Counting Blessings, and Safelight Winners

Strong storms roared through our area on Sunday night, with driving rain, thunder and lightening.   The winds were howling up the coves on both sides of our home for some time, and the noise was frightening.  The next day brought the damage to light.  We were counting our blessings that we only lost two trees, and neither of them hit the house.  One branch broke off and lodged itself high in an adjacent tree.  This branch will just have to come down on its own as it is about 50 ft off the ground.

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The forest behind the house has trees about 100 ft high.  One split in two places, with the broken parts still attached to the trunk.

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The broken branch extends all the way to the ground, seen on the bottom right corner of this photo under the watermark.

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Near that tree, on the west side, a tree was completely uprooted.

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The amazing thing is that it fell uphill, the winds were that strong.  It fell neatly between some other trees, and away from the house.  We were lucky.  The only other damage was minor, just twigs, leaves and small branches littering the roof, veranda and driveway.  All the petals were blown off the tulips, and the redbud is mostly cleaned of its flowers. Life in the mountains can be interesting at times.  So we counted out blessings this day, grateful that the damage wasn’t greater.

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Now, it is time to do the drawings for the Safelight Project prizes and give you all an update as to where we stand with what we have.  This project has been a community effort, and it is wonderful to see how readers have gotten involved, used up some stash, and created some nice things for the victims of domestic violence. So, first, let me show you what has come in since the last update.  Melanie Tehan sent these pretty case sets.

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Sallie Minnich sent three more sets, I love these prints.

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Kathe Howe sent a number of sets in happy colors and pretty prints.

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Just this week, a box containing 10 case sets arrived from Kathy Harris in gorgeous teal tones with purple accents.  Lovely!!  For the case sets, I am getting close to the goal, I only need 17 more sets to complete the bags.  I’ll make some more myself soon, but if you have time for one or two, I can use them.

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Susan Barr sent a 20 more cards for the project, all with handwritten messages inside.

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Then, I made the balance of what was needed to complete the cards for the bags.  First, I had this wonderful paper with inspirational words, so I made simple cards in the same style as the previous ones.  The word ‘hope’ was used this time, with a inspirational sentiment both inside and on the envelope.  Inside says “You are Amazing, always remember that.”

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When I ran out of bigger pieces to use, I used the bits left over with additional papers to complete a design.  Fifty cards done with various papers and butterflies.

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Then I ran out of paper adhesive, LOL!!  But, not to be deterred from finishing the last 12 cards I needed, I pulled out two tapes that a friend sent to me for these cards.  A strip of each with some star stickers, and they were done.  I now have all the cards needed for every bag to have two.  And I cannot tell that any dent was made in the card making stash, LOL!!

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Winners of the prizes were drawn, and all have been notified by email.

The Fat Quarter Shop $50 Gift Certificate was won by Sherrill Pecere!  This week Fat Quarter Shop has 20% Off Butter Churn Basics, March’s Basic of the Month, and 30% Off Taylor Seville pins and more, the Notion of the Month, and check out the Daily Flash Sale – something new at clearance pricing every day!

Aurifil Threads small spool set will be sent to Bonnie Coleman!

Then, from Quilter’s Dream, a queen size Dream Green batting was won by Kathie Laposata!! Dream Green is made 100% from recycled plastic bottles! With a high standard of quality, Dream Green is soft, wrinkle resistant and can be machine-washed and dried with little to no shrinkage. Dream GreenEach pound of Dream Green Batting keeps 10 plastic bottles out of our landfills! It quilts beautifully and you will never guess it is made of recycled plastic. I have used it myself and am totally sold on it. After all, we need to buy recycled goods wherever we can if we want recycling to be profitable enough to do and help keep our planet clean.  QD can only ship in the US.

And, from me, a set of three stamps from Impression Obsession was won by Ruth Jones.  The prize contains the sentiment stamp You Are Amazing Always Remember That, along with the Layered Sundae set, and a set of flowers in containers, with the sentiment “bloom where you are planted”.
Safelight Prize 2020 at

Dollar Tree is back to accepting bulk orders, so I plan to order in May, hopefully enough to complete the project.   I’ll do one more update when the next delivery is made.  Congratulations to the prize winners, and thank you all for your help in making this project such a success!!

