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Today I am pleased to be a part of The Fat Quarter Shop’s Blog Remix event.   This pattern for a Road Trip Pillow Bag was originally posted on Jolly Jabber in May of last year.  It is sized on their pattern for a child’s pillow, and shown with a bedtime story book in the pocket.  I usually take my own pillow when traveling if I can, and made a Travel Pillow Case for mine some time ago so I would be better able to see it in the hotel room and not leave it behind.  This one was just a step up with the handles for easier carrying and a pocket to keep a few items in that I usually have nearby at bedtime.

Road Trip Pillow at

This fabric line is Country French Floral by Fabric Traditions.  I loved the purple background and the French style roses.

Road Trip Pillow at

I just happened to have the perfect color of Aurifil thread to go with these pretty fabrics, one a scattered flower and the other a coordinating stripe for my project.

Road Trip Pillow at

My dimensions are larger than the pattern shows, to accommodate an adult size standard pillow.
Main Print –
2 – 20” x 24” rectangles (bag background)
1 – 20” x 22” rectangle (pocket)
Accent Print –
4 – 6” x 20” rectangles (inside and outside cuffs)
2 – 4” x 10” rectangles (handles)

I started with making the handles.

Road Trip Pillow at

I departed from the pattern instructions after the top section was made with two changes to the pattern. First, on the inside cuff, I cut it the same size as the outside, and I only turned up 1/4-inch to match the seam on the outside cuff to the pillow case body.  Second, I did not sew the side seams as the pattern shows.  My method will give finished seams inside the top instead of raw edges showing as the pattern does.

Road Trip Pillow at

Stitch the cuff to the body on the front and the back, leaving the sides open.

Road Trip Pillow at

Add pocket to the bottom of the front side.

Road Trip Pillow at

Now pin the top front and back sections together matching the seams.

Road Trip Pillow at

Sew the seam from top, down the side, across the bottom, then up the other side all the way to the top. Then fold the inside cuff into the case, and press.  This will eliminate the raw edge inside near the opening.

Road Trip Pillow at

Now, topstitch the lining to the inside all the way around the seam to finish off the inside at the top.  The folded up edge will align with the seam and cover that raw edge.

Road Trip Pillow at

Voila, done!.

Road Trip Pillow at

Inside the pocket, I have a few bedtime things – a book or two with a pair of reading glasses, some lip balm for dry rooms, a couple of binder clips to keep the curtains closed, and a sleep mask in case it is just too bright with outside lights.

Road Trip Pillow at

Everything I like for bedtime in a hotel, right together.

Road Trip Pillow at

There is no chance I’ll leave it behind, the bright print shows up against the white sheets you usually have in a hotel.

Road Trip Pillow at

See Jolly Jabber for more ideas for a Road Trip Pillow bag, and other Remix patterns.

Road Trip Pillow at

Do you like to take your own pillow when you travel?

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13 thoughts on “Blog Remix – Road Trip Pillow

  1. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Great idea and I’ll be making one. I travel frequently to Kansas and Missouri to visit our daughters and like my own pillow to sleep on. The pockets are great to stick things in (small bottles of night cream and a small vial of antacids) to place by my bed so I don’t have to dig through the overnight bag. Got to get busy as I’m traveling in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the idea and great tutorial!!!

  2. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Another thought….these would make a great gift with a new pillow tucked inside. I have a friend who also travels frequently. Her birthday is in July and I know what I’m making her (we always do handmade gifts for each other). I’ll tuck a paperback book by her favorite author, a couple of small Bath and Bodyworks shower gels, and some Andes chocolates in the pocket. Of course a new pillow, too!!!

    1. Naomie Moore

      Fantastic idea! On road trips I do take my own pillow, and also pillows for each of the dogs. Typically I am the one driving, but if by some wild chance, someone else is driving, I can’t read or sleep in a moving vehicle. This is so handy, I am going to have to make a few! Thanks for sharing such a handy travel item. ❤ wonderful gift idea too.

  3. June Neigum

    I always have to have my special pillow and like you am afraid I will forget it. I usually put a wild pillow case on it but like your idea with the extra pocket. Are the dimensions given for your pillow? I wasn’t sure from the description.


    What a great idea (and gorgeous fabrics)! I’m sure I would feel more confident walking into a hotel with something nice like that (as opposed to my normal, obvious pillowcase.) Let’s see now, what shall I put in the pocket….a book, small bottle hand cream, bottle of “something” to drink, box of cookies (chocolate of course)…….

  5. dezertsuz

    As I am very prone to leaving things behind, I rarely take my own pillow. Even with this pretty print and handles, I would probably manage to forget it somewhere! The binder clips for the curtains is a great idea, though, and I will have to throw a couple in my suitcase. THAT happens often enough!

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