Another ABC Quilt

Three years ago I discovered this darling panel when I was given one to be used for a charity quilt.  It is called the Hungry Animal Alphabet, and it was discontinued back then.  When I found out that my cousin’s son was having his first child, I decided to go on a hunt for one.  I managed to find one on ebay, and bought it along with a yard of a coordinate print for the binding.

Another ABC Quilt at

Precious, isn’t it?  A walrus sits in a wing chair eating watermelon on a wicker table in front of a window in winter.  Can you find another ‘W’ word?  I see two more.

Another ABC Quilt at

When I showed this panel in 2017, between my own observations and that of readers, we found 22 words starting with ‘S’.  How many can you find? I’ll add the answer in a couple of days to the comments if you can’t find them all.

Another ABC Quilt at

Here’s the ‘G’ block with a giraffe in a gazebo with grapes and garden tools.  Perhaps the color green would be another ‘G’ word.  You can see more details about the panel in my post ABC Quilt.  Do read the comments on that post, as there were some fun observations, and more words found than in the post.

Another ABC Quilt at

Quilting was fast, with a quick cloud pantograph.  I used Glide thread on top in white with Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Another ABC Quilt at

The batting is Warm and Natural all cotton.  I have stopped using flame retardant batting due to the concerns of babies breathing in the chemicals in those battings.

Another ABC Quilt at

On the back, this cute Cricket Island Bunnies by the Bay print.  There is a whole line of books that go with this line – Bunnies By The Bay on Amazon.  They also have a darling line of Stuffed Toys too.

Another ABC Quilt at

I have enough of this Bunnies by the Bay fabric to be able to offer it to you, dear reader, if you’d like some yardage for your projects.  Just leave a comment or send me an email.  The fabric is $7 / yard and that includes shipping.  Paypal and checks accepted.

Another ABC Quilt at

Anyway, back to the quilt, the coordinate fabric has letters on a blue background.  It looks white in the photo, but it is really light blue that goes well with the front and the back.

Another ABC Quilt at

I put the binding on by machine, beginning with the back side.

Another ABC Quilt at

Turning it to the front, I stitched close to the fold.

Another ABC Quilt at

I pivoted at the corners so the stitching line is continuous without backtracking.

Another ABC Quilt at

All done and sent on its way.

Another ABC Quilt at

All I asked was that he send me an email to let me know he got it.  Tracking shows it was delivered on January 24.  Not one word from the guy or his wife.  No ‘thank you’, not even an email to say he got it and it wasn’t stolen by porch thieves.  Maybe it was.

Another ABC Quilt at

Next time, I will donate my baby quilt to Project Linus.

Another ABC Quilt at

I’m still really enamored with this panel, and I swear I am going to make one for myself, LOL!!

Another ABC Quilt at

What are you working on this week?

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    The quilt is precious. So sorry, you did not receive a thank you. This happened to me when I did a cross stitch for a nieces wedding gift. I asked for a note that she received it. So after a few weeks I sent a note to her mother. I got a nice thank you but the joy of giving was gone.

  2. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I used that panel….in red… make my grandson a big quilt for his room. Added pinwheels and a couple of borders. I DID receive a thank you. Several people I’ve given quilts to are no longer on my list of gift recipients as they didn’t feel the need to thank me! Project Linus sounds like a wonderful alternative. Happy Wednesday, Carole!

  3. What a precious gift for a new baby. I just loved that panel the first time you shared it and had such fun creating a charity quilt. I agree with Beverly, don’t give up on the thank you. I would hope that a photo of the new baby on the quilt comes your way soon. Patsystitch also has a great suggestion. I do agree that we lose the joy of the giving when there is no acknowledgement of any sort. Happened to me once with a quilt made for my sister’s great granddaughter. I made a “twin” to match my sister’s quilt and never heard a “peep”. Every once in a while I feel like I need to poke that nephew but resist. There are some folks that are not “quilt worthy”. Down the road maybe that new baby will ask mom or dad who this “Carole” is, when he is big enough to read the label. Gwynette also makes good points.

