A Safelight Project for the Fourth of July

It seemed fitting that on the day we celebrate our Independence as a nation, the residents of the Safelight shelter might celebrate their independence in their new lives.  Safelight is the name of the domestic violence shelter in our little town.  This organization incorporates many services for domestic violence victims and sexual assault victims providing counseling, case management, court advocacy, support groups and job training under one umbrella organization.  Their mission touches my heart, and I like doing little things for them.  Not only does it benefit women (and sometimes men) in need, but it allows me to be creative and useful at the same time.

Safelight Independence Day Project at From My Carolina Home

I had an idea to do more of the little treat bags with some special decorations.  I made up 20 to deliver to Safelight today to be given to the residents this week.  Starting with the bags, I again used the white lunch size bags that are easy to decorate with stamps and ink.  Beginning with the roller, a line of a swirly design was rolled onto the left side, top to bottom using blue ink.

Safelight Independence Day Project at From My Carolina Home

It was the closest thing I had to a kind of starry border.

Safelight Independence Day Project at From My Carolina Home

I added the word Celebrate in red.

Safelight Independence Day Project at From My Carolina Home

Looking through all my stamps, I was surprised to find that I don’t have a star stamp that would work.  I have some Christmas stamps, so I used one from a snowflake set that looked a bit like fireworks going off, if you use a bit of imagination. At least I hope that is the impression.

Safelight Independence Day Project at From My Carolina Home

This idea for the card is what kicked this off in my mind.  I wanted to encourage the residents to celebrate their own independence from violence and abuse.  Celebrate their own freedom.  No stamp says this in quite this way, so I went to the computer and used a word processing program to create this sentiment.  The ink color and shadowing with the large font is in the word art program.  I printed it on lightweight white cardstock, several to a sheet, and cut it to size.

Safelight Independence Day Project at From My Carolina Home

Each one is mounted on red cardstock for a frame.  On the left is a blue cardstock accent, embossed with a little striped texture that reminded me of a flag.  Half of the cards were put on cream cardstock, the other half on white.

Safelight Independence Day Project at From My Carolina Home

Now for the amazing part.  I read another blog called Club Scrap, and saw an amazing sentiment on there.  Unfortunately, it is discontinued.  But Julie on the blog pointed me to a group where I could post a request.  I did that, and then was astounded by the generosity of a member, Lucy, who sent me several of her stamps to use in the project.  She just donated them, refusing even my attempt to pay the postage.  Stampers are amazing people.  Thank you, Lucy, your stamps have been put to good use!!

Safelight Independence Day Project at From My Carolina Home

Using three of the sentiments that she sent, I stamped them in red on some cards and blue on others inside.

Safelight Independence Day Project at From My Carolina Home

I found some star stickers at the thrift store, and this was a perfect place to use them, so each card got one on the inside.

Safelight Independence Day Project at From My Carolina Home

I stamped several in red at once.  The star stickers were added after this photo.

Safelight Independence Day Project at From My Carolina Home

I found some fun water bottles at the dollar store that were perfect for this project.

Safelight Independence Day Project at From My Carolina Home

Shopping last week, I found some lipsticks at my favorite thrift store, the Blue Ridge Humane Society Thrift Store, brand new Avon products for 50 cents each.  I got a few for myself, then realized after I got home that I missed a great opportunity.  I went back later in the week for the rest of their stock.  I bought all they had left!  I had forgotten to bring in a bag for them so I ran to the car to get one (you all know I am on a crusade to stop using plastic).  While I was doing that, the clerk told the store manager about my project, and she gave me a discount on them as well to support the project!   So, the charity money did double duty this time, benefiting two charities with the same purchase!  There were enough for this project, plus more than 50 left for next year’s tote bags.

Safelight Independence Day Project at From My Carolina Home

Packing up the bags, each one got a water bottle, a little hand sanitizer, a couple of cookies-and-cream kisses, and a new lipstick. along with a card.

