Sunday Chat and State Fair Fun!!

This week the mornings turned cooler, putting me in the mood for the fall season. Add to that the fair starting up, and I am happy as a clam. This past week, I worked my shift at the quilt competition take-in table for those entering the competition to drop off their entries. I entered a bunch of quilts and quilted items in four categories, along with photographs in that competition and I did the first of the cooking competitions Friday. Next Saturday, I am working the log cabin booth for our guild to sell raffle tickets for our fabulous blue and white quilt. One of the perks of working the booth is being able to sell your own items. So, I pulled a few things that I can let go.

Last time I did this in 2019, I sold quite a few things. I just have too many quilts and wall hangings to be able to use them all. Some of these are samples made for posts, some are just projects made for the blog with one from Autumn Jubilee a few years back. The hardest part is deciding on how much to ask, and get the price tags done. I am still dithering about the Scrap Dance quilt in the middle, as I used it in my trunk shows in the past, but I have so many now I don’t need it. On the other hand, it shows quilting with black thread nicely. I’ll have an online sample sale later for things that don’t sell at the fair.

The cooler mornings this week often have had fog in the valley. I love these scenes from our veranda that show the layers of hills across the valley.

So, Friday evening was the first cooking contest, and I did an Italian Tomato Pie. It looked good coming out of the oven, however, when I had a piece after the competition, it was awful. I had substituted ricotta for all the cream cheese, added fresh basil and garlic, and the flavor was fine. But the ricotta made the whole thing so watery, so much so that the crust was a soggy mess. I will not be giving out that recipe. I should have gone with my original recipe that comes out wonderful.

While the judging was going on, My Sweet Babboo and I went to get a corn dog, and see the competitions in the Expo building. Right in the door, I spot Autumn Jubilee from 2020 with a third place ribbon.

We went down the rows, looking up at the quilt entries hanging from the ceiling. I found three more quilts hanging that didn’t place. Then I spotted my tiny miniature with the tiny mistake with a second place ribbon!

I was excited, as two ribbons is a great showing. Then, a bit farther back in the full size bed quilts, a first place ribbon for Scrap Dance Twist. Wow, three ribbons is spectacular!

The big surprise was in the photography competition. We found the first three photos of the five I entered moving slowly down the exhibit, no ribbons. We looked at the winners in each category, some were really amazing. Then, at the end of the row, my photo entry in the agriculture category had not only a first place, but also Best Of Show!! I had to check the label twice to be sure it was indeed my apple photo. I stood in the aisle, dumbfounded for a moment, then had to clamp my hand over my mouth to keep from squealing! And I totally forgot to look for the last photograph I entered.

I realized when I got home that I hadn’t found all my entries in quilting or crafting. So, I’ll share more about the crafting and senior categories later in the week. My next cooking competition is Tuesday evening, Eggs for Dinner. We’ll see!!

Today, some cooking is on the agenda. It is the first Sunday of football season, and I am excited to have a bunch of games to watch while good things are baking. I plan some pumpkin bread from my little pie pumpkins I got from my garden, an Apple Coffee Cake with some Pink Lady apples for My Sweet Babboo, and another attempt at these Parmesan Chicken Wings. I am trying to develop a tasty recipe for wings that isn’t fried, but still has crispy crunch. This was a good attempt, but I’m going to try again to get the Parmesan to cling all over the wing, not just be topping. I think a bit of egg white will do the trick. I’ll share this recipe after I get it right. Football just has to have some wings!!

I’m also getting out the Autumn decorations, it is time for colorful leaves and pumpkins. The weather was nice and cool for the start of the fair. It really seems like fall is on the way. I’ll show you some fall ideas soon. Autumn Jubilee is coming!!!

Are you ready for fall? Do you enter your projects in competition?

43 thoughts on “Sunday Chat and State Fair Fun!!

  1. Connie Wolfe

    Way to go! I can’t imagine not squealing at those results! The blue ribbons are no surprise to your readers with whom you’ve shared the many beautiful quilts, mini projects, recipes and photos. Take a few minutes to enjoy the success of your hard work.

  2. I bake my wings on a wire rack inside a sheet pan. 400 degrees for about 45-50 minutes, (My oven is a convection oven so may have to increase the time or temperature for a regular oven) turning at about the 25 minute mark. They are very crispy. Then I toss them in a bowl with the seasoning. I’m a traditional Buffalo wing person so use a mixture of Franks Hot sauce and melted butter. Chunky Blue cheese dressing for dipping. Celery on the side. (I know you don’t care for celery, so crunchy carrots work too) Delish!

    1. Linda B

      Hmmm…sounds good Chryste…I bought an air fryer to do wings, but pretty under whelmed. Your seasonings sound very compelling!

    2. Sarah

      Carole-congratulations! That must have been fun to wander through the exhibits and find ribbons on your beautiful quilts. And, wow! Best of Show photo is really exciting! It is a beautiful photo. I am so happy for you!