  4. It was so much fun to search for the “letter” words in the blocks of your darling quilt! Takes me back to the hidden picture puzzles of days gone by :). What a lovely gift given with love.

    1. Susan

      What a sweet quilt! I agree, donate that quilt next time……I gifted my nephew and his bride a quilt and a large check as a wedding gift. I saw them multiple times, no acknowledgement, no thank you. I got a note in the mail 11 months later. Ok, when babies come, I will gift a pack of disposable diapers. Somepeople are not worth our lovely gifts.
      Have a lovely day and thanks fir sharing your lovely work.

  5. manasotavacation

    I love that panel. I found one soon after your first posting and it is “somewhere” . I cannot believe the rudeness of the cousin. I had that happen ONE time and it really burned me. Some people just do not appreciate quilts, I guess. It hurts at anytime.

  6. Audrey Hind

    What a wonderful baby quilt. It could be the couple hasn’t recognized its true worth as an eye spy quilt. I have found that there is a generation of people that do not value handwork. But I keep making and giving away quilts to those I choose. It makes me happy.

  7. Marie

    Where has common sense gone these days. Not to say thank you for your gift whether you like it or not is really very rude. I could say other words but they wouldn’t be fit to print. I too have been burned, they are off my list of giving quilts. My efforts are now on QOV.

    1. Maribeth

      I too, made this panel into the prettiest quilt ever. My daughter did thank me. Hope it was saved for my granddaughter. Then I purchased more of that fabric to make another quilt for another granddaughter, my son’s daughter, it was Lost in the mail! It broke my heart! Other packages were mailed at the same time, none of those made it either. I still think the mail service person stole it. I wish that fabric line would come back in stock, it is just the best. Great quilt, do the linus project!

  8. Sylvia E Anderson

    Good morning Carole. I have seen this pattern before and really like it. It makes up into such a cute quilt for baby, and has a dual purpose, in that it serves as a learning tool as well. I am considering myself very blessed indeed, to have grandchildren and great grandchildren, who always acknowledge a gift with a phone call, e-mail or thank you card. I know how sad this makes you, especially since you give so much of your life to others, and are one of the most generous people I know. I’m so happy you put this in your post, and hope that it somehow filters back to the receiver.

  9. Sandie

    That is something that is common anymore, not thanking for a gift. I was always taught to write a note thanking for whatever I received. Your ABC quilt is precious…I don’t blame you for wanting one for yourself! LOL

  10. NancA

    Such a fun panel. I love the challenge of finding the words that start with the letter. I see “wreath” and “whiskers”

  11. stephzw

    I have that panel too, and love it so much. I’m truly sorry you got no acknowledgement of your wonderful gift. You are such a generous person, and give to all of us. We feel lucky t have you in our lives.

  12. Donna Hindle

    I just finished a quilt for our Great Granddaughter. It is made up of hand applicaid butterflies and alternate windmills. Ready to put in the mail today. Will see if they respond of receiving it, since they did not do so with the first two I made foe the boys. Some how thank you has gone by the wayside.

    1. Joanne M Perry

      I also fell in love with the artwork on this alphabet panel and the more I looked at it, the more impressed I became so I had to buy it. I’ll probably never gift it just because I love looking at it…
      I’m horrified to read of so many packages going missing in the mail. As to people not sending thanks …well, they just don’t appreciate the amount of time and money that go into a quilt and, maybe, they have so much they don’t recognize they should be thankful for a gift.
      When I stopped getting thanks I stopped sending gifts. But I’m thinking that distance might be a significant factor in the thanks problem…at least if you’re there when they open the gift there is a better chance of verbal thanks.

  13. Angela Bode

    Wow! This is stunning! The quilt is gorgeous. I love all the detailed images. Beautiful backing and edges! I am working on cards this week!

  14. Thank you notes or acknowledgements are apparently a lost art. I adore your quilt and any group would be so lucky to get your donation any time.

