Halloween cards and little goodies

Time to send out some spooky greetings!  It has been a bit of time since I was able to do some stamping.   I really love the autumn for stamping as I have lots of leaf stamps and fall inspired motifs.  I also have a fair amount of Halloween specific stamps.

Halloween Cards 2015 -2

This time I started with ecru cardstock, and my roller with the jack-o-lantern wheel with orange ink.

Halloween Cards 2015 -3

Using my roller ruler, I lined up a whole bunch of pumpkin lines on a diagonal.

Halloween Cards 2015 -4

I haven’t had a chance to use this stamp set yet, and it is just so cute. Stamping several of this one showed me that some of my inks are drying up.  The Cocoa one needs a refill, but the Chocolate Chip one is still good.

Halloween Cards 2015 -5

I had to re-stamp a couple of the motifs to get six usable ones, then I mounted them on orange cardstock. I cut the jack-o-lanterns lines into rectangles.

Halloween Cards 2015 -6

I tested several layouts, before deciding on this one with the wording at the top.

Halloween Cards 2015 -8

Inside, I stamped Happy Halloween with a little goofy spider hanging off the words.

Halloween Cards 2015 -9

I used my name stamp on the back, with an orange jack-o-lantern next to it.

Halloween Cards 2015 -12

All done.

Halloween Cards 2015 -10

I stamped “Boo to You” on the envelopes.

Halloween Cards 2015 -14

I did a half dozen with some to mail and a few for the office. The mailed ones got some Halloween confetti enclosed for an extra trick!

Halloween Cards 2015 -13

I like to give cards with little goodies to the office staff.  They do so much for me all year, and I think saying thank you is important, as often as I can.  I cannot do candy as one of the ladies is diabetic, so I look for fun things that aren’t food related.  I found these cute little felt pumpkin bags for a song, much less that I could buy the materials and make.

Pumpkin bags

At the dollar store, I looked for funny or cute things to go inside.  I found these little battery operated “candles”, little fall inspired puzzles and some leaf napkins.  I added little cookbooks with holiday recipes.  They received them yesterday so they can enjoy the Halloween fun this year.

Halloween bags 2

I have to do silly stuff like this, we do not get any trick-or-treaters up on this mountain!

Halloween bags 1

We have a costume drive with the car club on Saturday, and my costume is ready. I’ll be doing a little Halloween breakfast for DH that morning, new pumpkin recipe coming soon! Are you ready for Halloween?

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9 thoughts on “Halloween cards and little goodies

  1. Betty Jansen

    I do enjoy each of your posts-am amazed at the variety in the projects. Do you have a huge storage area or are you naturally organized? I would have trouble keeping track of all the various crafts and the accompanying tools. Betty

  2. I love the stamps! Do you ever use your stamps as embroidery /crayon tinting templates on fabric? The one you featured would be perfect for that!! 🙂

  3. Carole, I am just all smiles after reading your post this morning! I applaud you for creating your own cards with the adorable stamps and going that extra step to say Thank You to people you work with is a really special treat. I think every item you have shown will bring huge smiles and loads of fun. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

    I am so excited, I finished the quilt top yesterday and plan on getting it spray basted and pinned later on today after a few errands.

  4. Carole, I made a huge mistake on the computer. I was trying to update some of the blogs that I followed and all of the sudden the page that it sent me to said that I was unfollowing every blog. Trying to remember all the blogs I really enjoy the most, yours is top of the list and make sure I resend the request to follow again. Which may take me awhile. LOL at myself and my wonderful computer knowledge. Plus, just making sure that I did not miss a post today. So, I hopefully am resigned up and am going to go and see what else I can mess up tonight. Sure hope nothing more. Have a great night! Brenda

  5. This is so cute. We don’t get any trick or treaters either. Our driveway is 2/10’s of a mile so going down it and then back up (it’s quite steep) is a major deterrent!
    Thanks for linking up at Handmade Halloween!

  6. joannequilts

    I love these cards! We have not had any trick or treaters for quite a few years, other than the grandkids coming over, but that doesn’t stop me from buying candy – you know, just in case this is the year. 🙂 Thanks for sharing today!

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