Working on Safelight Shelter Quilts

Our guild area meeting was last week, and we got a nice start on our quilts for the local Safelight domestic violence shelter. Our goal is to make 20 quilts for their bunk beds. This project could really be ongoing, as the resident is allowed to take the quilt with them when they move to a new place to live. This could be weeks or months later, and the quilt is theirs to use as long as they are at the shelter. Some want the quilts, others don’t, but they have the option. Over the past couple of weeks, lots of blocks from you, dear readers, have filled up my mailbox. Blocks from Joan H, Carole L, Mary W and Mary Ellen F all arrived the same week. A few days later, more blocks from Melanie T, Pat E, Amanda R, Bonnie C, Julie C, Kathleen R and Sherrill P arrived. Wanda sent a beautiful piece of floral fabric for use as a backing, and Jeanie C found a huge stack of 5-inch squares of quilting cottons that will work well with our prints. Nice to have the cutting done for these for the half square triangles.

I put them into stacks so like colors and backgrounds were put together. Sorting them into piles, I counted the number I had in each one. Then I put them into bags with the number of blocks on a sticky note so I could take them to the sew-in.

This weekend, I picked up two more packages, with blocks from Betty B and Chris L. Thank you, ladies!

A package arrived from Brenda B with TWO complete flimsies!! Wow, this will get us farther along on our goal! Thank you so much!! I have handed off one of these two flimsies with backing to longarmer friend, Linda, for her help.

My longarmer friend Chryste took this top and backing sent by Chris L for quilting. She is donating batting.

Chris also sent two completed quilts, and those were turned in at the meeting for delivery soon. I know I showed these to you last time we chatted about this project, but I thought they deserved another look. Thank you, Chris, you are amazing.

I took over 100 blocks with me to the meeting, and left at least 50 more at home to work on myself. Lynne was working on pastels with cream, so she got a bunch of blocks that coordinated with her prints. She will get to assembly a lot faster than she thought now.

Linda Lou showed off her fully completed quilt using the block in all purples with white, quilted on her domestic machine.

Marilyn was working on floral blocks, so she got all I had that went with her blocks. She doesn’t have to make that many more and she’ll have a flimsy.

Two of us began laying out more blocks for the next top. We had some blue with cream backgrounds and those were integrated in with some earth tones and cream. We piddled with it for a bit, distributing the colors around the top. There is another row on chairs in front of the tables.

I plan to work on my tops in the coming weeks. I have a secret project I have to finish and get in the mail by Thanksgiving. Then I am going to lay out the color and white blocks for a rainbow quilt, using the purple and white blocks just arrived from Linda B. I almost have enough red and white ones for a second flimsy, and Brenda emailed she is sending 35 more red and cream saying “Initially my intent was to just make a few, but they are like potato chips!! And as I went along, the blocks told me they all wanted to stay together!! (Have made quilts that talked to me, but these blocks talked!)” I won’t have to make a lot of blocks myself, maybe 10 more, but I have to get down to the quilt shop for more white fabrics before I can do that.

What are you working on this week?

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15 thoughts on “Working on Safelight Shelter Quilts

  1. Linda B

    Such a great group effort! Fun to see all the progress. I am putting binding on a small table topper for a friend, and getting ready to start on a couple mug rugs for gifts. Otherwise, continuing on my list of projects to start/complete and trying to not add any new ones right now!

  2. Julie

    Imagine putting blocks from so many different places together and having it all work! That’s what I love about quilts.

  3. You’re making lots of progress on those quilts for Safelight! Sounds fun to have your guild group sewing along, too. I’m working on finishing up my plus quilt for the Mercyful Quilts donation. I’ve been a slowpoke with it, but just like with Safelight, the need doesn’t go away.

  4. June Neigum

    I don’t remember what size these quilts need to be. I made some blocks from 2.5″ squares. My squares are 6.5″ unfinished and ended up with 20. They are like potato chips, you can’t stop. This was the size of hts’s I had a lot in my scrap bin so that is what I started with. Got to wait till I get some more triangles from friends to make more. I have some friends that are not scrap quilters, so I get their leftovers. Most of my quilts lately have been from scraps I have collected.

  5. Kathleen Crigler

    Love seeing your posts!! My Mom pieced quilts all her life, and now she is 93, and in the hospital with the shingles. I think of her when I see all your beautiful quilts. Also, what a beautiful gift from the heart to give to someone!

  6. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning Carole, Here it is Saturday and cold weather on its way, Ya’ll stay warm and cozy for about a week. Your friend Marilyn’s machine looks like it may be a true antique, perhaps it belonged to her mother. I learned to sew on my mothers portable singer when I was about 13-14 years old and took sewing in home-ec in high school but they don’t teach that anymore and the girls loose out now and cann’t even sew on a button. I’m wanting to show the little girl across the street how to sew so thinking about teaching yoyo stitches and et her glue them onto a hair barrett and make some snowmen ornaments for her tree if I can. Bought some mushrooms to make a mushroom soup and combine someFrench onion soup mixture and carmalize the onions for it. Made it several times and love it with the bread, YUMMMMMM. Bye for now, Phyllis

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