Be My Neighbor Block 8

I got a bit busy with other things, but finally got back to the Be My Neighbor block due next week.  Block 8 is on the right end of row two, so I got out the other blocks to pick fabrics. I was trying not to repeat the same fabric in adjacent blocks. This block has a flag, and I thought the star fabric would be good for that.

Be My Neighbor Block 8 @ From My Carolina Home

Cutting out the pieces took longer than usual blocks because of the number of fabrics and the pieces are all different sizes.

Be My Neighbor Block 8 @ From My Carolina Home

As before, I marked all the diagonal lines on all the squares that needed them, so I could chain piece as much as possible. Plus I can iron a bunch at once.

Be My Neighbor Block 8 @ From My Carolina Home

Moving on to the windows in the block’s house, and the flag bits next.

Be My Neighbor Block 8 @ From My Carolina Home

Once again, I lay out the bits as they are done so I know what to do next. At least that was the plan. And you know what they say about plans! For those of you that have done this block, notice something missing here?

Be My Neighbor Block 8 @ From My Carolina Home

I didn’t either. And I had the bloody pattern right in front of me. So I did this, and had to rip it out. The top pink piece going over the windows and below the roof is missing, which made the section too short to join to the side piece.

Be My Neighbor Block 8 @ From My Carolina Home

So the streak of frogging something on every block continues, LOL!! And I thought I was doing so well this time! But it seemed that I didn’t even cut that piece. So, I had to go back to the scrap basket and cut that bit to add in .

Be My Neighbor Block 8 @ From My Carolina Home

Now it fits the side bar as it should.

Be My Neighbor Block 8 @ From My Carolina Home

A bit more assembly for the flower base and it is coming together.

Be My Neighbor Block 8 @ From My Carolina Home

All done with the base block.

Be My Neighbor Block 8 @ From My Carolina Home

The pattern calls for a large circle applique, and I used the freezer paper method this time.

Be My Neighbor Block 8 @ From My Carolina Home

It took about 10 minutes to stitch it once I had the circle done. The pattern actually calls for a second circle on top of the first one, but I decided I am going to use a large button instead. I’ll add that after the quilt is quilted.  I’m thinking it needs a bit of floss embroidery to make a stem between the flower and the leaves.

Be My Neighbor Block 8 @ From My Carolina Home

So here it is, alongside the other blocks, and sewn to the second row. I am not sure I really like the flag in this one, but finished is better than perfect anyday!

Be My Neighbor Block 8 @ From My Carolina Home

If you are just now finding this series with me, and you’d like to make these blocks too, go to Bear Creek Quilting Free Moda Be My Neighbor for the patterns for all 16 blocks. I’ll be doing two a month until they are done.  You can click on Be My Neighbor to see all the blocks I have sewn up to now.  The next block will be the beginning of row three, so I’ll use the darker blue background on it to spread that around a bit more.  I am thinking I should have done all the sky fabrics the same, but will continue the way I have started.  I really don’t want to go back and rework finished blocks.

So now, here are the pebble fabrics I got in Myrtle Beach, and I would like your opinion. The one on the left is all neutrals in grays and browns, the right side is pastels like my houses with soft peach and greens.

Pebble Fabrics at From My Carolina Home

Here they are with the blocks.  This will be the road between the house rows.

Pebble Fabrics at From My Carolina Home

Which fabric would you choose?



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29 thoughts on “Be My Neighbor Block 8

  1. Jennifer Rauch

    Good morning! I think I prefer the grayer pebbles – more contrast between the houses. Both look nice, tho! Must confess, the pastel houses were not thrilling me as we watched each block evolve. . . but of course you have a better vision from good experience, & seeing them all together now, I think “Ah!” So pretty! We’re off to Myrtle Beach Thurs. for a few days with hubby’s sisters + hubbies. If I get a minute, I just might look up possible nearby quilt shops. I like to get a fat quarter from our trips.

  2. Lori Smanski

    these are so sweet. I guess if it were me, I would go with the rocks on the right. The rocks on the left kinda blend in with 1)being pastel like the houses and 2) they are small print like a lot of the other fabrics

  3. The grey are nice, but I like the right hand side pastel ones that are smaller pebbles. What fab fabrics, a great find, and even if you hadn’t found anything else ??? that would have been the icing on the cake. I like the flag, and if you stand a little way back, it is really flying in the wind.

  4. The lighter ones on the right would be my vote for whatever that’s worth, lol! Nice to see these being made, I think I collected the patterns but don’t think I ever made one 🙂 Yours are beauties!

  5. Mary

    I must admit that picking the right fabrics takes me more time than actually sewing a block together! But, I think I prefer the lighter, pastel rocks. I think it fits better with your houses.
    Thank you for sharing your progress as you make this quilt. I love it!

  6. LOL – I guess I disagree with everyone I like the darker on on the left — my seam ripper lives right next to the machine and I use it more than I like!!

  7. Wellll, since you asked – I think the darker, larger pebbles (L picture) would be the better choice – and since you didn’t ask (LOL) I think a NC Flag would be an AWESOME choice for the flag-pole – not to make more work for you and your trusty seam-ripper……the star fabric is GREAT, but seems to blend in to the background and just doesn’t have the ooomph that our State flag would convey……………..just ramblin’, here…………

  8. Melanie

    Seeing both fabrics laid out with the house blocks, I rather like the smaller pebbles myself. I am using a diagonal stripe on mine unless once it’s laid out I change my mind! LOL Either way, your pebble fabrics are great!

  9. Laura Puckett

    I like the gray on the left. I think it adds contrast and if you decide to change the flag I would use something darker, like navy, like my home state of SC. Lol.

  10. Susan

    Hope you are not counting votes, lol! I think I prefer the one on the left, but would need to see it in the flesh to make that call. Packers here today, movers tomorrow, then, after I get my bed made at my new home, I can get my studio set up. I have two black, white and one-color neighbor blocks on my short list, which my IndiMod group will be piecing into a charity quilt.

  11. I like the smaller pebbles and like that it reminds me of the beach but if that isn’t what you are going for the bigger ones maybe the best bit – how’s that for not really helping at all! I really like the look so far and think its going to be a really nice quilt so matter what!

  12. Mary Jean Cunningham

    I kind of like the ones on the left but either would be fine. This pattern is out to get you! Shows how even the easiest thing trips us up no matter how much experience we have, like you do – darn!

  13. dezertsuz

    My choice would be the one on the right, not because of color, but the size of the pebbles. I like your rows, they are looking great together!

  14. Carol C

    Just to be different – I’d alternate the two fabrics in the sashing with one fabric under a row of houses and the other under the next row and so on.

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