Garden flowers and a walk in the park

Spring finally seems to have arrived, and Easter Sunday was a glorious day, warm and sunny.  My garden is coming a bit more alive, and some of the flowers are still going strong.  Others are beginning to stir.  I am especially impressed with these tulips, still looking good, and the dark purple ones have come up.

Tulips4.20.14 tulips4.20.14a

They are such a dark purple they almost appear to be black.  The stamens inside form a star.  So pretty!


The little Jump-up is still blooming on the driveway, in spite of the fact that my husband drives over it regularly, not hitting it with his tires, but still.  Hardy little thing.  Blooming where it is planted.


We decided to go for a walk in the park and saw a robin busy hunting bugs.   There were a few cherry trees still with blooms too.

Robin cherryApr2014 cherryApr2014b cherryApr2014a

The blue sky was an amazing color this day!  The Bradford pear was still in full bloom.


Back home, I spotted a dogwood blooming in the forest.

dogwood4.2014 dogwood4.20.14a

My little garden pots are making progress too.  The squash seeds are coming along, and the garlic is very tall now.  I put them outside for a bit to soak up a little sun.  It is still too cold at night to leave them out, but soon I will be able to do that.

plants4.20.14a plants4.20.14

In that silver pot, my amaryllis is putting up yet another leaf.  It has already bloomed twice, once at Christmas (picture on the left), and again in February (picture on the right).  My dear sweet MIL gave it to me.  She knows how much I love flowers.

amaryllisopen amaryllisFeb2

Back in the garden, the irises on the left and the hostas on the right are putting up leaves for blooming later.

iris4.20.14 hostas

One more shot of my redbud with that amazing blue sky!  The garden is waking up!  Welcome Spring!


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  1. Joyce Carter

    Carole, I really enjoy looking at all the pictures of blooming trees and flowers! Spring has sprung! I Did not know the amaryllis would bloom again. I Have one in the garage from Christmas so I will see if I can work on it.


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