  15. So generous for you to give this quilt to your cousin’s son and I agree, you should have been sent a thank you card. Some people are so grateful and others are not. In fact, I have had a similar experience with my hard work and supplies. I tend to remember these things, though. When you posted the other quilt that you made, I loved it so much that I bought the panel on ebay, too. It is precious and I will save it for a precious little one in the future.

  16. Marcia in TX

    So cute. And so rude and frustrating that they didn’t acknowledge they had received it. I stopped making and sending my adult grandchildren Quilts and other things for the same reason. I figured they didn’t want it if they couldn’t even say thank you. Quilts require too much time and money to send to someone who does not appreciate them.

  17. Debbie

    What a shame that your lovely gift and all the effort that went into it were not appreciated by the recipients. That’s so disappointing when you’ve taken your time to create something special.
    I, too, love this panel. I had originally purchased it some time ago, before my daughter was even married. Later, in 2008, after she and her husband announced they were expecting their first child, I was fortunate enough to find one of the coordinating prints for the backing of a quilt for my first grandchild. Now, my 2 grandkids are 11 and 9 respectively, and they still enjoy a snuggle with it on occasion.
    I hope you find friends who are more appreciative of you kindness and hard work in future!

    1. Nancy Daugherty

      I am sorry that you didn’t get a response on this quilt it is lovely. I would have loved to find a panel for my grandson. Quilts are great to snuggle under. Nancy Daugherty in Alaska

  18. connie wolfe

    What a great print for a babies and toddlers! It is so rich in language skills. Children of many ages will enjoy learning while snuggling.
    Connie W.

  19. Such a beautiful quilt, im sure the baby will love it even though his parents forgot to say “Thank you”. I had the same experience myself with a baby quilt, not one word came back, disappointing to say the least. What is it with young people these days? Goodness, now I sound really old and crotchety!

  20. I hope you have another panel for yourself, Those blocks are so beautiful, and a “Thank you” even by email, or a phone call, or a card in the mail, not to say anything is SO rude. Lovwe the finishes, and will see your own one soon.

  21. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, I am sorry that they did not say Thank You in any way to you for making such an adorable and delightful quilt! I have one that I spent hand embroidering for over a couple of years and when I hand delivered it to my daughter. She said that she did not want it. I held back my tears and my Dad stepped in and told her what a fool she was and that he would keep it and treasure it all of his life. Yet, from reading the comments, there are so many of us that have a story and it hurts deeply no matter, due to the fact that we make these with so much love for these family members and they just do not get it. I wish I would have found that panel, it is so precious and what a learning tool! Thank you for sharing this fabulous quilt! Sending you a hug!

  22. Love your quilt! So fun and cute! I remember a story my cousin told me of visiting a friend she had gifted a quilt to and finding it was the dogs bed. she was ready to take it home! Sorry that happened to you. Do not let someones rudeness spoil your joy in giving.The little guy will be loving your quilt for years!

  23. I love that panel, so much to look and an talk about with a little one. I made one up for a children’s reading group and each time a little boy came along he made straight for that quilt and lay on it talking about all the things he could see. It is very sad people don’t acknowledge that they have received something beautiful made for them. Same thing happened to a friend here, she is now making for the local school and they could not be more thankful. You made a beautiful quilt Carole.

  24. farmquilter

    I have or had some of that fabric!! Now I can’t wait to get home and find out if I still have it or if I made a quilt with it all ready!! Love your quilt and not getting a thank you is inexcusable! I know I just got a thank you letter late last month for a quilt I sent to a new baby in September. I’ll not be making anything for that family again!

  25. Jill McCaughey

    I, too, am still waiting for a thank you note from my older son and his wife for the king-sized quilt and the large amount of money given for their wedding, and the two cars and condo to use while he was doing his paid-for-by-us higher education, etc., etc. We have a new granddaughter, and I did some sewing, but NOT a quilt. I now sew dozens of quilts to donate, anonymously, because it is easier to know ahead of the gifting that there won’t be any thanks given to me. The tears that have been shed about their sense of entitlement would fill a bath tub. I didn’t raise him that way, and we always wrote notes immediately after a gift was received. No more, it seems, although his siblings got notes—and pictures of the wedding—for their monetary gifts.
    Go figure, as they say. Jill in Calgary/Phoenix

