Birdies in the Window

Sometimes things just come together when you aren’t expecting it.  I had this pretty bird fabric out, trying to figure out something to do with it, when the nice folks at MadamSew sent me some happy mail.  In the box were two new things to play with, some Square Templates and a Rotating Cutting Mat.  So, a bit of secret sewing was in order to do a project for them.  I did this wall hanging as a pattern, and it is now available on the MadamSew blog.  You start with fussy cutting your motif on two sides.

Fussy Cut Window at

Rotate the mat to get the other two sides without having to move the fabric or template.

Fussy Cut Window at

Sizes and sashing instructions are on the MadamSew blog post, if you’d like a lesson on fussy cutting and the pattern making this project.  I loaded my little wall hanging on the longarm for quick quilting.

Fussy Cut Window at

I used Glide thread on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Fussy Cut Window at

The pantograph is Pipeline from Urban Elementz, a medium density panto I use often.

Fussy Cut Window at

I bound it in the same yellow as the border.  Each window pane has a bird, all different in either type or the way they are facing.

Fussy Cut Window at

All done, lots of birdies to be seen through my window.  It is hanging in my sewing room now.

Fussy Cut Window at

Have you fussy cut motifs for quilts?

I am happy to be a MadamSew affiliate, and there are good deals on the Square Templates, Rotating Cutting Mat, and on Rotary Cutter Blades, along with many more neat notions and supplies.

26 thoughts on “Birdies in the Window

  1. Julie

    I fussy cut some centers for the quilt I’m finishing today, but they’re not as impressive as this! Your window will be especially welcome in winter when the trees are bare and our migrating birds head south for warmer weather.

  2. I know you enjoy watching the birds and identifying them as well. What a perfect fabric to fussy cut and feature as a focus block. Aren’t rotating mats the best thing ever? I use mine when squaring up blocks, and when squaring up half square triangles. I have two, and nearly worn the oldest one out. Beautiful sunny project sure to brighten up your day.

  3. Your quilt is charming and a perfect example of letting the fabric do the “work.” It cheered me up on this rainy New England morning. My husband put up a couple of feeders again and we have so enjoyed watching the birds that have come back to them. The squirrels have returned though as well, and one even chewed holes in our newly refurbished screened porch. Grrrr! He chewed it again twice so now we have patches. Ugh! It is a project to replace the whole screen panels, so will wait on that till fall. Guess we have to take the bad with the good!

  4. Linda Mineck

    That looks so nice. That bird fabric makes my mind go to appliqué. What a fun way to keep the birds around all the time.


    Beautiful quilt and fabric! I like all things with birds: fabric, dishes , cups, etc.

  6. Melanie

    The birdies in the window piece is so cheerful and happy! I love watching the birds in nature, seeing your photos of the birds and flowers, all such fun. I have fussy cut and it is a fun thing to do with any motif that appeals. Oh how I wish Madam had 60mm blades, but alas, she does not. I had to order elsewhere. Thank you for posting this project–now to scout my stash and see if I have any birds left….I used a fairly large piece on the back of a “summer” quilt last year…Thanks for all you do, Carole.

  7. That’s really pretty, Carole! The fussy cutting ruler and the rotating mat sound very handy for cutting pieces like your birds. We’d like that wall-hanging at our house, too!

  8. What a cute fast project! Not much fussy cutting here as a rule, but every now and then. I did some when I had that crazy baked potato fabric the girls bought for me.

  9. Joan Sheppard

    Love the quilt it looks like a photo taken out your window! I make a lot of Eye Spy quilts and lots of fussy cutting there. Couldn’t do it without the rotating mat. Madam Sew has so many “toys”. I bought the set of heat erasable pens and they are wonderful! Got so involved in the Christmas in July I almost missed this post! Fell in the Quilt Hole but found even more blogs in Austria and Germany! Which lead me to more and……. Thanks for this new idea.

  10. What a delightful wonderful project. I am sitting outside catching up on blogs and I have birds all around me soooo this was such a fun read. Love the yellow border and backing material. This type of quilt makes a great hand quilting project too.

  11. thedarlingdogwood

    Pretty birdies! I have fussy cut for I Spy quilts. It’s not my favorite, both in terms of time & effort and in terms of fabric waste, but sometimes it’s necessary.

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