Late June Garden 2015

Last Sunday was a wonderful mountain living day, as the temperature cooled to the mid-60s overnight, and I opened every window in the house for a good airing early in the morning.  It was cool all day, with a nice breeze to flush out the stale air in the house. Lovely and quiet, gentle wind in the trees ruffling the leaves, and the occasional haunting call of a blue jay in the distance, it was a day to relax and enjoy. Flowers continue to bloom in the garden, both on the veranda and on the mountainside.  These rhododendrons bloom late due to the reduced sunlight from all the trees.  They are a lovely pure white.  I can’t get any closer to them because of the poison ivy, so will just admire from here.

White Rhododendrons - 1

White Rhododendrons - 2

Right next to them are the pale pink rhododendrons.

Pink Rhododendrons

Out front, the hostas have come into bloom around the huge oak.

Hostas 9

Hostas 10

Hostas 8

My hydrangea doesn’t look like it will bloom this year either.  Disappointing because those big flowers are so pretty.

Hydrangea no blooms 2015

Looks like I might get some squash this year.


I am happy to find that two of the tomato plants I started from seed are actually getting good size.

Tomato June 2015

The strawberry plants are setting fruit, but I have a feeling the squirrel will get them before I can.

Strawberry June 2015

The torenias are getting huge, and trailing nicely. The hummingbirds stop by regularly, but they are always gone by the time I grab the camera.

Torenia June 2015 - 5

Torenia June 2015 - 4

Torenia June 2015 - 3

The candy pink daylily finally decided to bloom.

Candy Pink Day Lily

The other daylilies are still going beautifully.

Day Lily June 2015 peach

Day Lily June 2015 peach yellow ruffled

Day Lily June 2015 purple

Day Lily June 2015 red yellow

If you are reading this on an email or reader, stop by the blog and see the new summer header photo. How is your garden doing?

4 thoughts on “Late June Garden 2015

  1. The header photo is breath taking ♥ Love all of the flowers . We are having more poison ivy than normal this year and normal was bad enough 😦 Thanks for sharing the beauty of your world.

  2. catsandroses

    Love those daylilies! Interesting to hear about what’s blooming in other parts of the country — rhodies have been finished for months out here in the Pac. NW and my hydrangeas are blooming now. The first flush of roses are done, but some roses are ready for the second flush (my David Austin tree rose is just about to re-bloom; it was just wonderful for the first go-around!) My gigantic mock orange bush is about finished blooming now — the fragrance was amazing for several weeks. Our sour cherry tree is loaded with cherries; have picked buckets of them for numerous cherry crisps (and froze several batches as well). Don’t know why the birds haven’t gotten to them this year, but I’m not complaining! Speaking of birds, hope you can get some pics of your hummingbirds! They’re plentiful around here, too, though I’ve never tried photographing them. Thanks for sharing your garden with us!

  3. I love your plants! I live up on a ridge and when the temp cools to the 60’s in Arkansas in the summer I too fling open all the windows and enjoy the air. I love getting some fresh air in the house. If it wasn’t for the humidity and high temps I would keep the air off.

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