More Quilts for the Hurricane Project

The pile of quilts kept growing over the past couple of weeks, with more coming into the quilt shops.  Thanks to runner, Laura, bringing over the quilts from Cary Quilting, the pile doubled in size!

Feb Shipment

Some of the members of the Asheville Quilt Guild dropped off these pretty quilts.


I liked their labels, so cute!

Last AQG

Another group called the Loose Threads brought seven quilts.  These three had such bright and cheerful colors.


These four were part of that donation.


They labeled their quilts with a wonderful sentiment for those who are going through a hard time.


More quilts came into Beginnings, so I picked up more. The one on the top was made by Kathryn Weston, and I seriously want to make one like it! It was gorgeous with piecing and applique in light spring colors.


Two more gorgeous quilts, I loved the quilting designs on these.  The one on the left had no label, so I do not know who donated it.  It is exquisitely hand quilted.  The one on the right was quilted by my Mini Cooper buddy, Laura, with a design called Field of Flowers by Handiquilter.


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I want to give special mention to Lori Milsap, who has been such a huge part of this effort.  She is not only a runner, but also has quilted all of these quilts herself for the project.


I wish I could show you all the great pictures being sent to me of quilts finished and on their way to Wilmington.  This one was pieced by Michele G and quilted by longarm volunteer Jeanine C.  Thank you both!!

Michele and Jeanine

One more pickup from Beginnings in Hendersonville yielded five bags. The total of 42 quilts are photographed one last time before being packed back into plastic bags and dry cleaner sleeves for shipment.


The car was completely stuffed.  We filled up the trunk space with seven bags.

Shipping Hurricane Quilts at

Then DH put the seats down in the back so we could fill up that space with a the rest.

Shipping Hurricane Quilts at

They were delivered to the Western NC runner, Carin, and she will take them to  Catholic Charities on Monday.  This puts us at 108 quilts so far, not counting any that came in the mail last month as I don’t have that count yet.  Thank you for all your support, we still have a long way to go.   I am hoping that the next publicity event in March, Hands2Help, will kick start the project again.  Our next shipment from the Western area, Raleigh area and Charlotte area will be in April, so do get your quilts in to those areas soon!  Coastal regions will have a pick up as soon as there are enough quilts in those shops to warrant the trip, so get your quilts in there too.  Thank you to all my readers and friends!!!

13 thoughts on “More Quilts for the Hurricane Project

  1. Vallie taylor

    That’s wonderful! What a great project and thanks for sharing photos. Brings all that loving work to life!

  2. I have all of our blocks now, and will be working on the layout (for a queen) soon. Hopefully this can get done before April; we’ll see! So many quilts! How awesome is that!

  3. What a great load!!! Congratulations on all the hard work to the quilters and to you for taking the lead and getting your readers involved. I changed the link on my sidebar to what you have in this post, but somehow lost the picture that went with it. 😦 My computer brain can’t figure out how to make it back into a button!

  4. Betty Ayers

    I have 3 ready to go via a Richmond runner to the shop in Cary! Will post pics to Flickr, hopefully today, and will continue to encourage the members of Richmond Modern Quilters Guild to participate — such a great cause and so close to home. Many thanks for everyone’s hard work.

  5. Wonderful news. What beautiful quilts, going to give much needed quilty hugs for the lucky recipients. You and all your quilty friends are making a big difference in so many lives.

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