Safelight Independence Day Project at From My Carolina Home

Altogether, I am delivering 20 bags.

Safelight Independence Day Project at From My Carolina Home

My hope is to help provide support and encouragement, boost spirits, and affirm their decision to create better lives for themselves without abuse, becoming independent and strong.  For those who participated in the tote bag gift project, Laresa tells me that the bags are really appreciated, and they love the cards!  The extra cosmetic and sunglasses cases will be moved to the thrift store boutique soon, as the Dandelion is moving to showcase items made by the residents.  They may actually sell better in the boutique, as there is likely more traffic there.

Are you doing any stamping or paper crafting now?


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24 thoughts on “A Safelight Project for the Fourth of July

  1. What a wonderful project! I’m sure the women felt supported and now have some words of encouragement to look at every day. Paper crafts are not my forte, so I am always impressed by others’ creativity. I love all that you did. So impressive. (If you are like me you might dismiss this compliment, but I really mean it – just think – oh, thank you. lol

  2. What a thoughtful project. I LOVE those sentiment stamps you used. My collection of stamps is pretty limited, so I often print out sentiments on paper and attach to a card. Keeps my “storage and stock” down to affordable! 🙂 I do love that “roller stamp”. It looks like it comes with a “set” of wheels. I might be on the look out for one of those!

  3. lv2bquilting2

    What a thoughtful and caring thing to do Carole, and the recipients are sure to appreciate all the things you do for them.

  4. That will make such a delightful gift for those celebrating their independence. You did such a nice job on them and the gifted stamps show how generous people CAN be.

  5. Enjoyed this post very much. Love that you have such a heart for this ministry to hurting women. Imagine being at your very lowest and then getting this sweet little something made just for you – how that must lift the spirits immensely. Such a small gesture, little expenditure, but so full of meaning and encouragement. Good Job!

  6. I love these and your cause!

    In answer to your question: No. But I should be! I have all the supplies arranged nicely, and just sitting in the corner waiting for me to come back and get creative again.

  7. Brenda Ackerman

    Carole; You are such a magnificent caring individual who always inspires me to do better in so many ways. Today, I want to thank the special stamper Lucy who was so generous and loaned you the stamps. They were absolutely perfect, they had me crying! Many long years ago, I was one of these individuals. This type of encouragement would have meant so much to me. I know it will to them now. Everything that you have written about today and shared is absolutely above and beyond and I salute you. Thank you for all you do and have a spectacular day!

  8. manasotavacation

    What everyone said above in praise…. Carole, this was the most delightful way to start my day!!! It touched me deeply and I know the women recipients will appreciate the sentiments and the caring that comes through loud and clear. I know you are ONE person, and I’m amazed regularly that you are not 3 or 4!!!! Your heart is big enough for more!

  9. shirley

    I am sure your thoughtful gifts and words of encouragement will be appreciated. I have a scrapbook project waiting patiently for me to begin.

  10. This is a really good idea. I like your sentiment about celebrating independence. The bags are so well decorated and you put some lovely and useful items inside. Fantastic job! And thanks for sharing them with JFF’s Red White and Blue challenge this month!

  11. Loris Mills

    Such a kind and heartwarming venture! Your stamping and shopping success is going to bless some hearts. I am no longer stamping much at all and would love to find places to pass my stamps on for use.

  12. I don’t stamp but I certainly appreciate the time & beauty of it. I’m sure that the recipients will be so grateful for your generosity.

  13. What a kind and thoughtful gesture Carole! Every girl needs new lipstick, especially girls who’ve just gained their independence. This is such a wonderful confidence booster! P.S. I’ve been a member at Club Scrap since 2008 and I agree, it is a fabulous group of scrappers!

  14. I’m so glad the Club Scrap girls came through for you! What a wonderful cause you’re supporting. Adorable bags. Thanks for sharing with us at Just For Fun stamps.

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