Holiday Tour of Inns Part 3

This is the last of the Holiday Tour of Inns posts.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing the inside of these wonderful Victorian era homes.  Out in Laurel Park, on top of the mountain is the Echo Mountain Inn.  Just look at the view behind this charming village.

Echo Mountain Inn 2

The unusual wrought iron railing is decorated with green garland, and teddy bears on the steps.

Echo Mountain Inn 4

Small touches are evident in the guest rooms, tucked into corners.

Echo Mountain Inn 12

There was a huge stone fireplace in the main room open on two sides that was heating two rooms.

Echo Mountain Inn 16

Last on the tour was Aunt Adelin’es, whose owner was obsessed with nutcrackers.

Aunt Adelin'es 2

A tree decorated with purple balls and ornaments graced the main living room.

Aunt Adelin'es 6

Lovely antique furniture in the dining area held more nutcrackers.  There were nutcrackers at the base of the tree, too.

Aunt Adelin'es 7

There was even a ‘tree’ made entirely of nutcrackers.  There were literally hundreds of them in the house, in the hallways, bedrooms, bookshelves, everywhere..

Aunt Adelin'es 9 Nutcracker tree

Outside, the stone pillars add interest to a lovely porch with garlands and wreaths.

Aunt Adelin'es 3

I hope you enjoyed the Holiday Tour of Inns as much as I did.  It might be difficult to decide which Inn to book for a stay!

Happy Holidays!!



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  1. Carol

    Looking at these pictures really gets you in the Holiday Spirit! Lovely Homes! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the Holidays Carole!

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