Finishing the Colors of August Placemats

Quilting my Colors of August placemats began as always with a thread audition.  I had a couple of good choices here because of all the colors in the prints.  If you missed the construction of the placemats, click on Colors of August.

Colors of August at From My Carolina Home

I rarely get to use the gold-green variegated thread, so I went with it this time.  It is King Tut and quilts just beautifully.  I used a neutral Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Colors of August at From My Carolina Home

For small items, I like to place them close to each other on a large backing, and quilt across them as one piece.

Colors of August at From My Carolina Home

This only works well if all the edges are stitched first, so I go as far as I can without advancing the quilt on the frame, getting all of the top two placemats, and about a quarter of the bottom two.

Colors of August at From My Carolina Home

The pantograph is called Rosie, and the flower is much like the one in the focal print.

Colors of August at From My Carolina Home

Advancing the quilt, I edge-stitch all of the loose edges remaining, then resume the pantograph stitching. On the first pass of the panto after advancing, I quilted over all four at once.

Colors of August at From My Carolina Home

I used the rest of the prints for binding.  You can do one color as I did, or mix up your strips to have a variety on each placemat.

Colors of August at From My Carolina Home

So, bound and finished off, here they are!

Colors of August at From My Carolina Home

In case you missed this on the previous post, these fabrics are available in fat quarter bundles or 1/2-yard bundles, both on sale at Needle and Foot, August 15 – 19 for 20% off.  One note, the green has been replaced with a similar green grid print as this bundle was so popular that the green sold out!   (We are not affiliates, just friends!)   You can get four placemats from a fat quarter bundle with an additional fat quarter of the floral print as it is a directional print.  You can either piece the last gold sidebar, or get an additional fat quarter of it.    To make 6 placemats, you’ll need the 1/2-yard bundle, and have the added bonus of enough fabric to back your placemats in the same fabrics.  You’ll have enough for binding with either grouping.

Giveaway!  Bernie will send a fat quarter bundle of to one lucky winner!!  To enter, click on Colors of August and leave a comment on that post about what August means to you.  The winner will be drawn on Sunday afternoon. (My apologies to my email subscribers, this addition was made after the feed went out, so click on that post to enter.)

When I put the placemats on the table, I realized I didn’t have anything that I liked to place in the middle. So next time, I’ll show you what I did with the leftover bits.

Colors of August Placemats at From My Carolina Home

I think these will go in the fair too. There is a category in the crafts division for table linens.  What do you think of the Colors of August?

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17 thoughts on “Finishing the Colors of August Placemats

  1. kattails

    The placemats finished great! I love the different bindings on each one, that is a nice touch. (I always smile when I read “thank you for reading my blog”—–almost always the thought “no, thank YOU for writing your blog” pops unbidden into my mind…lol).

  2. Kari

    So pretty Carole, all ready for Fall. The placemats look so cozy. I love the quilted looks and I know how much work it involves.

  3. Jennifer Rauch

    Sweet, easy, practical. . . wish I didn’t already have a half million other little UFOs to do before our biannual Quilt Guild show in Oct.! You always are pretty speedy making your projects, but this one seemed to really work up fast. Guess I’ll save it. . . like the fall colors, tho. So tempting to start something else! Must. Stay. Focused! Enter me in the drawing, please.

  4. The bundle is on its way to me, although I’m not sure what I’ll use it for yet. The colors are so lovely! I always enjoy seeing your tablescapes, so I’m curious what you’ve created for a centerpiece! Thanks for curating the bundle!

  5. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; Such a lovely quilting design you chose and using the four varieties of fabrics for the bindings, that is so original and looks amazing on your stunning table. You know that I support your decision in entering them in your fair! I am not quite sure I understand about the commenting for the drawing. Do I need to go back and recomment on yesterdays post? Thanks for sharing and have a spectacular day!

  6. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B

    Perfect finish for these placemats! So much makes me want autumn to be here now!

  7. Cute project! I worked on “Autumn Jubilee (2016) ” placemats this week. Got one bound. 3 more to bind and at least 2 more to make. I want at least 10 for my Thanksgiving table. August to me is ORANGE….HOT!! Love your project.

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