Decorating for Christmas

Decorating the house for the Christmas season is always fun.  Each year I try to use the same things we have had for years in new ways, adding a few new things and donating others.  This time, I had a new Wool Applique Christmas Penny Rug from the Christmas in July event, and it was perfect for my tiny frolicking reindeer .

Christmas Decorating ~ From My Carolina Home

Of course, quilts are always a part of the decor. The guest bed got the Christmas Star quilt.

Christmas Star Quilt

I love these goofy moose with their plaid outfits. I got them in a silent auction of closet clean out stuff at our quilt club.


My chair next to the den fireplace has my Christmas Trip Around the World quilt from last year.

Christmas 2016 Den 1

DH has my orphan block quilt that I made into a table topper. It is large enough to cover the dining room table, and happily the same size works as a throw.

Christmas 2016 Den 3

Isn’t this little mouse cute? He gets to sit on the kitchen window with a teacup so I can hear his stories while I make a meal.  To hear him tell it, he has had quite a few adventures with Santa.

Christmas Decorating ~ From My Carolina Home

The fireplace doesn’t have a mantle, and with this stonework it isn’t really practical to try to put one up. So usually I have to put my stockings on the bookcases to the right.

Christmas no mantle

But this year, I thought putting them on the stairs might be fun. The stocking hangers are Santa in his sleigh, and I have four reindeer. This year I just used three.  I think I’ll add a golden cord next time to tie them all together like they were harnessed up to pull the sleigh.

Christmas Decorating ~ From My Carolina Home

Over on the pub table, a jigsaw puzzle is ready for MIL to visit. We like doing these as an activity while watching football games, or just to relax. I love the elegance of the white poinsettia (a gift from a friend) in the white reindeer and I think it looks nice on the Hexagonal Table Topper.  The puzzle is actually quite a bit further along now, after MIL visited and got the border done.

Christmas Decorating ~ From My Carolina Home

Next to the tree is my collection of little Santa figurines on the Victorian corner shelf.

Christmas Decorating ~ From My Carolina Home

On the cookbook bookcase, I placed the Santa Paws plate, a cute little collectable with all dogs dressed in holiday finery. A few Christmas cookbooks and a golden tree candle complete this display.

Christmas Decorating ~ From My Carolina Home

In the kitchen, the little library table has a few Christmas themed items, along with the Quick Squares Table Runner – click on that link for the free pattern.  I have most of the Christmas with Southern Living series, and this one with the cookies on the cover was perfect for the kitchen this year, adding a vintage vibe to this corner of the kitchen.

Christmas Decorating ~ From My Carolina Home

The pie safe that I use for storage and display space has the Christmas Table Runner from our quilt along last year. Click HERE for that pattern.  Yes, unbelievably, those violets are still blooming a month later!

Christmas Decorating ~ From My Carolina Home

In the library, the Christmas Mini Quilt from the Christmas in July event sits on its stand with the evergreen tree topper.  It is supposed to be an ornament, the pattern is free on the link.

Christmas Decorating ~ From My Carolina Home

This little mouse has a pin in the side to hold onto a pillar candle. Cute isn’t he? He has been around a lot of years, but I don’t always use him every year.

Christmas Decorating ~ From My Carolina Home

On the bathroom counter, a new-to-me Santa for this year (estate sale of course), along with a moose and a small little ceramic box. I like the descending sizes with the tall candles. Festive, but doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Christmas Decorating ~ From My Carolina Home

In the sewing room, a little tree and a stuffed reindeer wait for Santa on the Singer treadle sewing machine.

Christmas Decorating ~ From My Carolina Home

In the hallway, I put a greenery wreath on the jingle bell hanger on a closet door. You know, you can have as many wreaths as you want, sometimes some just have to go inside. I used this wreath as a table centerpiece last year. This year, I added a gold wire edge ribbon bow and a few berries on either side of the bow. Everything is wired on so it can be easily removed when I change my mind and want to use it on a table again.

Inside Wreath 1

So, there are a few ideas for making a festive home.

Do you have some favorite things that come out at holiday time?



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27 thoughts on “Decorating for Christmas

  1. Rosemaryflower

    Yes I do have favorites.
    Your decorations are delightful, Carole.
    This year is different. I just put lights on my windows, I hang them like sheets of lights (not net lights, no never)
    so I did like doing that. No tree this year. Just a few decorations. Sarah is loose and into every thing. When she goes home, I usually find a box of cake mix under the piano, water bottles in various places, etc. That sort of activity of 18 month olds, I find very funny. My daughter organized a cookie baking party this Friday from 10 – 2. OH and it is at my house!!!
    bc I have a gigantic kitchen, and loads of room.
    My oldest daughter is so funny. hahaha
    Well, I am fine with it. Otherwise I would just be moping. maybe my husband will drive over to dad and bring him here.
    I have at least 10 boxes of Christmas decorations. I adore all of yours. Each is so cute, and so special.
    We are so lucky to have space to keep all of these treasures.

