Focus Fabric Purse Finishing

Picking up where we left off, today we finish the focus fabric purse.  Click on Focus Fabric Purse Part 1 if you missed it.  So far we’ve made the quilted base and the pockets, and added handles.  Today we finish the bag, adding embellishments, finishing the seams and boxing the corners.

Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

If you want to sew the finishing buttons on the outside front by machine, you can do that now, before sewing the next step.  Now that all the pockets are done, fold the purse right sides together creating a bag 12×18 with the handle edges meeting.  Sew the side seams with a generous 1/4-3/8-inch seam.  This will allow the binding to be stitched inside the initial seam.

Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

Cut binding strips for the raw edges inside and around the top.  This should be about 40-inches for around the top, and about 15 inches for each side, to allow for overlap.  Stitch the binding on one side of the purse inside seam.  The added benefit of doing the purse this way is the extra side stitching adds strength.

Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

Fold the binding over the raw edge, folding the ends under first to create a finished end.

Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

Then wrap the long folded edge over, pin in place.  Machine stitch down along the folded edge.  Repeat for the other inside seam.

Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

On the bottom, box the corners.  Refold the bottom edge so the front and back are on the sides of the triangle created with the side seam down the middle.  I measure up about 2 inches and draw a line across the point as a sewing line.  Stitch on this line.  Repeat for the other corner.  Clover chalk makes a nice sewing line on black fabric.

Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

Now, bind the top edge of the purse by stitching the binding strip to the outside of the bag.  Miter the joining point as usual (see my tutorial on this step of the binding process here).

Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

Then, fold the binding to the inside.  You can then stitch this down as you like.

Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

I wanted to do this by hand to minimize the stitching showing on the outside top edge, but you could just as easily do it by machine.

Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

Turn the bag right side out, and push the boxed corners out, smoothing the seam as you go.

Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

Add three accent buttons to the solid strip, if you didn’t do that before the side seams.  I was using shank style buttons, so I added them by hand after the main bag was done.

Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

All done and ready to use!

Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

I had a scrap big enough for a sunglasses case, so I made one of those too.  I might add a cosmetic case too, and I have enough left over for a large tote bag that will follow later.  Download my free Cosmetic Case / Sunglasses Case pattern.

Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

See how the inside pocket just works better with that center seam.  It holds its shape better with the batting lining as well.

Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

On the outside front, my little flip phone is easy to get to, but safely held in the pocket.

Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

All done!  I carried it on the drive last weekend, wearing my Caliente Hat.  Such fun, even if I was the only one in on the joke.  No one else noticed, LOL!!
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Caliente Purse at From My Carolina Home

I’m thinking this design would work well for other special focus fabrics.  How about one in Christmas fabrics for the holidays?  Or a blue star print, with a red stripe and white star buttons as a patriotic bag?  The ideas are endless!  This pattern will remain on the blog as a free pattern.  Download the pdf – Focus Fabric Purse.  Have fun!!

Do you make your own purses and handbags?

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Geocaching Drive at From My Carolina Home

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3 thoughts on “Focus Fabric Purse Finishing

  1. Kari

    So pretty Carole…you are so talented with your sewing. I have a similar piece of fabric that I brought with me from my years of living in New Mexico…and the fabric is still in my fabric drawer all these years later. 😦

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