What are you working on this week?

20 thoughts on “Counting Blessings, and Safelight Winners

  1. Wow! I am so glad that you are safe! We have tall pines around us, so Hubby and I are always keeping an eye out. Pines don’t have deep roots. 🙂

  2. Nancy Bekedam

    Sorry about the storm and trees. Glad it wasn’t worse. Everyone’s sets and cards are so inspirational. It’s looking like a huge success!

  3. karenfae

    glad your trees didn’t fall on the house that is always the scary part of living surrounded by trees – we love them but know what could happened. once we had a storm like that that took out 8 trees in a row – and all toppled away from the house too

  4. Such a variety of cases. I love seeing all the pretty fabrics! Your cards are always so lovely. We had the storm come through on Monday, and yesterday my husband toured our woods and reported lots of trees down, all leaning towards the North. Nothing near the house thankfully. Stay well and order some card making tape! 🙂

  5. So glad to hear there was no damage to your home…we has similar storms Monday morning with a few tornadoes touching down in our county – scary! Also, I just figured out I could order flat rate boxes/envelopes online from USPS and then I can pay the shipping online and have my regular carrier pickup the box!!! I ordered the boxes today so it will be a few more days before I’ll have the Safelight cases on their way to you 🙂

  6. Carolyn K

    Always love to see the projects you show! Although I can no longer sew anything larger than a new valance for one of my bedrooms, l can appreciate all of yours. I can, however, complete the dozen masks I cut out yesterday. Must find a source for shoe laces to use as ties for them. Makes me feel like I can contribute more than just sheltering at home.
    Glad to see your home was not damaged. We had several large tree branches in the yard. With all the noise here, I thought the siding had come down and was so greatful it was still in-place. Today we have had a spring snow storm – much quieter – very pretty – quickly over.
    Please stay safe and well and keep on posting.💌
    Carolyn K.

    1. Carolyn K

      Thanks for the suggestion. I also read an idea using t-shirt yarn. I had never heard of it but I have found an old shirt to cut up so between the 2 ideas I should be able to complete the masks.
      Carolyn K.

  7. Mary Stori

    Relieved to hear your damage was fairly minor. Luckily the storm didn’t hit here. Also, kudos to you and all the volunteers for the work you do.

  8. Joan Sheppard

    This post was like a mini movie – storm and destruction with hope and beauty at the end. Of course I want to know if the “livestock” are okay – George the turkey and ? the squirrel. Here in Chicago the forsythia, jonquils, were just getting their best look on and ZAM we got 3 more inches of snow breaking their little spirits. Hope the tulips don’t get discouraged. Nothing like your trees though. Your photos are so descriptive. Thanks again for sharing.

  9. stephzw

    This week I’m working on a quilt for my grandaughter. It is almost finished. Top and bottom borders remain, and then quilt it. I really appreciate the time this virus has given us, but I suspect I am one of the few.

  10. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, I am thrilled to know that you, your husband and your home are all safe after a storm like you have described! Your marvelous pictures and descriptions are so clear and well written it is easy to understand your fears and relief when it was over. We seldom have high winds here on our mountain, yet the past couple of years they have been stronger, it is easy to understand the fear also.
    I am also sad to learn of the loss of the beautiful flower petals that I know you treasure during this time of the year, alright all year. I am thrilled you have posted several times on your floral gardens already and remember there are more to come.
    Congratulations to all of the winners and for the spectacular success of the Safe Light Project!!! It is uplifting to see all of the beautiful fabrics that everyone has chose to use in the making of these special items. Along with the amazing cards that everyone designs and shares such uplifting messages in! Another fantastic goal has been achieved for this year. Great job Carole and to everyone that helped make it possible!!!

  11. Susan Nixon

    That is wonderful about the Safelight project, Carole. I’m so glad your house didn’t have any damage. We had a lot of rain here, but the tornadoes and high winds missed Knoxville completely, as far as I’ve heard. At my house in West Hills, it was just hard rain, not even lightning and thunder.

  12. That looks like quite a storm. I have just mentioned our tree coming down in a post too. I think you have a bigger clean up job to do. Hope it goes well.
    Congrats to your winners.

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