Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along – Week 4

Our final row will be sewn this week, and it is a favorite block from years past.  Ready for the next one?  I hope you have some orange fabrics in your stash for #AutumnJubilee2020!

Yes, you probably guessed it.  It just isn’t Autumn Jubilee without pumpkins!  Mine are orange, but gold would work too, plus if you are doing a dark background, white pumpkins would be fun.

Cutting Instructions
24 scrappy pumpkin color strips 2-1/2-inches x 10-1/2-inches
16 background squares 3-inches
8 background strips 2-1/2-inches x 5-1/2-inches
4 squares 2-1/2-inches for the stem

Sew the strips together in sets of six.  Make four.

On the backside of all 16 background 3-inch squares, mark diagonal lines from one corner to the opposite diagonal corner.  On each strip set, place a 3-inch background square on each of the four corners, with the lines intersecting the sides, and sew just slightly to the outside of the line.

Flip the square over and press.  Trim the excess to 1/4-inch seam allowance.  Sew one background strip to opposite sides of the stem squares.

Sew the pumpkin unit to the stem unit.

Square up to 12-1/2-inches.

Sew your pumpkins in a row.

Download the pdf – AutumnJubileeQAPumpinRow

That’s it for this week.  Do NOT sew your rows together, there is more to do next week.  Now is the perfect time to order a wide back for completing your quilt from today’s sponsor, North Carolina based, Backside Fabrics!!  They will send a lucky winner a gift certificate to their online store worth $50!!  See their high quality fabrics and bargain backs.  International entries welcome!  Just leave a comment on this post, then click on the Rafflecopter icon to enter.

Do you like wide backing fabrics for your quilts?  What color would you like to have for your row quilt?

31 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along – Week 4

  1. Rebecca Westbrook

    I’m excited to get started on this pumpkin row. I’ve been using this quilt as a scrap buster for my fabrics. I really like scrappy backs on small quilts and whole piece wide backings on large bed size quilts.

  2. Can’t wait to get to the machine to make these easy blocks, but I hope I can find enough orange in the stash! Loving all the blocks and how they work together. I usually try to use my backing collection that I gather from the clearance bins. I don’t mind a seamed backing as a rule. I save the wide width fabrics for very special quilts.

  3. kattails

    What a bold yet easy block….and so versatile with Fall or Halloween sewing! Thanks so much once again for a great Autumn Jubilee! You deserve a medal!

  4. Joy

    I love the pumpkins! A couple of these would make a really cute pillow, too. I will be checking my stash for pumpkin appropriate fabrics even though I can’t make the whole quilt right now.

  5. Laura M

    I have been thinking about making a pumpkin project. Thank you so much for the great pattern, Will be a fun addition to the row project.

  6. Dot

    Thanks for all the different things to do in Autumn Jubilee. I haven’t used a wide backing yet; most of my quilts are small ones. But I’d definitely want one for a large quilt.

  7. Lisa England

    I’m loving all your fall ideas! I like wide backs but I also like interesting pieced backs, so I will use whatever is most appropriate or convenient for any given quilt.

  8. Joan Sheppard

    I held back 2 fabrics and glad I did – they will be perfect for the pumpkins with a few strips already used in the other leaves and stars! I’m keeping up but seems like time is going on fast forward now with the cooler weather. Thanks for the patterns.

  9. Holly

    Thank you so much! I love reading your blog. You have so many wonderful ideas and decorations that are inspiring!

  10. What a fun block! Thanks so much for the directions. I finished the baby gift projects I was working on, and am almost done with my round robin – then I can pull out fabrics and get started!. I think it would be wonderful to have a nice backing with different shades of blue – not a print necessarily, but I think it’s called a tone on tone. Thanks for the chance too!

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