Springtime Luncheon Tablescape and Menu

Last weekend I had a nice ladies luncheon, just some time with friends to chat and have fun, away from the meetings where we usually see each other.  It is always fun to do this sort of thing, time to relax and enjoy the friendships. I wanted to have this on the veranda, but the weather didn’t cooperate, raining for a few days including that Saturday. So, lunch was moved to the dining table.  I was inspired by violets this time.  I have a lovely collection of small china pieces with violets, that I wanted to use on the table.

Ladies Luncheon Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

So, that called for purple on the table.  I didn’t have anything I wanted to use, so I whipped up a quick table topper with violet fabric.  I’ll show you that in detail HERE.  I put it on top of a Battenburg runner.

Ladies Luncheon Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Adding the Mason Jar candles, I changed out the flowers inside to purple and yellow.

Ladies Luncheon Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I wanted the table to be feminine, so I used my mother’s embroidered placemats.  These are so pretty that it is almost a shame to cover them up with dishes, LOL!

Ladies Luncheon Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

But I did, with my bright gold chargers.

Ladies Luncheon Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I added my white stoneware plates, and topped those with the pretty yellow salad plates. I added some white napkins with delicate embroidered flowers, tied them with lavendar ribbon.

Ladies Luncheon Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

So, starting to look pretty good.

Ladies Luncheon Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

We might want coffee with the dessert, so the china coffee cups I rarely get to use went on next. Ever heard the saying “in for a penny in for a pound”?  I figured, if I am using the china cups, let’s go all out and use the china plates too.  So I swapped the stoneware plates out for my white on white china plates. After all, my friends are worth the extra elegance.

Ladies Luncheon Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I added the salt and pepper shakers to each setting.

Ladies Luncheon Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

At each end of the table, I put one of my sets of lead crystal cream and sugar sets.  I have several, and cannot bear to give any of them away.

Ladies Luncheon Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Ladies Luncheon Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

In the center, on the table topper, I placed a lavendar color basket.  I wish my violets would bloom, but in lieu of those, I used two small pots of begonias in white.

Ladies Luncheon Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Some cut glass water glasses went on the table too, but I only have four of these.  So, the end settings got cut glass stems.

Ladies Luncheon Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

The finished table was light and springtime fresh.

Ladies Luncheon Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I made some place cards too, continuing the violet theme.  These were simple purple cards folded in half, with the violet stamped on white stock and punched out.  Each lady had her name on one. I’ll show you those in more detail in another post.

Luncheon Placecards at From My Carolina Home

For the menu, I started with an appetizer course, then the main course followed by dessert and coffee.

Appetizer Course – Ham Roll Ups , Spinach Salad with Cranberry Viniagrette, Tomato and Carrot Crudites with a glass of wine.

Main Course – Mushroom and Onion Quiche (except that I used a prepared crust this time), Goat Cheese Crescent Pinwheels, more crudites and more wine

Dessert – Chocolate Covered Oreos, Vanilla Blueberry Tea Cakes, Coffee

Ladies Luncheon Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

We had a great time, and I look forward to doing another luncheon soon.  We were having so much fun and great conversation, that they all stayed most of the afternoon.  We ate at a leisurely pace, and had lots of time between courses for chatting.

Do you get together for luncheons with friends?



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22 thoughts on “Springtime Luncheon Tablescape and Menu

  1. Your friends are sooooo blessed! The tablescape is beautiful…as I knew it would be….I haven’t seen one you’ve posted yet that couldn’t make the cover of any magazine! Well done…thank you for sharing.

  2. Beautiful ♥ You must have lots of storage places for all of those dishes 🙂 I don’t have so when we moved out of the big house I had to get rid of lots of the extra fun stuff I had 😦

  3. Good Morning Carole! Oh you know me…I really enjoyed reading and admiring photos of your special luncheon. So many compliments and oohs and awes were another part of the joy of seeing all of the beautiful details you provide. I especially loved the place mats; they remind me of both of my Grandmothers special placemats set upon their tables for very special times. Plus, I think it was perfect to lay out the Battenburg Runner with the lovely tablemat laid out crosscut wise and adding the basket of flowers. I bet that everyone loves to come to a luncheon at your home and gaze in awe at the brilliant beauty of your ever changing table settings.

    In answer to your question, no not really. Although occasionally, I will get out my special China set and use it for any reason at all. Thank you for sharing another fabulous table setting; I truly love these posts. Plus, I am looking forward to the posts you mentioned that would be shared later. Have a fantastic creative day!

  4. manasotavacation

    I was lucky enough to be one of the guests. The photos honestly do not do the overall look justice! It was lovely and when sprinkled by laughter and friendship, it was enchanting. Carole is the hostess you think she would be. She made it seem effortless and we each felt like her favorite guest.

