Autumn About Town Purse Sew Along Finish

Today we finish up our Autumn About Town handbag. I am already getting comments from strangers as I carry this purse around town doing errands. I added a little lagniappe to it, and I’ll show you that at the end of the post. When we left off, the sides of the bag were done. Did you get this far stitching down the webbing handle?

Next, on the wrong side of the fabric, on the end with the pockets, fuse batting to the base following the manufacturer’s instructions. Repeat for second base unit in the same way.

Meet units right sides together, matching webbing points on the bottom and ensuring the loose handles are not in the path of the stitching line.

Leaving an opening in the lining end, stitch around the bag, pivoting at the corners, and ending at the top edge. Clip corners.

Box the corners on the bag and lining. Fold the bottom corner out with the seam in the middle creating a triangle point. Draw a line perpendicular to the seam two inches in. Sew across the seam on the drawn line.

Repeat for the other corner.

Turn right side out. Push the outer shell corners out with a chopstick or similar. Fold in the seam allowance on the lining and stitch closed.

Push lining into bag. Finish with a line of top stitching around the top of the bag, under the handles.

Now you have four pockets, two on each side so both the front and back are the same. If desired, add velcro as a closure. I also stitched a line across the bottom where the bag sits when open, to prevent keys from slipping too far down.

I thought I needed just a little extra for the side I would consider the front. So, I added a decorative pin. I’ve had that leaf pin for a while, but I’ve been seeing lots of them in the thrift stores lately. I might change it out with a rhinestone one, because you all know what a magpie I can be when there are sparklies in sight.

Keys and cell phones stay apart to prevent scratching, and lip gloss is easy to grab. These days a mask might live in one of those pockets too. Here’s a pdf for your sewing room – Autumn About Town Purse Finishing.

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42 thoughts on “Autumn About Town Purse Sew Along Finish

  1. Candy Soehren

    I could go crazy with Customer Favorites! Heat erasable gel pens, rotary blades, rotating cutting board, and a quilt storage bag. Oh, my!

  2. Sheila

    Thank you for another great tutorial. I love making bags. And seeing the rotary blades on MadamSew’s site, is making me ask myself when I last changed mine!

  3. Teri

    I’ve made other tote bags from your website using jelly rolls, but this one looks so handy with all the pockets. I’m interested in the heat erasable fabric marking pens from Madam Sew’s.

  4. Debbie Miller Meyer

    See many favorites to choose from. The rotary mat is essential and I love the pre-wound bobbins!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  5. Julie

    I love the deep green leaf fabric in your purse, it feels like a walk in an evergreen forest. I look forward to finishing mine. I’ll be using the it for knitting, it’s the perfect size for a sweater or scarf. I’m always looking for help sewing straight & I see Madame Sew not only has just what I need, it’s a favorite, so I guess I’m not alone in that department.

  6. Kathy E.

    Such a great idea to make a double pocket! There’s always enough “stuff” to fill them!
    I’d choose the Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Gel Pens from MadamSew.
    duchick at gmail dot com

  7. Debbie Miller

    My customer favorite would be the wool pressing mat. I have a small one and would love to go BIG! Your purse is really nice and looks to be so handy!

  8. Joan Sheppard

    Wool pressing mat OH MY! I find upholstery fabric samples from time to time. This pattern is perfect for this type of fabric. One I have filled with “essentials” that I leave in the car, dog bowl, tissues, flashlight, new toothbrush, folding slippers, a paperback book, extra dollar store glasses just in case the spirt moves us to keep moving on (or bad weather catches us out and we have to stay in place). Thanks

  9. Your bag is lovely and oh so perfect for Autumn. Fun to have a seasonal bag. I love to see customer FAVS when I shop. I’m particularly drawn to the wool pressing mat (I have never used one – shocking) and the set of zippers!

  10. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    I’d love to have a rotating cutting mat from Madam Sew! I’ve gotten some webbing for my bag handles, but haven’t done any sewing on the bag yet. I’ll get there! Yours looks great!

  11. Pam

    Your bag is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the tutorial. I’m definitely going to make one of these. As for customer favorites from Madam Sew, that magnetic seam guide looks intriguing. I could sure the help in sewing straighter seams!

  12. Melanie

    I have several of their favorites, and the customer service is excellent. Anyone who wins this set will be thrilled, as I was about 2 years ago when I won mine! the wool pressing mat is definitely worth the investment. So glad to see that Madam Sew now has the 60mm cutting blades!!

  13. Kathleen Dell'Aquila

    I like the Machine Embroidery Thread – 40 spools of 500 yards set. I did not have any embroidery threads yet!


    I am just going thru my e-mails. I have finishing the purse, but I cannot find the start for fabric etc. Is ther anywhere I can go to see this info. Thanks.

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