  26. I LOVE this panel. I found one online after you posted it last time and purchased it and the
    co-ordinating alphabet print for backing. Haven’t made it up yet, my grandson is now 3 so I guess I better get a move on.
    Yes it seems young people these days have not been taught to say Thank you, with a note or otherwise. Sad. I have had the same experience many times- handmade gift, quilt or otherwise, and never thanked. They don’t get anything handmade again! Gave both my great-niece and great-nephew $100. when they graduated.. not a thank you from either of them… 😦
    W block.. wall and wainscotting. Can’t believe how many you’ve found on the S block… I must look a little closer. lol

  27. Joan Sheppard

    Quote from Hawkeye Timber: “Treat everyone with kindness – not because they are nice but because you are.” And you are the nicest person I’ve ever seen.
    AND “Bunnies by the Bay books almost sent me off my chair – I need to buy all those books “just in case” I have a shower to go to or to just read to myself. So cute. Luckily my grand boys love the library and I could spend hours in the children’s dept. So many wonderful illustrations and stories. I only found 17 in the “s” box but going back in for another try.

  28. Nancy

    I bought a bolt of these panels many years ago and still have several left. Let me know it you need one. I also have several of the companion soft books. I made many of those for my husband to take to work and give to young patients that were in for sleep studies at the hospital. But he has now retired and I still have lots of books. I must have sewn up two bolts of those. I got really tired of making them.

  29. Elaine

    Love the ABC panel. Making 2 memory quilt out of father’s shirts for a lady’s daughter’s
    Both jelly roll race design with 2 and 1/2 inch strips. Have a beautiful wonder filled day
    Happy Valentines Day too.

  30. Beverly S.

    Sorry about the no “thank you” experience. I’m fortunate that my whole family really appreciates gift quilts. Thank you for thinking of Project Linus! They do a fabulous job of making many kids happy.

  31. kathyinozarks

    That fabric is so sweet I really love it.
    People either have not been taught manners and thank yous any more or they just don’t care-very sad society we have now.
    I mentioned this happened to me as well-no thank you card, no facebook message to thank me-so I sent her a fb message and said I wasn’t at your baby shower to see if you loved the quilt or not-do you like it? she messaged me back pretty quick saying she liked it.
    It did hurt my feelings though hugs Kathy

  32. A beautiful quilt that will ‘grow’ with the child. There are countless hours of fun to be had at different ages finding things in the intricate pictures. Perhaps the parents are snowed under at the moment and a thank you will be forthcoming.

  33. Donna M Webster

    Beautiful work. I made burp cloths, embroidered bibs, and a pacifier leash when I found out my cousin was expecting her 18th grandchild. No word from her daughter. My cousin called me. She was embarrassed that her daughter never responded after receiving the gifts. Her daughter promised her she would thank me but I never heard from her. That was a year ago. I refuse to allow it to sour my giving spirit.

  34. Here’s the list of ‘S’ words that I found with help from readers in 2017 – sheep, shutters, spoon, stool, saddle shoes (counts as 2), shoelaces, suitcase, snow, sunflower, smile, soup tureen, stove, salt, shaker, sink, spigot, shelf, sock, sugar, spatula, (window) sill, stripes (on the suitcase). Are there six leaves on the sunflower stalks?

  35. Sue H

    I have no words for the rudeness of your cousin’s son or DIL. Kids today don’t have a lot of the decency we were brought up with, claiming that they are just so busy. I loved that panel too and remember it worked up at my LQS. Adorable!

  36. Susan S

    I share your unhappiness with quilts sent through the mail that aren’t acknowledged. I have sent 5 baby quilts and one wedding quilt with response from one (when we next saw them months and months later.) At least it was something. Even after I called my BIL to make sure he got it the response was “oh, yeah.” No thanks. But enough of that! I love this panel too.

  37. Nancy Daugherty

    I haven’t received an email from you for some time, is the virsus affecting you?
    I miss not reading about what you and company are doing. Hope all is well.

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