yesterday morning bent the flowers over, but they are bouncing back with the warmth of the day. I just hope we are done with snow for the year, or our local apple crops may suffer.

Is anything blooming in your garden?

20 thoughts on “March in the Garden

  1. Julie

    Beautiful garden & forest friends. After a few warm days and some rain most of the glacier around the here disappeared. It was exciting to see daffodil leaves peeking up in the terraces. Then the snow storm blew by this weekend and we relapsed into a Currier & Ives snow globe scene. Nevertheless, spring will arrive on time, the days are getting longer, spring snow isn’t as deep or sustained, and the daffies will thrive.

  2. Here in Delaware the daffodils are starting to bloom. I have some out by my fence that are still coming, but the close ones in front of the house bloomed earlier in the week. Then, of course, along came plummeting temperatures and snow. I’ll just admire from the window until it gets above 45 outside! Lovely photos as always. I like seeing those birds.

  3. We don’t have any bulbs blooming yet but my witch hazel bush is blooming! Your flowers are lovely! So fun to see your backyard guests!

  4. karenfae

    your daffodils look wonderful. My hyacinths tried to come up too early I think and were only half way out of the ground when they started to try to open, so I have flowers on the top of them but not the whole stem that usually is there – odd looking for sure – but I have more of them popping up now so maybe some will look normal.

  5. Your daffodils are beautiful! I have an amaryllis that bloomed in January, and is now growing large green leaves that look like yours, I don’t know what to do with it now, any suggestions?

    1. RENA' DAVIS

      I have certainly enjoyed my two amaryllis indoors here in Missouri! They finally finished displaying their fabulous blooms of deep scarlet red and candy striped blooms; but one has 3 large seed pods along with the beautiful graceful stems behind. I hope to use them as centerpieces on my covered patio with begonias. However, not sure what to do with the seed pods–some say it takes several years for the seed pods to produce–do I plant the whole pod or plant the individual dark flat seeds that are found within the pod itself??

  6. Your garden is well ahead of ours. We got about 2″ of snow yesterday, but temps will be in the 60s for the foreseeable future so expecting some garden activity. We have seeds stared (in the bathtub!) But won’t be going in the ground till May. We’ve spent the nice days last week cleaning the winter from the backyard in prep of Spring. Have a good week.

  7. Rita C.

    Lovely early blooms! I especially like the White Lion double daffodils and the white petal yellow centered variety you have. I did have some daffodils blooming, and I was seeing a few surprises – lungwort, and what was either crocus or grape hyacinth (not bloomed). I’ll never know because I cleaned the green tufts out from a crowded flower bed Friday when it was 65 ° where I have drift roses and iris planted. Yesterday we got 6″ of snow and my flowers were buried under a hard freeze of 13°. Seasonal collision with hopefully no collateral damage!

  8. Jean McKinstry

    Those varieties are so beautiful, the double daffodils put on a wonderful display, Oliver and his mate, guess they are happy to get their regular meals from you.Their tails are magnificent, and I am sure they wrap round and keep their faces warm at night.I have some bluebell shoots just showing, grape hyacinth, lots of green stems, and the gladioli have at last died off. We are definitely in Autumn here, although a lot of discussion as to when it really begins.

  9. Your daffodils are so pretty! It will be awhile longer for anything to bloom here. I should see crocuses soon, but haven’t paid attention to that part of the garden yet. Your hyacinths remind me that I’ve been wanting to plant some of them, too. Need to remember that in the fall!

  10. Niki B

    Our cacti bloomed last week, and they have already faded. It’s too hot in the desert for anything else they doesn’t take a lot of watering. Since we are not here in the summer, we have plants that can stand up to summer heat and neglect.

    Your daffodils ate so pretty.

  11. I am enjoying your daffodils, things here are still quite frozen, though we might have an entire week of warmer weather, which could change things. The snow is almost melted off, so tomorrow I will go out and see if I can find my bulbs. I only have a few, all planted in a little corner of the garden.

  12. Glorious, Carole! And those daffs — yum! What a wonderful gift you received. I need to remember bulbs as a housewarming gift for someone. Or a hostess gift. It would be a very special, different kind of thing (and who needs another bottle of wine and “cute thing” at our age!

  13. Joan Sheppard

    Still pushing the snow out of the way here! Lovely to see the world greening up with blooms galore! Thanks for sharing all these lovely flowers and the fur and feather crowd.

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