    1. Mary Ed Williams

      Way to go! I have done the Scrap Dance Twist (not quilted, of course) and I just love it.
      How is the woman that I ordered patterns for? (Does that make sense?)
      Mary Ed
      Again, congratulations. Hope we see lots more ribbons soon.

      1. Linda B

        Oh what a lot of fun you had (and are continuing to have!) So happy for you. Every little bit of returning to “normal” feels so good! Congratulations on your wins! So love this time of year too!

  3. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Congratulations on all your ribbons, Carole! They are well deserved! The weather has been somewhat cooler here, very cool mornings, and I saw my first yellow butterfly Tuesday on my way home from MD appointment. Fall is just around the corner, after some more sweltering days, of course! LOL Looking forward to hearing how the rest of the entries have done!

  4. Suzy R.

    Congratulations on your ribbons – they are very well deserved! I hope that you may have time for a “Ribbon Winners” post after the fair.

  5. Congratulations on placing and a couple of blue ribbons too! ( I would hope so – your skill and creations are fabulous) Sadly, I have actually never been to a fair and seen these type of exhibits 😦

  6. Patty Brenner

    Congratulations on the ribbons – well deserved!! I love perusing county and state fairs, unfortunately I won’t get to any this year. My husband says he’s looking forward to me trying your (soon to be) perfected wing recipe 🙂

  7. Congratulations on all the ribbons! It sounds like it was fun to go around and discover them all. How does the cooking competition work? Do you actually bring ingredients and cook right there? Your wings look yummy! Have a great Sunday!

  8. Gretchen Romanelli

    Congratulations on all the prize-winning entries. All the works you have shared with us are wonderful but getting these ribbons at a county fair after all the restrictions the last 18 months would put me over the moon and squealing in public for the best of show photo ribbon discovery.
    Good luck on your egg competition later this week. I do enjoy your recipes. Haven’t tried the tomato pie one yet . Will remember not to substitute, although I am sure it was delicious.

  9. Donna

    Congratulations on your wins; especially the best of show!!! You should have squealed out loud! You earned it! Good luck on your egg competition!!!

  10. Patricia Evans

    Congratulations on your ribbon winning entries and good luck with the rest of the cooking competition. Cooler here, too, but a chance of rain most of the week.

  11. CarolE

    Congratulations! You are a woman of many talents! I am curious to see what your “Eggs for Dinner” recipe will be! I also checked out your apple coffee cake which looks yummy! Have a wonderful time at the fair.

  12. Jocelyn

    Congratulations! Well done! We are hoping to see a little bit of mountains on a trip next week. Looking forward to some cooler weather.

  13. Congratulations on all those fair ribbons! Our local fairs are not on again this year. I would like to enter some photos and quilts someday! Fall is just around the corner. We are enjoying slightly cooler temperatures after a very hot and humid summer.

  14. Julie

    Congratulations! I love the way light is shining through your Autumn Jubilee quilt, it looks like a fall stained glass window.

  15. manasotavacation

    Well, no surprise about your ribbons! Congratulations!!!! Your work is so good, and you are so multitalented, that I feel like a 3 toed sloth. I just love following all your activities. Keep us updated on your next entries!!

  16. Wow. I think it would be great fun to be able to attend a Fair and enjoy a corn dog right now. Hopefully for me, next year that part of life will get back to normal. I’m so happy you and your DH were able to enjoy. And, even better congratulations to all those ribbons you took home. Yeah. Quite an accomplishment!

  17. Kathleen Mary Cuilan

    What a wonderful surprise to see your entries win–First Prizes no less. Congratulations to you. These are all well deserved!

  18. Joan Sheppard

    So happy for you! Congratulations! Love to see the photo that won the big prize. Have you ever posted it? You have a great eye and now everyone knows! Thanks for sharing these with us. (Even the tomato pie! It looks yummy and I’ll try it with the ricotta.)

  19. Irena. Mangone.

    Congratulations on all your ribbons. You are a talented lady. Here in Brisbane Queensland. Australia. It’s springtime. And getting warmer. Cooler evenings and night and early morning. After 10 am it’s quite warm.

    Will try your coffee apple cake.

  20. Melanie

    Congratulations on all your entries, and especially the ribbon winners! Great job!!! I do not enter but live through those competitors like Carole Carter who is so talented in all areas! So wonderful to see your entries and the stories behind them. :o)

  21. Susan Nixon

    Congratulations on your ribbons, Carole! Best of luck in your cooking eggs competition. I haven’t even been to a fair since Paul died, let alone entered anything. =)

  22. Rita C.

    Carole! How exciting! Ohmygosh, your winning photograph of apples – congratulations! And your quilts works – kudos! I look forward to seeing what you have to offer here online.

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