  2. love the singer treadle machine – wish I had one. Don’t you wish constructors of houses would give more thought to a really nice mantel on a fireplace when building – we too have a stone wall type of construction on our fireplace – after we lived here several years we had a fireplace insert installed which does stick out into the room a little bit so when the stove is not used it can be used as a mantle of sorts.

  3. I loved all your little touches. The mouse and teacup are delightful. I would be tempted to talk to the mouse. I particularly liked the stockings hung with care on the stairs. We have a fireplace with mantle and no stairs, so it wouldn’t work for us, but your placement is marvelous.

  4. Your Christmas decorations are so fun to look at! Thanks for sharing them! I love the little wool penny rug. I’m going to have to get some Holiday wool colors in my stash so I can try one of those!

  5. So many wonderful ideas! Thank you for sharing, Carole. I love mixing the old with the new! I did donate some things this year to make room for a couple new additions. I have way too many bins of Christmas decorations! I made several of the wool penny rugs this year. I am still making them, don’t know why except that they are fun, easy, and look so darn cute. Merry Christmas!

  6. Sam

    As usual, DELIGHTFUL! I love the vignettes…each so special. Thanks for sharing and I’m sure many will serve as inspiration for others!! I was lucky to get the tree up, but I did put my life sized pink flamingo w/ a Santa hat in front of the hearth, with all his bright lights!! You’d never guess where I hail from, would you???

  7. Thank you for sharing your warm and cozy Carolina Christmas time home. I am particularly charmed by the mouse who keeps you company in the kitchen. I would die if I saw a real mouse, but I am always warmed by the Christmas mouse and I have several. My favorite items are my mother’s treasures from her Christmas’ past, esp a figurine called Christmas Morning.

  8. Sharon Schipper

    I have boxes all over right now, going through years of Christmas stuff that no one has space for right now, and not wanting to get rid of sentimental items. I put up my own small tree, it immediately fell over, the stand was broken, so I spent yesterday wiring it to another pole and stand and hoping it stays! my special bear tree ended up on a shelf in the garage, and I found the very heavy porch tree that has a cement filled pot downstairs in my closet. I guess I don’t get mine this year, and all my little bear ornaments are sitting waiting for it and will have to be put away. So I’m a bit blue this year. I also have cookie cutter ornaments I made several years ago I’ve offered to my daughters, I hope they take them. or I will make a swag for the kitchen with them, they’re very light. We’ll see. Meantime I have to get the box off to Oregon, I boxed up the candy on Saturday in the midst of a cold snap and a foot of snowfall, we got out yesterday, gingerly! The commute this morning took an hour and a half, but everyone was being careful on the icy blacktop. I am vicariously sharing your lovely Christmas home!
    sharon in colorado

  9. lois92346

    Your home is simply lovely, I used to “do it up” when I was younger and had kids and extended family around to enjoy it. Now, I’m in Sharon’s shoes. In my case, I’m widowed and my kids are scattered across the western United States, so I’ll only be putting up a couple of strands of lighted garland and a few of my treasured Christmas items. I’ve been watching Hallmark Christmas movies practically non-stop. If not for that, it would be hard to get into the holiday spirit. Thanks for sharing all your lovely decorations.

  10. Melanie

    Yes, I do and am always surprised at what I “discover” in those boxes packed away each year. Thanks for the wonderful tour of your decorated home. We don’t entertain much anymore, so I’m cutting back on decorating but still enjoy digging into those boxes and bringing favorite things out to enjoy.

  11. Carol

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!! Love all the decorations Carole especially the mouse!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours & Happy New Year!🎄

  12. dezertsuz

    It definitely looks like Christmas at your house! I don’t really have a yearly something, though a friend gave me that cute wallhanging this year, and it will come out each year, definitely.

  13. Very festive decorations. While we are out of town for January and February with no sewing machine, one of my goals is to learn how to make a penny rug. Maybe I’ll have one to display next year. 🙂 Now if all those Christmas decorations didn’t have to be put away. Love the Christmas colors.

  14. I love the moose on the bed! My hubby has a few collections of Hallmark ornaments that come out every year. His favorite is the “Here Comes Santa Claus” ones. He likes to put them on garland around the doorway between the dining room and the kitchen. He also has a collection of Star Trek ornaments and they end up on the banister rail with garland. This year, out came a train for under the tree. We collect ornaments as souvenirs when we travel, and they are very special to hang on the tree.

  15. Carol Preston

    My mt. room decorations.

    Close up of mantle. My husband celebrated many family Christmas holidays in Atlantic, IA. I had to have these when I saw them at a craft fair, years ago.

    I couldn’t give away the handmade sweaters that my Mother-in-law lovingly made. So I dressed my sofa pillows!! Enjoy! >

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