  5. Jennie Rauch

    Oh my! Where to start?! So pretty & feminine! Was thinking the same as Silverspring25 – storage! I have my grandmother’s Poppytrail Ivy dishes, plus my own china, plus some everyday stuff, but never enough to do as you did. Thoroughly enjoyed vicariously! Last year I invited 12 people to a TEA – 2 elderly neighbors, 5 grade school friends (we’ve named ourselves The Fun Bunch), 3 Scrabble friends, & a former co-worker. A motley crew, but boy did it work. Everybody knew somebody. . . I overdid the food, but how else to feed so many people?! Yours was so simple, elegant, & sounded delicious. Haven’t yet replicated last year’s success, but travel time ahead to brainstorm with myself. Can’t wait! Hope you’ve now given me the jumpstart to get in gear, not just think about it! Tho thinking about it (daydreaming!) is fun too. All the best!

  6. Barbara Jenkins

    So lovely Carole. You are indeed a treasure for sure. I have recently moved and the “good stuff” is still packed away until all the needed is taken care of. Hope to have friends up in June so will need to give some thought for that. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  7. Sharon Schipper

    Love the purple and yellow, Johnny-Jump-Up pansies are just about my favorites, with their dark purple and yellow faces! I bought geraniums and carnations and torenias (in your honor) all in shades of white, blues and purples. Hooray! They’re in patio pots and I put a true geranium (they’re perennial, tiny lavender flowers) in a hanging pot I have high hopes for… you’re such an inspiration and encouragement! Now if mine can make it through the spring hail storms (we just missed damage from the one Tuesday because a tree was in the way! the pots fell over, but no damage…)

    sharon in colorado

  8. Melanie

    Carole, you are so inspiring! I haven’t done a luncheon in quite some time, so think I’ll do that. Love your table settings and fun ideas! m

  9. Deanna Bishop

    Good Morning Carole.
    Your table is spectacular!!!! I love the violet theme. Your moms embroidered placemats are so pretty. I cant wait to see your post on the table runner you made. For what I can see of it I think its beautiful.
    I collect salt and pepper shakers and I have about 6 sets of the little shakers you have on your table. I didn’t realize that they were meant for each person to have their own little set at the table. And to tell you the truth I don’t know why I have so many of them.
    I am glad that you had a nice little luncheon.

  10. I couldn’t wait to read this post and became more enchanted with each step in your preparations, beautifully assembled and always spiritually uplifting. I haven’t had the pleasure of such a luncheon experience in ages, but those I have, I remember with great fondness. (and we, too, had quiche!) Thank you for sharing, Carole.

  11. catsandroses

    Just lovely! I always enjoy looking at your pretty tablescapes. Love the purple violets and purple theme.

    To answer your question, I’m quite introverted and I think I was born without much of a social gene; find entertaining to be too exhausting to want to take it on very often (except for family). With all my roses in gorgeous full bloom, I sometimes think about hosting a garden party this time of year, but then the idea of being so social, cleaning my cluttered household and attempting to rid it of cat hair puts that idea to rest, so I always meet my friends for coffee or on other occasions at a restaurant or other location. Maybe one of these days…….!

  12. Your tablescape is divine! So, so many pretties to be salivated over. Your mother’s napkins are lovely and I love the gorgeous violet quilted runner. Those yellow and white salad plates look perfect sitting atop your lovely ironstone plates, Your luncheon menu sounds delectable and as for those vanilla blueberry tea cakess….yum! I can’t imagine anything but special times filled with fun and friendship around your lovely table.

  13. Rosemaryflower

    I did not get my invitation until today. Opps sorrry I can’t make it 😀 😀
    Your table is so pretty. You must have a huge warehouse to store all of your beautiful china.
    Okay, well, mine is all packed away in the dining room…. not being used anymore, ::::sigh::::
    You are so wonderful and sweet to have all of your work friends over to discuss everything off topic 🙂

    I usually meet my friends at a hamburger place in Leesburg called Melt.
    Sometimes we meet at Panera.
    What happened? No one has time anymore. I am rushing from one thing to another grumble grumble
    Well, I just spent the entire afternoon playing with Sarah. She is exuberant!

  14. I loved watching your table progress from decorative china pieces to a complete setting, followed by dessert. I don’t know enough ladies here to have a luncheon, but we mix neighbors and visitors with abandon. Wish we had you as our decorator.

  15. that sounds like so much fun, we are all in such a hurry these days! Your table is sweet and feminine, love the way you folded the napkins to look like Tussy Mussies! Your menu sounds perfect too, love the blueberry tea cakes- Have a great weekend

  16. Laurie

    Gorgeous table! I would love to set such a beautiful table for an afternoon with my lady friends! Pinning to share. Thanks so much for sharing with us this week at Brag About It.

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