Reworking the Dahlia Quilt

I did the restitching of the mistakes in the Dahlia quilt. I appreciate that many readers said don’t worry about it, but my eyes went right to it every time. On the photo below, it sticks out to me, and I am sure would stick out to a judge as well. It may not win a ribbon, but this way I will know that it wasn’t that part of the stitching that was the cause.

Once again, here is a close up of the offending line.

I got out the curved ruler I used to do the original work, and a chaco chalk liner to mark a thin new sewing line.

Here the chalk line is evenly spaced with the line on top. I took the advice of reader Kathy, and did the new one before removing the old one.

I threaded my domestic machine with the same blue thread on top, and the same creamy yellow Bottom Line in the bobbin. Then, I carefully stitched on the chalk line. When done, I raised the presser foot and pulled the piece out, creating long tails of thread. Pulling lightly on the blue, the yellow bobbin thread was pulled up to the top.

I tied them off, then buried the ends with an easy threading needle. The top of the needle is notched and the thread is laid across the notch and popped into the eye.

Next, I carefully worked a seam ripper under one stitch in the middle of the line to remove.

I clipped only this one spot, then carefully picked out the line to the right. When I had the stitching picked out to the edge, I cut the bobbin thread on the back leaving a long tail, and pulled it up to the top. Then, the threads were tied and buried like above.

Then I repeated the process for the line of stitching to the left of the cut stitch.

There!! Now that looks better!

Emboldened by the success of this procedure, I decided to take out another place where I got off track and restitch it as well. Here’s the before.

And here is the after, no mess left.

I am not going to be afraid to try to fix things from here on, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be!!

What are you sewing this week?

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14 thoughts on “Reworking the Dahlia Quilt

  1. Julie

    Nice invisible fixes. Yes, our eyes smooth out lines, but judges are particularly vigilant & do look for all the things we would never criticize. They’re the only ones allowed! That second blip looks like what happens to me when something outside my window distracts me, oops. Between friends & family, over the past month I re-homed 8 quilts plus one for donation. Feeling lighter & ready to make some more.

  2. Mary Stori

    I’m totally with you on this one…..I am terribly fussy and speaking with my judging hat on…..sometimes the qualities of quilts are so darn close it comes down to finding a pencil mark on one….kicking the other up the Best of Show. Worth doing….I get it. Good luck. Beautiful stitching!!

  3. Rosemary B

    yes, I get it. It is the surgery part
    The original, with the “mistake” actually looked pretty good, kind of a “depth” thing for the petal
    . . . but I get it. I love doing sewing surgery. I fix mistakes long after they have been sewn in, well not quilted yet. Splendid work.
    I know this is how surgeons feel, that eager excitement with their knives and hemostats 😁🤓 ready to fix.
    This procedure was a success

  4. Linda B

    Great fix…and good you knew which thread you used top and bottom…I try to make notes on things, but not always on top of that. Doing utilitarian work here this week…christmas gifts for the kiddos include some swiffer heads made from older flannel sheeting. This will be a “cleaning supply” christmas theme (:))

  5. Linda Rattie

    Excellent “fix it” job! Thanks for sharing your “how to” guide. I am anxious to see how the judging turns out.

  6. Beautiful job!! I think this is a prize winner and would be shocked if it is not! I’ve been playing with my embroidery machine and made a set of “fabric” dominos (1-6) to take on my next trip.

  7. Joan Sheppard

    Standing ovation! Perfect and no one can tell(except the all of us and we won’t tell!) Mostly trying to get the garden under control – so much rain, everything growing like weeds including the weeds Got 2 twin quilts in the box for the kids nursing home, including “Cat Walk” from Fat Quarter shop. Easy and so cute. I added a butterfly for the kitty to play with.
    Thanks for the great tutorial.

  8. I tell myself that it takes a lot longer to decide to fix something than to actually fix it, so if it’s bothering me I try to jump in and just do it. I’m glad you fixed it and feel better about it!

  9. You did a great job with the fixes. Did you quilt on a longarm or domestic? and restitch on the same or different? I have two of those panels and I have to decide whether I want to use the computer program or do it myself, a little less precise but good practice. I am embolden by your work!

  10. Oh well done you! It looks great and now it won’t be bothering you. Mostly sewing and teaching today. I have quilted the main sleeves today and am nearly ready to do the last piecing for the final pockets. Once those last two seams are done, I will quilt them and cut them out. I might actually finish by the 31st!

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