Mid April Azaleas and Dogwood

The azaleas are almost here!  I really love the white ones best.  We have a lot of azaleas on the property, in white and several shades of pink.  I got a few shots of them just coming out.  This white one is in full flower, covered in honey bees too.

Azaleas mid April 2015 - 2

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Azaleas mid April 2015 - 1

Behind it going around the circle are dark and light pink azaleas. The dark one has smaller flowers, and is going strong.  This one is in the front, and there are a dozen or so in the back, but those only have buds right now.

Azaleas mid April 2015 - 5

The light pink next to the white one isn’t quite ready yet.

Azaleas mid April 2015 - 4

Farther down the driveway closer to the neighbor, a few more are coming into bloom.

Azaleas mid April 2015 - 8

Looking back toward our home, the island is going to be covered in flowers soon.

Azaleas mid April 2015 - 9

It is too wet and muddy due to all the rain this week to get any closer to this dogwood still in full flower with lovely white blooms. It is near the forest edge at the far end of the meadow.

Dogwood April 2015 -

There are more dogwoods blooming in the forest, but the pictures just don’t do them justice, lovely trees greening up all around those white flowers.  We also have a pink one on the property, but I couldn’t get a photo of it because of the rain, and now it has finished its blooming.  There are two pink dogwoods near my office, though, in full bloom for you to enjoy.

pink dogwood 1

Lovely, aren’t they! Beautiful pink flowers.

pink dogwood 2

This white azalea will come into bloom in a few days.

Azaleas mid April 2015 - 6

Another shot of the only white one blooming right now. Love these flowers!

Azaleas mid April 2015 - 3

What’s blooming where you live?

8 thoughts on “Mid April Azaleas and Dogwood

  1. I love the Spring flowers so much. Your little island will be beautiful in full bloom . I love the dogwoods too. The dogwoods and redbuds are blooming in our wooded area. I want to plant a pink one in out front yard sometime soon 🙂 Thanks for sharing your spring beauty.

  2. Sharon Schipper

    Tulips, some trees here. My honeysuckle is coming in strong. No seedlings of my morning glories are up yet, probably need a layer of new soil to renew those beds. They are raised so I think they probably need more feeding.

    Love the azaleas and dogwoods! I miss seeing the Botanical Gardens in downtown DC in April and May: tulips and cherry trees, and the 80 acres of azaleas and rhododendrons in the Gardens, beautiful walk through the shade and the color. Best time of year in DC and Virginia in my opinion! I can do without the humid summers, but the spring and the fall, and Skyline, well, those should be a must see. And when the Virginia Creeper blooms, it smells so great.

    Sharon in Colorado

  3. Jennie Rauch

    Beautiful! Not much blooming like that in Indiana yet, but with the rain we’ve had lately, things are greening up quickly, & soon we’ll have what you have now. Some places will, anyway! Thanks for sharing your bright spots of Spring color!

  4. just lovely! when I lived in NC back in the early to mid 70s I just loved the azalaes so beautiful. Our dogwoods are in bloom too-they look like patches of lace in the woods-

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