Be My Neighbor Block 12

Moving on to the next block in this quilt along, block 12 is pretty simple. I knew I could do this one in very little time, so I got out the basket of scraps and began pulling colors. I laid out the previous row so I could see what would be next to this block, and vary the colors. Purple with a floral print seemed the right choice for the large squares, and I can use the lighter purple in the nine-patch blocks.

Be My Neighbor Block 12 -2

I cut most of the pieces and set them out on my sewing table for assembly. I decided to do the nine-patches using strips instead of cutting all the little 2-inch squares. Laying out the components, there were only two diagonal lines to draw this time. I chain pieced as much as I could before taking the units to the ironing board.

Be My Neighbor Block 12 -4

I did the nine patch strip units and cross cut them, pressing the strips toward the green so the units would nest.

Be My Neighbor Block 12 -5

Sewing more units, I looked carefully at the roof knowing that those chimneys would be a pain. So, I carefully pinned them, checked the placement, checked and repinned again.

Be My Neighbor Block 12 -6

And still managed to do it wonky. Even with the quarter-inch foot and trying really hard. I can’t break the streak now, apparently.

Be My Neighbor Block 12 -7

And so, I took it out and redid the seam. Twice.

Be My Neighbor Block 12 -8

The third time was the charm, or at least as good as I was ever going to get it. I turned to assembling the other units.

Be My Neighbor Block 12 -9

Final two seams were sewn and the block was done.  The purples really are the same bluish tone, the darker one isn’t showing true in the pictures.  The nine patch colors are pulled out of the purple floral print, and match really well.

Be My Neighbor Block 12 -10

So, those of you really sharp eyed will notice that I skipped Block 11. I have a couple of ideas of how to do that block with all the little houses, but no fabric that will suit for the large windows on each little house. My first thought is to make them all birdhouses, with fussy cut birds in each window. Problem is I do not have any bird fabric. I also thought about using food fabrics, like little farmer’s market stalls. So, I am going to look in the shops for something suitable, maybe one of these ideas or maybe something I haven’t thought about yet. I won’t be able to get to the meeting today for the group as our longarm group is meeting in Waynesville Weaverville at a new quilt shop. Maybe I can find something cute there. We’ll see!

Are you doing the quilt along? What are you working on now?



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13 thoughts on “Be My Neighbor Block 12

  1. Lorraine

    When I get back to learning how to quilt, I’m going to use your blog as my reference. I love how you display your pieces. Your choice of fabric is really nice too! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Mary Jean Cunningham

    When you finally finish this quilt, you’ll have to write a book – “The Curse of the ‘Be My Neighbor’ Quilt!” It really does seem to have a malevolent side thwarting your best efforts, LOL!

  3. Cheryl Buchanan

    I am almost finished with this project. I used bird fabric for some of the windows in some of the units. I had some owl fabric that I love and used it. There was a block or two with dogs and cats, animals you find in a neighborhood. I love this QAL and have had a great time with it. I kept my colors muted browns, blues, and dark greens for the pine trees. The sailboat I made out of blues and turquoise with white sails. I have to attach the last two rows and then my top will be finished. I found some adorable brown striped material for the backing. Hopefully I will be able to finish the top this weekend and then I’ll include a picture. I must compliment you on the use of flowers, I didn’t think about that, but it is a wonderful touch to your quilt. Can’t wait to see it complete.

  4. A fun and less fussy block than some of the others. I made blocks 11 and 12 in black, white with yellow and have turned then in for a group charity quilt. Waiting to hear if a also need to make a scrappy set, but am thinking I will remake block 11 as a stand-alone mini with more fussy-cut windows. I posted both on IG and Flickr. @susansquiltstudio aka Susanindublin

  5. I was in Waynesville this morning and didn’t know to look for you. Well, we wouldn’t have met, since we were dropping of a grandson for work and going to the supermarket. I’d like to know where the knew quilt shop is. I pass one on 276, but I think it has been there a while.

  6. Rosemaryflower

    Oh those gosh darn seams. Some days they make you crazy. I have had times, even recently, where I redid the seam, three times.
    I thought about getting a hammer and nail ….
    I hope you are enjoying the cool weather. Next week is going to be a toaster. I played with Sarah all day. She is 2 now and not terrible, but testing. There I was in the middle of the street lecturing a 2 year old about standing or walking on streets with out holding hands
    She pooped me out.
    This quilt is really cute. I love your colors.

  7. sharon schipper EVERY theme you can think of and then some. I just bought an oriental panel and some coordinates to make a wall hanging for my daughters. I also bought some train themed a while back to make a part of a quilt backing for my son

  8. dezertsuz

    I have the patterns, but I haven’t made any blocks. I wondered if you would have to rip out something! In the end, it looks great!

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