Visitors to the Garden

Look who paid us a visit over the weekend!  This guy thought he might try to get into the bird feeder, but he wasn’t successful.

Bear July 2015 - 1

Bear July 2015 - 2

DH and I were on the inside of the sliding glass door, and we banged on the glass every time he looked at the top.

Bear July 2015 - 3

The turkeys have returned, and there were some juveniles with the flock of females.

Turkeys July 2015 in meadow

I wish I could get a picture of the two red foxes that were playing in the meadow over the weekend too.  They are beautiful, with full bushy tails.  One was in the meadow, and the other came running out and body-slammed the first one!  They went tumbling over, then jumped up and ran back into the woods.  It happened so fast I didn’t have time to even reach for the camera.   I have been watching at dusk for days now hoping I would see them again.  Alas, not to be so far.  So, here is one picture I have been able to get, from a couple of years ago.


I finally got a picture of the little female hummingbird too, she loves those purple torenias.

Hummingbird July 2015 - 2

Hummingbird July 2015 - 1

The yellow torenias are still going strong.

In the Garden at From My Carolina Home
Finally, it looks like I might get a couple of tomatoes!

In the Garden at From My Carolina Home

And the zucchini is growing, maybe I’ll get one or two meals from these.

In the Garden at From My Carolina Home

My double begonia is really doing good too, it is huge and right next to the front door.

In the Garden at From My Carolina Home

Any visitors in your garden?

12 thoughts on “Visitors to the Garden

  1. Patricia Cash

    Lovely pictures! We have hummingbirds, bluejays, cardinals, rabbits(some), roadrunners, and other birds, deer and squirrels and skunks and raccoon. Before more homes went up we had wild turkey.

  2. Robin in NC

    Oh my! Lovely pictures! We just have the run of the mill squirrels, snakes and hawks fishing in our pond. I’ll think I’ll pass on the bear though!

  3. My goodness….a bear! Such a beautiful animal and fabulous privilege to share with your husband and us! Love all of your animal photos today, I am a sucker for animals. LOL. So thank you for sharing and making my morning a happy, smiling start to the day.

    Oh, I know I have not posted anything on the mystery…but I have been working on it. Today, if all things go according to plan, I will have step three completed and be posting photos later on this evening. I am getting more excited with each step of the mystery and liking the indentation of my scrap fabric squares while doing this quilt along. Have a wonderful creative day!

  4. manasotavacation

    It’s wonderful to see more of your personal “paradise”!!! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Great photos of your visitors and your garden . I went out to the shed one even last week…just at sunset and there stood a young deer. It just stared at me for several minutes and when I started talking softly to it , it would chock it’s head to the side as if trying to understand me. He finally just turned and walked slowly back into the woods… The one time I run into a non-skiddish deer I had no camera or cellphone 😦

  6. sgrancio

    We used to have a bear run across our yard in northwest NJ, from the woods to the lake across the road. I do not miss the deer from MD, who were voracious predators in my garden. Now that we are in an apt in CA, I enjoy my Mt Diablo and western sky views from the balcony, with deer and turkeys along the trail nearby, where we walk every day.

  7. We had a fox this year too. He was just sitting facing the bright sun with his chin up and eyes closed. We also have hedgehogs which are so cute 🙂 Your bear looks HUGE! Thanks for sharing those fab photos.

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