Late September in the Garden

Fall colors are going to be late this year and likely not as pretty as in other years due to the dry weather, the need for rain, and warmth that is lasting too long.  We need a cold front, and some rain!!  I cannot find much in the way of color yet.  We should have some by now as our peak is usually the second week of October.  Some of the Bradford Pear trees have begun to change in town, but on our property not much is happening.  Well, except for the stupid locust trees that are raining brown leaves on the driveway.  Everything else is staying green for now.

Driveway leaves

Up on the veranda, the geranium decided to have one more burst of hot pink blooms. Not one of my fall colors, but it didn’t care about my color scheme or the harvest wreath hanging near the door.


In the large pot near the front door, a volunteer yellow double begonia came up totally unexpectedly. I planted these last year, but went with the white single begonia this year. It sure took its time, not flowering until now.

Double begonia

The white impatiens continue to bloom, amazing that they just don’t seem to want to quit. But I am sure that the warm weather is responsible.  All three pots under the little tile tables look like this one.


The watering can plants have struggled a little, never really taking off the way I had hoped. But this intrepid pink impatiens finally bloomed nicely.  All the lobelias are done and gone.

Pink impatien

The purple torenias in the hanging baskets are still blooming some, but are looking really ragged.  If it wasn’t for the hummingbird still visiting them I’d take them down.  She stopped by yesterday and hovered right in front of me as I was watering them. The yellow torenia is still going, but it is winding down too.

Yellow torenia September

The flowers themselves are also much paler in color, but still pretty. I would have cleaned them up a bit, but it is just still to warm for me.  Pulling weeds, cleaning up the grass in the beds, and deadheading the flowers is all on the list of things to do.  Maybe early next week when we are supposed to get a little cooler.

Torenia yellow

So, I looked around for some fall color, and all I can find is this little bit on a maple tree up the mountainside.

Late September Garden at From My Carolina Home

And just a little bit in this tree on the north side of the house.

Fall Leaves Sept 2016

The rest of the forest all around our home is still green to the west, …

September Forest 1

green to the east…

September Forest 3

and more green in the back.

September Forest 4

A few visitors came by, nine turkeys all hungry for the acorns falling all over.

Late September Garden at From My Carolina Home

I tried to get some pictures of them in the field but they ran off pretty fast.

Late September Garden at From My Carolina Home

There was some color in the sky one evening last week.

Late September Sunset 3

I hoped they were bringing rain, but alas, not to be.  Still the evenings are cool, and it is nice to sit on the veranda in the rocking chairs and watch the light play in the clouds with the setting sun.

Late September Sunset 1

In other news…

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So what are you up to?  Gardening, sewing, reading?

12 thoughts on “Late September in the Garden

  1. We don’t have much color here yet either but I’m ok with that. I’m enjoying the warm weather as long as it lasts! I’ve been cleaning up the veggie garden , getting it ready for winter and some of the flower beds too. Still have to harvest the sweet potatoes and winter squash but that’s coming soon. Planting the garlic this weekend . I bought some spring bulbs yesterday that need planting too. So I guess I’m still busy out there 🙂

  2. Carol

    Loving this time of the year but we so desperately need rain! Seeing your visitors reminds me of the occasional visitors that I have, sometimes turkeys and deer but mostly turkeys. On occasion I have seen as many as eight deer in my back yard! Our neighbor next door has even seen Bears a couple of times!

  3. We have a few trees with a little color up on the mountain, but there isn’t much. The greens are changing, though. Everything was a dark green, and now some of the leaves have a yellowish cast. I’m going to enjoy whatever we get, because I missed it last year. We were traveling at the peak of the season. I loved your turkeys. There are a few in our neighborhood, but we haven’t seen them on our property. If they like acorns, they should visit our 200-year-old oak tree.

  4. How disappointing the trees are a little slow in donning their glorious Fall hues, but they still look beautiful. Plants have a mind of their own don’t they, they bloom when they want to and pop up where they like. You have some lovely plants their. Hope those leaves give you a lovely show soon.

  5. There was mention of rain in the forecast…and then, nothing! The poplars are turning yellow, quickly and falling, I think, due to lack of water. Maybe we will get a little color! Nice visitors!

  6. Spectacular photos of the clouds from your verandah, Carole. Did you do anything in particular to the watering can before you turned it into a planter. The first time I did this, the bottom rusted out of the watering can. I have another watering can I’d like to turn into a planter pot, but don’t want it to rust away.

  7. Beautiful photos. We have some autumn colours but mainly because it has been so dry the leaves have changed colour and are now falling. I’ve been sewing and reading less during the past two weeks because I’m busy crocheting a granny square scarf. I should finish it in the next couple of days.

  8. Mary Jean Cunningham

    You are so lucky to have those gorgeous views from your home! Just noticed today the wind and some rain are bringing a lot of leaves down around here in Philadelphia – guess summer really is over…but almost all the flowers are intact although the impatiens are getting “leggy” and losing leaves, verbena not blooming quite as much, portulaca is giving up – geraniums are still going strong, though! I love my garden, so even though autumn is lovely, I’m not in a hurry to see it progress because it’s a long time until spring comes again.

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