Reblooming Amaryllis

Back in December, I repotted both my amaryllis bulbs in the hopes that they would bloom again.  The red one was a gift from my dear mother-in-law in 2013, and it rebloomed every year for four more years, but didn’t bloom last year.  I thought repotting it and giving it some food would help.  Plus, the new white one was still in its original pot, and needed more room as well.  A month later, both had put up leaves, and were beginning to produce flower spikes.  This is the white one.

February in the Garden at

It was about a week ahead of the red one.  I was thrilled with this, as it would bloom again this year.  It seems the repotting and fertilizer did the trick.

February in the Garden at

The white amaryllis is called Apple Blossom, and is predominately white with a pink blush on the edges.  It was going to have three blooms.

Amaryllis Rebloom 2019 at

The first began opening, very slowly.

Amaryllis Rebloom 2019 at

A few days later, two were fully open and the third was still a bud.

Amaryllis Rebloom 2019 at

So pretty, the flowers are huge.

Amaryllis Rebloom 2019 at

As the third bloom began to open, the red amaryllis buds were coming along.

Amaryllis Rebloom 2019 at

The third bloom on the left had a little left to go opening, as the older one on the right began to fade.

Amaryllis Rebloom 2019 at

The red one slowly began to unfurl over a few days.

Amaryllis Rebloom 2019 at

How thrilling, for the sixth time, I have beautiful red amaryllis blooms from the same bulb.

Amaryllis Rebloom 2019 at

The last white was still pretty as the first white one was fading, and the red was still in process of opening.

Amaryllis Rebloom 2019 at

Three blooms on the red amaryllis, all open at once.

Amaryllis Rebloom 2019 at

Lovely for them both to have blooms at the same time.

Amaryllis Rebloom 2019 at

I have enjoyed these gorgeous flowers for a couple of weeks.

Amaryllis Rebloom 2019 at

When they are done blooming, I’ll remove the flower spike and place them outside for the summer in partial sun so they can recharge the bulb for flowers next year.

Amaryllis Rebloom 2019 at

Do you grow bulbs for indoor flowers?

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17 thoughts on “Reblooming Amaryllis

  1. Hi Carole! Beautiful! Makes me think of my much older sister when I was a child. She always had bulbs over the winter months and it was a sure sign of Spring once they started blooming. I’ve never tried it myself but you certainly inspire me to do so. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Tina Zee

    Lovely! I live in southern California and can plant my amaryllis outdoors once they have finished inside. I would like to keep a few for in the house, though. I’m curious. What kind of fertilizer did you use and when do you bring them back inside,?

  3. These are lovely. I’ve only had minimal success. Repotting and fertilizer and loving care seem to have done the trick. I was watering my meager greenery this weekend and spied a bloom on my Christmas cactus. Just one…..waiting for it to open!

  4. These are showstopper flowers, so glad you got them to bloom again! I didn’t see any bulbs for sale this year, where I shop, but I do want to try them.

  5. Linda B

    I was wondering what to do with my first Amaryllis bulb since it quit flowering. We got it as a Christmas gift, and totally loved having such a bloom right here in the kitchen. It was a short one—-only got about 8 inches tall, and had four blooms. When you put it outside for the summer, do you wait til after last frost? I have mine sitting on the sunny windowsil to get some sun energy, but would love to keep for more years!

  6. Mary Crawford

    So very nice to hear of your success with reblooming bulbs. I, too, love them but have not had the best luck with keeping them till the following year. It certainly would help if I remembered to dig them up before the winter sets in. I may need to try this for next year. Thanks or the inspiration – they are beautiful!

  7. Felicia Hamlin

    Yes, Carole, I do! This year, like you, I have enjoyed the blooms of a white one and a red one. The white was supposed to be a new variety named “Amigo” in a fuscsia or hot pink shade, however, I was disappointed because it turned out to be a white one with tiny streaks of red, but it gave me six flowers. It was pretty, but not what I was expecting. The other was a red one, like yours, from last year and it gave three blooms, let me tell you one of the leaves was 30 1/2” long and it had a long stem. Right now I am waiting to see if another red one blooms, this one was left from Christmas and I found it on February 13th, so I bought it. Your violets are looking nice.

  8. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Your flowers blooming are gorgeous! I never could get mine to bloom again. I need to try your solution and see if they will recover. With the move ahead, no matter where, I have a lot of work to do in preparing my bulbs and other outdoor plants and such to take along. I am glad that Spring is starting to show itself in temperature here now also. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge, I know that it has always helped me out! Have a fabulous day!

  9. Quilted Pants

    A lovely display. The leaves on my red amaryllis are dying back now. I wonder if this is the time to repot the bulb?

  10. Barbara

    Your amaryllis are doing beautifully. I brought mine up from downstairs where I ignore them from the time I bring them into the house in the fall until I bring them upstairs to bloom. I don’t water or do anything to them and they just die back. Mine have been up for a couple of weeks, in sunny windows and watered. Even though I divided them last summer, they are all about to bloom and I’m so happy my transplanting worked. I gave one to my daughter to enjoy and I have the other three. I shouldn’t have to divide or transplant for many years now so I’ll just enjoy them. They are sharing space with my geraniums that I’ve overwintered and all my Christmas cacti. I’m anxious for winter to be gone so I can be outside in my flower beds.

  11. Melanie

    I don’t have your kind of green thumb, Carole. Those red and white blooms are gorgeous! Lucky you to get so many blooms from a single plant.

  12. Elizabeth

    Well done. I too love amaryllis and have red and white blooms. They provide such a splendid pop of colour. I think feeding the plants us all important. I use a general liquid feed when I water.
    Love your blog and all the different topics you write about.

  13. Your amaryllis are beautiful! I used to have some but forgot them outside one winter and they froze 😦 Every year I say I am going to buy more but I forget…maybe I”ll remember this year.

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