Holiday Crafting – Christmas Sleigh

I have had this little sleigh for about two years now, given to me by a friend cleaning out her crafty stuff.  I have just let it sit, as I always have projects going.  This year I wanted to get it done to use this season.

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

It is just plain, so what to do with it? I have several colors of red paint, so I turned it over and started experimenting with reds on the bottom.  I needed to do some sanding and smoothing too.

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

The burgundy house paint didn’t have the depth of color on this as it does on the guest room walls.

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

So I tried several others until I got a color I liked.  Four coats of red paint in all.

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

With the body of the sleigh painted red, the rails were painted with contrasting white with the crossbars gold.

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

The flat finish needed something more, so I took it outside to add some spray varnish.

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

I put on a light coat of varnish, and while it was wet, I added a sprinkle of diamond dust for sparkle.

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

Back inside after it dried, some touch up was needed to the white rails.

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

I gathered some elements to play with. My friend also gave me these little gold nests, so I had to find a way to use them.

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

I started by arranging some greenery in the sleigh, using hot glue to anchor it.

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

I needed some eggs for the baskets. I tried some pearls I had, but these pearlized shank buttons worked better.

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

I found this tiny cardinal at the craft store, and hot glued the elements onto the nest.

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

The nest with its occupants were added to the greenery with hot glue. I used some holly leaves to fill in the bare spots.

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

Five red berries were added to the greenery to finish it.

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

All done and ready to display.

Holiday Sleigh From My Carolina Home

Are you holiday crafting?



11 thoughts on “Holiday Crafting – Christmas Sleigh

  1. Barbara Jenkins

    That is beautiful Carole. The tutorial is easy to follow along and I may just give it a shot!!!
    Every year a group of online friends and I do a Christmas craft together. It is always the Sunday after Thanksgiving and the lady who picks the project is a dear friend from Canada. She puts together kits for us and mails them out and we send her postage and supply $$ . Then we all join in and do the craft together and she is available online for any help we need. Lots of fun and I have done it now for nine years.

  2. Sharon Schipper

    half-heartedly! we may have found the house last night, and I’m depressed… go figure! but probably not decorating much if at all this year. Will get a fresh door swag over at the great nursery down the road, and that may be it! I have some lovely folded paper japanese dolls made for my husband in 1988 when we were in Japan and he was playing Santa to a Japanese pre-school that I put on a garland every year and string across the wall, that may be the only thing I feel like putting up only to take back down to move! They are unique and adorable, made by 4 year olds, and my daughters are already discussing who will get them when I’m gone, sheesh! but there are enough to divide…
    I will have to look at your pages when I get ferklumpt, dear lady!

    sharon in Colorado (ps somewhere in our moves I had one of those wooden sleighs, I wonder where in the world (literally!) it went to! I was reminded when I saw yours! I didn’t ever get it painted)

  3. Carole, This is adorable! Your crafting skills amaze me time and time again! You have such an artistic imagination that makes projects like this perfect. I really do get such delight when you share any project with us! My friends are coming over here in a tad bit and Deanna and I will be working on the table runner. Our daughters went home late yesterday afternoon, it was a great visit but not much was accomplished aside from visiting, baking and eating. LOL. So once again, I am left to try and figure out my blog on my own. Who knows maybe the umpteenth time is the charm. Thank you for sharing your fantastic sleigh project and have a wonderful creative day!

  4. I’m not unless you count making paper reindeers with glittery noses and santa handprints with 29 seven year olds. Ss I read your post I smiled thinking of all the fun you are having.

  5. What a fun and easy Christmas decoration. I have a confession that my Halloween stuff is still up, I need to get that down and put away before I drag out the Christmas stuff this weekend 🙂

  6. Your post made me really smile …for a couple of reasons . First I love what you did with the sled and the second is I have an unfinished one just like it setting on one of the selves in the basement. Hubs keeps threatening to burn it If I don’t do something with it soon .

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