Half Square Triangles from Jelly Roll Strips

I am working a bit more on the new scrappy design in pink and brown that I am calling Chocolate Covered Cherries, and I really am pleased with the way the blocks are looking. In making a mountain of half-square triangles at the retreat, one would think I had plenty. But, when I was nearing the end of what I had, I decided that I liked the design well enough to make it bigger. So, I got out the Moda Cake Mix papers and sewed up the last four layer cake squares that I had left in browns.

Chocolate Cherries Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Naturally, I needed just a few more to finish the blocks, mainly because I had too many of the same prints. But all I had left of that fabric line was jelly roll strips. So, I decided to make a few more HSTs with this method to mix in some additional chocolates to the last few blocks. I started by cutting 2-1/2-inch strips of the pink print to go with with the brown jelly roll strips. I sewed those in pairs.

Chocolate Cherries Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Using a square ruler, place the diagonal line on the seam between the two strips.

Chocolate Cherries Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Now, cut off the ends.

Chocolate Cherries Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Turn the strip around, and line up the diagonal on the seam, and the 2-1/2-inch lines on the edges.

Chocolate Cherries Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Cut on the ruler edge.  Voila, HST!!

Chocolate Cherries Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Even with other bits and ends of jelly rolls, you can still get a half square unit.  Just be careful sewing them in your project as these edges will be on the bias.  But if you really need just a few more, here’s a way to get them.

Chocolate Cherries Quilt at From My Carolina Home

When you get to the end of the strips, you can easily see if there is enough left to make one more.

Chocolate Cherries Quilt at From My Carolina Home

And now, I have a nice variety of chocolates for those last few blocks.

Chocolate Cherries Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I’ll be showing a bit more on this later, and I hope to have this pattern ready for you soon.

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What are you working on today?

Chocolate Cherries Quilt at From My Carolina Home

14 thoughts on “Half Square Triangles from Jelly Roll Strips

  1. Great way to use up the extra jelly roll bits. I always seem to have a box of “extra” half square triangles, because I like to mix up the scrappy looks. I think if I was to do this, I would starch the heck out of the jelly roll strip before cutting. That way, the bias is kind of “glued” into position. It agree, it could stretch on you if you were not careful. Great post! 🙂 (Pretty snips too)

  2. Brown and pink really do make a nice combination! Do you have enough cosmetic bags promised yet? I need to relook at those and see what I have in the closet that would work!

  3. that is a good way to do hst’s I have done this method before too and like that the seam is pressed before dealing with the little pieces

  4. shirley schepers

    Thank you for sharing this helpful hint for making half square triangles. I shy away from making them as they never turn out “square” when I make them. Looking forward to seeing the completed project!

  5. Rosemaryflower

    This is a brilliant idea, Carole.
    I love chocolate covered cherries. I have not eaten those in ages.

    I like this idea. I have been sewing scraps together in attractive combinations (light/dark) and cutting them to the maximum size…. 2.5″ , 2″ and 1.75″. Then I pop them in their appropriate containers….. just a leader ender thing when I do not have something else to stuff under the foot.

    The sun is out here…. I woke up late (10:00!!) this morning staying up until 11 watching a WW2 documentary on tv, and sewing. Hubbs was doing taxes. So I am going to scurry around this morning and try to make up time space continuum. 🙃😂
    I hope you have a super fun day

  6. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; I agree with what everyone has said, this is a great idea and another fabulous tutorial. I will have to try this with some precut strips I have. I have had to set aside the Mystery for awhile and am sewing a quilt for a dear family friend. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic day!

  7. Very clever HST method Carole. ‘Would have never thought of that. My post about Safelight Project is scheduled for early Wed. morning. Blessings.

  8. Neat reminder of that way to make HSTs. I used it to make a feathered star block! I need to remember this one when making those small HSTs for some reproduction quilts!!!!!

  9. Sherrill

    I made 1/2 sq tri’s like that years ago during a class I took. Definitely needs a good bit of starch beforehand to prevent stretching on the bias.

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