Slow Sunday Stitching #10

I didn’t get a long way on these this week, it was very busy with work and a continuing education class that required an overnight stay in Greenville SC.   I was delighted to get back to the sewing room!  So, here is where I started, with all the fabrics I thought would be good for backings.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 14

The one with the little printed stars with button centers was a perfect choice.  I did a few with that one, one with a fussy cut snowman from the fabric on the left, and a couple of the other fabrics just for variety.

Slow Stitching #10 - 1

I sewed them all to the backings at one time.

Slow Stitching #10 - 2

Clip the curves to make them lie smoother when turned.

Slow Stitching #10 - 3

Then turn them right side out. Easier said than done!  I was careful not to pull the stitching as I went.

Slow Stitching #10 - 4

Ready to stuff and close by hand.

Slow Stitching #10 - 5

Hoping that next week I can get them on the tree.

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19 thoughts on “Slow Sunday Stitching #10

  1. Barbara Jenkins

    Those came out really nice. Now I can’t wait to see them on your tree. You did a fantastic job with them. Makes me think I may get the threads out again but right now I’m heavy into the quilting and knitting.
    What will be next for a long term project? It was fun watching these come together for you…….

  2. Oh Carole, they turned out so magnificent! You should just be beaming with pride! They are going to look beautiful on your Christmas tree this year and every year to come. Kevin pulled out all of our Christmas supplies yesterday evening and so sometime today we will begin decorating the house. It is something we both really enjoy doing. We drove a friend home yesterday evening and were ewing and awing over various decorated houses. My Dad always loved to take us for drives around town for several hours once or twice a week just to look at lights. I hope I can get him to come with us this year and enjoy. I am going to also be working on completing the table runner today along with some other Christmas gifts. I am having so much fun just thinking up gifts to make this year….I know I will never be able to make them all, but it sure is fun deciding what to make for who. Well, have a great creative day!

  3. Melanie

    Carole, these are beautiful and will add a special touch to your tree! Loved watching the progress, so fun. Reminds me that a “slow going/sewing” day can be just as productive in the long run. Can’t wait to see a picture of your tree. Sew on! :o) m

  4. Barbara Jenkins

    Please keep me posted about any new projects. I showed a neighbor your tutorial about the sleigh and we are going to try one. So much fun!!!

  5. liz brown

    I am glad you finished. I think I have several of them in a drawer somewhere. It is nice to get things finished. They will look nice on the tree.

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