Christmas Geese Table Runner

Today we get back to the last bit of the panel. I began this one by making flying geese in red and green, so I could alternate the colors. Using the no waste method made a bunch in a short time. I wanted the final geese to finish at 2×4 inches, so I cut my large squares 5-1/2-inches, and the white squares 3-1/8-inches. This will make them just a little bit bigger than needed.

Squaring them up to 2-1/2 x 4-1/2 will make the points come out well. See my post on No Waste Flying Geese to see details on that process.

I put the geese around the panel section. I do like the way the red and green bring out the greenery and berries on the panel. The geese sewn into strips are 2-inches wide, and I had cut the panel to an even number in both directions ( 22-1/2 x 6-1/2 ) to make fitting them easier.

Auditioning colors for the corners, I tried more prints in red and green, then I looked at some gold ones.

Ultimately, I decided on white as it was the only thing that didn’t detract from the geese. The corner squares are 4-1/2-inches square. I added an outer border of green.

Loading it on the longarm, once again the holly and bells pantograph was the best one for it. I threaded the machine with green thread to give some interest in the white.

The quilting went smoothly this time, with light green Glide thread on top, and Bottom Line in the bobbin. You can see how the bells and holly make the white background less stark, and nicely shows the quilting.

I had this pretty ornament print for backing.

I auditioned it for binding, but didn’t like it. It took focus away from the center as it has a lot of metallic threads. So, I went with the same green as the border, which will add a green frame to the backside. It will be reversible for using on a table.

All done, I put it on my antique Singer treadle sewing machine, with a little tree and a couple of stuffed toys. The reindeer is plushy and soft, and has such a cute face. Woodstock keeps him company next to a little tree with tiny ornaments.

I finished this before the Pokemon quilt disaster, and I’ll catch you up on that next week. Are you sewing this week?

29 thoughts on “Christmas Geese Table Runner

  1. Lesley Gilbert

    Love your table runner – the inner panel is beautiful. I need to finish off a baby quilt I started end of February and put away because of mask making. Freddie just had his 1st Birthday so it will now be an Xmas present. Cold here today but no snow (yet) thank goodness 🙂

  2. Rhonda P.

    Your table runner is beautiful. I have had an old old quilt top that I received in a box of fabric. It was foundation pieced and rather poorly made. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it – this week I took a couple rows off and used those to make a table runner and the rest I quilted and bound for a tablecloth. It’s super colorful and scrappy and I love it. I’m still finding places that are falling apart (thought I had them all stitched together) so before I wash it next time I’ll zigzag those areas down. I’m also still working slowly on the “colorful quilt”. I’ve got the autumn jubilee quilt skinned and picking threads out of the top…I destroyed the back and thinking about what I want to use for the new back. Trying to sew every day after work.

  3. Julie

    The white cornerstones are perfect, the geese are flying around the garland. I’m finishing mini-charm Christmas tree mini quilts today.

    1. Keysha

      Your table runner is beautiful. I admire your quilting my friend. I am planning to work on crosshatch quilting with rulers as I am finally now quilting a cover up for my new Bernina Q16. Happy Quilting!

  4. Beautiful table runner. i am always drawn to those larger prints and the Christmas fabrics with the metallic. it makes a beautiful backing. I love that you draped it over your vintage machine table. I have two treadle machines in my dining room, and love to put runners over them. Finished up the 4th pair of “gift pajama pants” for the grands and did 99% of the wrapping. Going to make some time today do a little more machine embroidery. Have a casserole carrier in mind for one daughter, and some pot holders and jar openers for the other.

  5. That’s so pretty, Carole! I love the flying geese as a border for the center. There’s something about about the traditional Christmas red, green, and white that is so appealing! I finished some Christmas-y placemats this week with that same color scheme!

  6. Yes I am. My “angel cousin” gifted me with a simple little machine and I am now finishing up Christmas skirts for the grandaughters. 5 of them. The material she also gifted to me a year or so back for the same purpose but it has been a challenge. It probably would have been more sutable for a Christmas tree skirt. lol But it is done and just in time.

  7. jesusnowand4

    Yes, I am working on some last minute Christmas presents! 4 tea cup mug rugs and a wall hanging of a tea cup, spoon, and tea bag by Charise!

  8. Nanci Cartwright

    Yes, I am quilting, cutting out and gluing EPP pieces and cleaning up and rearranging my studio because I have a new Juki DX4000 QVP Kokochi sewing machine making its way to me. I don’t have a longarm, so I quilt my quilts on my current Juki TL2010Q with rulers. I can’t FMQ to beat the band, except with the rulers. Taking an 8 month ruler class at my local quilt shop got me started. So I’m quilting a quilt that I made over 20 years ago and only have the borders to finish. I’m also ready to sew together a Christmas wall hanging that I did hand applique on before jointing the pieces together. And I’m making an EPP (English Paper Piecing) quilt, my first, out of Liberty of London Tana Lawn. It’s my first EPP project, and since hand stitched, is worked on in the evenings while “watching” TV with my husband. I’ve been cutting pieces of fabric and gluing them to the paper pieces around the edges. I’m also keeping DuckaDilly in Ann Arbor, MI, in business as I keep ordering more bits of fabric from them because “I need more colors, smile.” This is the first quilt where I’ve had to choose the fabrics colors and designs and make the decisions, rather than following a pattern with the fabrics already listed. So that’s a new experience for me and good training to break out of the box of kits and patterns with pre-determined fabrics to use. And lastly, for my upcoming 70th birthday in January, I have the brand spanking new Juki coming my way this week. We had pre-ordered it from Gigi at Juki Junkies in FL (there is no local dealer here in Santa Fe NM) and it came in to their store this week. Handsome Dave, her son, called me to let me know. (Gigi’s husband is known as the Silver Fox…how can you not order from these stellar people who have a reputation as the best Juki dealer in the U.S.?) My current Juki is a semi-industrial straight stitch only machine and the best machine in the world. The Kokochi will do everything but the dishes so I’m looking forward to having fun with that one!

  9. I love your table runner, especially the red & green flying geese. You’ve inspired me to dig thru my stash to find a skinny panel I had not figured out what to do with. I think it would be perfect for your beautiful approach to a Christmas table runner I love yours.

  10. Joan Sheppard

    Sorry I almost forgot about the panel! Looks perfect! I finished a couple of ornaments for the tree, one or 2 new ones every year. Might need more as my daughter came over and said “Mother May I” and took some of her old favorites home to use on her tree. Feels nice to have the “younger generation” appreciate handmade things.
    p. s. Enjoying all the Christmas stories – like Quilter’s Chicken Soup.

  11. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Love the table runner, Carole! I have a few more things to stitch when I can see a little better. Had two cataract surgeries in a week of each other (second eye yesterday) and so happy that I can see great distances without glasses, but right now, close up is a challenge. AND my arms aren’t long enough!😬👍. Wishing you a joyous Christmas!!

    1. Linda B

      Lovely runner!! Wish I were sewing…where does the time go! Merry Christmas and hope everyone has a safe and lovely holiday!!

  12. That is so very striking, beautiful job, Carole! I have been hand stitching and fighting with videos all week, but tomorrow I will sew…I have to get a weekend bag done for a Recital gift by Monday! I’m hoping to get a few quilt blocks done as well.

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